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5 Jan. 1953
Black Rain
A happy but impoverished family has to decide on continuing their present happiness or having a secure financial future when their rich yet troublesome aunt comes to live with them.
12 Jan. 1953
The Trial of John Peter Zenger
The story of John Peter Zenger who fought British rule in the American colonies and printed materials against King George III. This case is important to American historians and champions of the First Amendment because it represented a strong repudiation of British libel law and also marked an important fissure in the relationship between the American colonies and the mother country.
19 Jan. 1953
Signal Thirty-Two
The story of two rookie cops, one keeping to the straight and narrow and the other turning crooked.
26 Jan. 1953
To a Moment of Triumph
A young man on parole after seven years in Sing Sing tries to start his life with a clean slate. While his mother and his girlfriend are glad to see him, his brother is less than warm.
9 Feb. 1953
The River Garden
In China in 1944, a missionary teacher called "Teacher Jane," is recovering from an injury during a bombing in Chun King.
16 Feb. 1953
The Walsh Girls
Two New England sisters reunite after the German husband of one of them dies in a concentration camp.
23 Feb. 1953
The Show Piece
An egotistical boy's father tries to teach his son the blessings of life and good community spirit.
2 Mar. 1953
My Beloved Husband
An aging, lonely widow buys a young man's love. When she is found dead, questions are asked. Is it an accident, suicide or murder?
9 Mar. 1953
The Garretson Chronicle
The story of three generations of a Massachusetts family through conflicts, desires and triumphs and failures.
16 Mar. 1953
A Breath of Air
After being thrown off course and landing on the island of Terraqueous, a man falls in love with the island's magical qualities as well as the people that inhabit the place.
23 Mar. 1953
The Edge of Evil
A woman sets out to fathom the mystery of her sister's "suicide" and nearly loses her own life to a killer.
30 Mar. 1953
At Midnight on the Thirty-first of March
A small town is cut off from the rest of the world to lead their own solitary existence.
6 Apr. 1953
Shadow of the Devil
Julia Winston is left penniless and in debt in Rome when her young artist husband is killed in an accident. Desperate, she allows herself to be influenced by an evil woman.
13 Apr. 1953
The Magic Lantern
A theatrical family heads out to Hollywood as the motion picture industry begins.
20 Apr. 1953
The Fathers
An innocent family is brought near tragedy through the sin of a kinsman.
27 Apr. 1953
Along Came a Spider
A petroleum engineer is sought by the police to testify in a law case.
4 May 1953
A young man is stunned to learn of his connection with a sensational murder case as he prepares to accept his inheritance.
11 May 1953
King Coffin
A psychopathic writer bent on killing a stranger but winding up using a gun on himself.
18 May 1953
The Laugh Maker
A magazine writer is sent to Los Angeles to do a feature story on a comedian who is an overnight sensation. He soon discovers that the man who provides such happiness to his viewers is really a braggart, a louse and a heel.
24 May 1953
Fly with the Hawk
A young woman's car breaks down in front of an abandoned garage which is used as headquarters for a band of crooks. Her sudden appearance on the scene causes some unforeseen complications in the gang's plans and she unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a planned robbery.
1 Jun. 1953
A retired conductor of an American symphony orchestra arrives in France with his young composer protégé and meets a woman whom he had known many years before.
8 Jun. 1953
A prisoner of war returns home after being declared dead and finds that his money and property have been left by his father to his childhood sweetheart, who refuses to return it.
22 Jun. 1953
The Paris Feeling
In post-World War II Paris, a GI meets a girl in a hotel elevator and falls in love.
29 Jun. 1953
An avaricious youth's inheritance from his grandfather lies behind a vault rigged up either to blow up when opened or not.
6 Jul. 1953
Beyond Reason
A young wife is confronted with circumstantial evidence that her husband is trying to kill her.
13 Jul. 1953
End of the Honeymoon
An English girl is devastated by the disappearance of her husband on their Paris honeymoon trip.
20 Jul. 1953
The Shadow of a Man
After the death of his mother, a young man begins his journey to maturity. His grief opens his eyes not only to himself but to his stepfather whom he's always disliked.
27 Jul. 1953
The King in Yellow
A house detective for a fancy hotel has the misfortune to find a murdered famous jazz trumpeter, King Leopardi, in his bed wearing his trademark yellow silk pyjamas.
3 Aug. 1953
The Roman Kid
Tommy Thompson, a streetwise New York sportswriter, falls in love with beautiful, demure Carla, a receptionist and tour guide at a museum in Rome. Carla's father, the museum's curator, and her fiance, his associate, both oppose Tommy's attentions to Carla. Although the odds are against him, Tommy wins the girl by saving Carla's father from disgrace and ruin.
