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20 Sep. 1954
Twelve Angry Men
The jurors in a murder trial take their seats in a small, drab room to decide the defendant's fate. At first, all the men vote guilty bar one, who still has many questions not answered in court. Through theories and re-enactments, others change their minds, but one man is adamant that he'll never change his vote and won't listen to reason.
27 Sep. 1954
The Eduction of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N
An irrepressible student at the American Night Preparatory School for Adults wages his personal war with the English language.
4 Oct. 1954
Prelude to Murder
A mystery writer and his wife are searching for an isolated country home where he can work undisturbed. Instead, they meet up with an odd painter whose wife had recently died.
11 Oct. 1954
A young woman responds with deep devotion to her dominating father and upon his death she makes a postmortem discovery of a "secret" about him.
18 Oct. 1954
The Boy Who Changed the World
The story of Thomas Edison during the electrical wizard's boyhood back in Port Huron, Michigan where the great Edison was born.
25 Oct. 1954
Fatal in My Fashion
A Paris dressmaker's model is stabbed to death during the showing of new gowns.
1 Nov. 1954
The Man Who Owned the Town
An arrogant gambler in Cripple Creek controls the village until a stranger comes along to usurp his powers.
8 Nov. 1954
An Almanac of Liberty
When a stranger to a small town is beaten up by a locals, upright residents gather, inexplicably, against their will to the town hall. Once assembled, they find they can't leave and time has stopped. All talk about the stranger, (also present). Some express rage for his views and reveal their misguided ideas of American patriotism, which are really prejudices against freedom of thought and free speech.
15 Nov. 1954
Let Me Go, Lover
A disc jockey is involved in a murder. As he played peekaboo with a psychopathic killer and tangled with the police, turntables all over the place kept spinning a record called "Let Me Go, Lover", the murderer's favorite song, of course.
22 Nov. 1954
Joey, a clown and leader of a traveling circus, suddenly becomes depressed when his group plays the tiny town of Millville.
29 Nov. 1954
The Deserter
After serving seven years in prison for desertion, a bitter soldier tries to start a new life.
6 Dec. 1954
Short Cut
An unscrupulous politician takes all kinds of short cuts to get what he wants, until a crusading attorney seeking justice stands in his way.
13 Dec. 1954
12:30 A.M.
A sensitive boy's relationship with his parents lacks the real understanding necessary to a happy life.
20 Dec. 1954
Two Little Minks
Luckless Nobby and his wife look forward to a brighter day, when wealthy Uncle Silas passes away and leaves them his riches. To their dismay, Silas has every intention of making it to 100.
27 Dec. 1954
The Cuckoo in Spring
A young art dealer visits the home of a miserly connoisseur and discovers a pretty girl as well as some very valuable paintings.
3 Jan. 1955
The Missing Men
A young private investigator finds himself trapped by a web of circumstantial evidence and his name linked to that of a homicidal mugger. The tension mounts as he strives to clear himself.
10 Jan. 1955
Grandma Rolled Her Own
In 1929, twelve-year-old orphan Bill Caldwell is sent to stay with his eccentric grandmother when his aunt and uncle go to Europe. Down on her luck in Detroit, Grandma rents out 22 rooms of her 25-room house. Every March, the circus comes to town and some of the more interesting characters stay at Grandma's. Young Bill learns much more about life interacting with his Grandma and her colorful boarders than living with his stuffy aunt and uncle.
17 Jan. 1955
Sail with the Tide
A beautiful but icy singer is devoted exclusively to her art and her equally icy French officer who succumbs to her charms.
24 Jan. 1955
It Might Happen Tomorrow
A test pilot sets out for a cruise through space and suddenly loses contact with Earth.
31 Jan. 1955
The Silent Women
A sheriff travels to a rural Maine island to investigate the case of a missing young woman. While there, he learns many odd things about the place and it's inhabitants.
7 Feb. 1955
A Stranger May Die
Police fight a desperate battle against time to prevent a would-be suicide from killing not only himself, but also the other tenants in the building.
14 Feb. 1955
The Broken Spur
In a shabby western town in 1900, a stranger gets off the train, goes to the sheriff's office, and kills him. His mild-mannered son takes over his position and tries to find the killer and avenge his father's death.
21 Feb. 1955
The Eddie Chapman Story
Eddie Chapman was the only Briton to win the Iron Cross in World War II. But was he really working for the Germans? Or was he a highly-placed double-agent?
28 Feb. 1955
Donovan's Brain
A doctor living in the quiet desert of Arizona experiments with keeping monkeys' brains alive after the animals have died. When a plane crash occurs nearby the doctor brings a seriously injured, ruthless millionaire to his home and it is apparent that the man is dying. The doctor then preserves the man's brain and it begins to exert a malignant influence.
7 Mar. 1955
Millions of Georges
A "retread" Master Sergeant is called back into the service and it seems to his wife that most of their 10 years of marriage have been spent moving from base to base. When a young and lovely girl enters the picture the wife fears that love alone cannot hold her husband.