10 Aug. 1953
Flowers from a Stranger
A psychiatrist's wife battles her own deteriorating emotional state when she receives a box of flowers from a stranger.
17 Aug. 1953
Sentence of Death
A woman witnesses a murder during a store robbery but claims the accused man is not the killer. After he is convicted and weeks away from his execution date, she sees the real killer, but the police are reluctant to reopen the case.
24 Aug. 1953
The Gathering Night
The story of a lonely child, Dick Heldar, who grows up to become a war artist. Following the British Army into battle, he experiences many difficulties and internal struggles while providing some outstanding descriptions of the desert and desert warfare.
31 Aug. 1953
Letter from Cairo
The mysterious disappearance of intelligence officer Steve Spence, after writing a letter to his wife in New York asking for a divorce comes under suspicion from his wife. She doesn't believe that he wrote the letter and a search for the agent is started.
4 Sep. 1953
Look Homeward, Hayseed
A city-bred radio announcer begins to believe his own publicity when he finds himself a success as a crack-of-dawn rural broadcaster. He gets a rude awakening, but not from a mere rooster.
14 Sep. 1953
The Storm
During a stormy night, a woman alone in a country house discovers a dead body in her basement and is terrorized by an intruder.
21 Sep. 1953
In a totalitarian future society, Winston Smith, whose daily work is re-writing history, tries to rebel by falling in love.
28 Sep. 1953
Hound-Dog Man
Twelve-year-old Cotton Kinney wants a dog for Christmas and gives hints when he buys his dad a dog collar for Christmas and his mom a bowl just the right size for dog food.
5 Oct. 1953
Silent the Song
Opera diva Marcia Vernon loses her voice. Though Mark, her irresponsible husband, and Carol, her secretary, are both devoted to her, they otherwise oppose each other. Marica's surgery and the aftermath bring surprising revelations to all three.
12 Oct. 1953
Music and Mrs. Pratt
A wealthy 70-year-old woman believes money can do everything, especially if one has as much as 70 million, the estimated fortune of Jenny Pratt. Piano tuner Jack O'Hara comes to Mrs. Pratt's home to tune her piano and finds himself living in her mansion, seven hours of daily piano practice for a year.
19 Oct. 1953
Letter of Love
Captain Miles reads the pathetic appeals of his buddy to his young wife back home that she write to him. Miles finds himself hating the unknown woman, until he has the opportunity to meet her and discover the trouble.
26 Oct. 1953
Another Caesar
A weak man masquerades as a hero in a Latin American republic.
2 Nov. 1953
Crime at Blossom's
A double murder has taken place at the cottage of the Merrymans. When they arrive at their cottage, they are bombarded by inquisitive neighbors about what transpired to their former tenants.
9 Nov. 1953
A Parisian courtesan must choose between the young man who loves her and the callous baron who wants her, even as her own health begins to fail.
16 Nov. 1953
A Bargain with God
A priest working the Mission Church on Bowdoin Street in Boston is threatened with condemnation. The church is in such disrepair and with no funds to rebuild, the situation is hopeless. The Mission affects the lives of everyone in the neighborhood, even garage mechanic Johnny and his wife Jebby as well as the wealthy Lydia Brunall all come to see Father Ferris.
23 Nov. 1953
Buffalo Bill Is Dead
An old cowboy makes his living riding in a Wild West show and reminisces on the days when he fought side-by-side with Buffalo Bill Cody.
30 Nov. 1953
Confessions of a Nervous Man
On opening night, a playwright sits in a bar interacting with well-wishers and remembering the problems of getting a play ready for Broadway while anxiously awaiting the verdicts of the eight newspaper reviewers.
7 Dec. 1953
Dry Run
The heroic story of Captain Robert I. Olsen aboard the Angler, a submarine that rescued 135 people through heavily mined waters.
14 Dec. 1953
All My Love
A spoiled rich girl matures into a lovely lady when she learns compassion and tenderness from three loves.
21 Dec. 1953
Cinderella '53
A musical version of the French fairy tale that begins once upon a time in the slightly mythical city of New York where a young woman named Jean lives on a very real street called Tenth Avenue. Jean is so beautiful that everyone loves her, but she is in love with a Prince Charming she has never met, TV crooner Borden Crane.
28 Dec. 1953
Master of the Rose
A small group of people in Belgium try to safeguard a painting of the Nativity from Nazi plundering.

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