14 Mar. 1955
The Conviction of Peter Shea
The dying words of a young woman, the victim of a hit-and-run driver, point towards stock-broker Peter Shea. He maintains his innocence, even as he's found guilty and sent to prison.
21 Mar. 1955
Miss Turner's Decision
Spinster Melissa Turner is at a crossroads in life concerning her future. She must decide whether to pursue Forest, sad reclusive acquaintance or prepare for a life alone.
28 Mar. 1955
When a newly wed Italian bride named Dominique moves to Vermont, she suffers culture shock and is hesitant to continue her new life in the Americas.
4 Apr. 1955
Cross My Heart
Feeling misunderstood and unwanted by her parents, a girl decides that she must run away.
11 Apr. 1955
Passage of Arms
In 1948, while the captain of Czechoslovakia's championship hockey team is in Moscow, Russia annexes his homeland. On his return, he and his fiancee plot to escape.
18 Apr. 1955
Affairs of State
The plain and simple niece of an elder statesman goes to Washington to aid her uncle and is immediately set up with an ideal match with a bachelor senator, who is also up for re-election.
25 Apr. 1955
Mrs. Brimmer Did It!
Mr. Brimmer did not go over that seaside cliff unaided. Sinister Cousin Julian from South Africa gave Mr. Brimmer a bit of help.
2 May 1955
Summer Pavilion
In an old Louisiana plantation, the the furnishings and the once great family are fading fast.The matriarch desperately tries to hold on the a gazebo that's slated for destruction as part of a building project, as well as holding her daughter to an unwanted marriage, though she loves the builder.
9 May 1955
A Picture in the Paper
A mild-mannered bookkeeper, belittled by his family and his coworkers, is to get his picture in the paper when he is named his company's head bookkeeper. The picture is in the paper all right, but he is mistakenly named the chairman of the city's anti-vice crusade.
16 May 1955
Strange Companion
The drab companion of an elderly hypochondriac is transformed into a lovely woman when she falls in love with a young man she met at the opera, but she lies to him about herself, claiming she's the educated daughter of a famed operatic diva.
23 May 1955
Pigeons and People
A man named Parker prefers the companionship of the pigeons in the park to that of the human race. One day, as he sits feeding his friends, Parker is approached by a gentleman who wishes to rehabilitate him.
30 May 1955
Operation Home
A scholarly officer, who has spent his three years of military service at a secluded desk job, is assigned to shepherd some 600 troops from California to New York at the end of World War II.
6 Jun. 1955
The Spongers
An elderly man has lost touch with his son when he receives a surprise visit from his son and his wife who come for a visit. They find that a pair of parasitic drifters have moved in with the old man and are "sponging" off him.
13 Jun. 1955
The Incredible World of Horace Ford
Horace Ford longs for his childhood but it was not as idyllic as he remembers it.
20 Jun. 1955
Heart Song
He used to be a Hollywood bigwig but now Jonah Silver is a casting director at a small studio. A young woman seeking a job pays him a visit.
27 Jun. 1955
For the Defense
A young lawyer bucks public opinion in his defense of an accused killer. When the killer suspect escapes while visiting the scene of the crime with the lawyer, life becomes very unpleasant for the defender.
4 Jul. 1955
The Day Before the Wedding
A mother announces on the day before her daughter's wedding that she is going to divorce her husband.
11 Jul. 1955
Sane as a Hatter
A man with a Robin Hood complex has a penchant for liquidating people whose lives he considers worthless in order to give their money to more deserving people.
18 Jul. 1955
A Terrible Day
A ruthless landowner is terrorizing a small Western town, aided by his hired killers and the cowardice of the local gentry.
25 Jul. 1955
The Tall Dark Stranger
A woman is found strangled in a plush hotel room and sitting dazedly by is an ex-convict who tells police he is guilty. Flashback to ten years before when the man and woman first met and events leading up to the slaying with a tall dark stranger.
1 Aug. 1955
Julius Caesar
The growing ambition of Julius Caesar is a source of major concern to his close friend Brutus. Cassius persuades him to participate in his plot to assassinate Caesar but they have both sorely underestimated Mark Antony.
8 Aug. 1955
The Prince and the Puppet
A pair of puppeteers seek funds for a trailer tour and do a show for a wealthy man's party with unusual results.
15 Aug. 1955
The Secret
A young wife invites her rival to dinner and sees that her husband is still interested in the old flame. He takes the woman home and is gone for several hours. In the morning, the woman is found dead in her hallway, the victim of a fall down the stairs that could have been accidental or could have been murder.
22 Aug. 1955
The Voysey Inheritance
In the early 1900s, a man who is about to take over the family investment firm finds that his father has played fast and loose with some of his clients' money.
29 Aug. 1955
A Chance at Love
A store owner in a small Iowa town goes to New York and meets a model. He falls in love with her and tries to figure a way to let the model continue her work and still become his wife.
5 Sep. 1955
Mama's Boy
A family is torn by divided and misplaced loyalties of a possessive mother who controls her two sons.
12 Sep. 1955
The Pit
Two men trapped in a mine fear that the end is near and the one man confesses to the other about a crime that he committed. Upon their rescue, the man enters a new trap as his confidence might be exposed.

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