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2 Jan. 1956
Dino, who has just been released from reform school, is sullen and uncooperative with his family and his guidance counselors. However, he knows that, if he returns to his life of crime, his adoring young brother will be with him.
9 Jan. 1956
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Tom Ripley, a young underachiever, is sent to from New York to Italy to retrieve a rich and spoiled millionaire playboy, named Dickie Greenleaf. But when the errand fails, Ripley takes extreme measures.
16 Jan. 1956
Johnny August
Johnny August is hesitant about helping track down a blackmailer in Mexico and winds up with a murder instead.
23 Jan. 1956
A Public Figure
A successful TV actor becomes ensnared in an exposé in a scandal magazine.
30 Jan. 1956
My Son Johnny
A magazine writer, married to his part-time editor, is vaguely discontented with his life. Then one night he learns that after many years of marriage, he is going to be a father. The news has an extraordinary effect on the lives of the couple.
6 Feb. 1956
The Silent Gun
A famous gunfighter of the Wild West teaches his young ranch boy companion an important lesson in life. A team of men set out to sell a new Colt firearm and one is a sharpshooter, the other a salesman. One of the men is the famous Ringo Kid. When his identity is learned, there is trouble.
13 Feb. 1956
Manhattan Duet
Two columnists cover the political scene and are practically identical twins. One is married, one is single and the wife of one wishes the other would get married and move to the suburbs. When the confirmed bachelor does announce plans for an impending marriage the two men decide to have adjoining penthouse apartments and the wives have other ideas.
20 Feb. 1956
Circle of Guilt
A woman is found dead on a lonely beach outside a small town.
27 Feb. 1956
Always Welcome
A widow takes in orphans and unwanted children with loving care. She finds her latest recruit is a little more troublesome than the others.
5 Mar. 1956
A Favor for Sam
A quick-tempered cab driver picks up what appears to be two men and a drunk. On second look, the drunk proves to be a corpse.
12 Mar. 1956
Flower of Pride
A proud Florentine duchess's prayer to the Saint of the Impossible is answered in an unexpected manner. The Italian duchess has disowned her niece because the girl insists on living a gypsy-like life as a nightclub dancer. However, the arrival of a seemingly irreverent painter penetrates the stony facade of an archly unemotional duchess and humanizes her.
19 Mar. 1956
The Laughter of Giants
A self-made man domineering in nature has a beautiful young wife who is interested in art. He introduces her to a young male artist to teach her to paint and learns a valuable lesson.
26 Mar. 1956
The Tale of St. Emergency
An angel comes to Earth to help clean up a corrupt town.
2 Apr. 1956
This Will Do Nicely
A man is dead. His wife calls in his best friend who is an amateur sleuth who calls it suicide but she calls it murder and says that he did it.
9 Apr. 1956
The Arena
Arriving in Washington, a freshman senator gets an experienced advisor who warns him not to continue a heated feud with his state's senior salon, held over from his father. But later in a drunken jag, he blurts out secret evidence that can end the career of the older man.
16 Apr. 1956
Regarding File Number 3456
A social worker is being forced to deprive a childless couple of a baby they have cared for and want to adopt.
30 Apr. 1956
I Do
A young couple elope and try to hide in New York from their disappointed parents.
7 May 1956
The Drop of a Hat
The offices of Mode, a glossy women's magazine, is thrown into chaos when the owner suddenly shows up. The editor fears for her job--but who in the office might replace her?
14 May 1956
The Genie of Sutton Place
The wealthy aunt of a recently orphaned boy insists that he dispose of his inelegant mongrel dog before he comes to live in her lavish apartment in New York City. The 13-year-old boy finds a magic lamp and discovers the magic words that set a wish-granting genie free.
21 May 1956
The Star-Spangled Soldier
The not too bright commandant of a military academy gets into some hilarious situations when he mistakes his father's invention for a war missile.
28 May 1956
Family Protection
A bank robber has an agreement with a suburban couple to use their home as his hideout in return for a share of the loot.
4 Jun. 1956
The Power
A young professor must discover which of his colleagues possesses the diabolical ability to control the minds of others.
11 Jun. 1956
A Mexican youth who lives on the California coast near Monterrey leaves his family to go on his first trip alone into town during fiesta time.
18 Jun. 1956
Snap Your Fingers
A beautiful girl is a witch and her vain ex-suitor has been transformed into a peacock. She finally meets a nice young man from Boston.
25 Jun. 1956
Mr. Arcularis
Following surgery, Mr. Arcularis has been rather badly shaken up, and he needs a long rest. An ocean voyage seems just the thing, but it proves anything but restful.
2 Jul. 1956
The Luck of Luke McTigger
In Wyoming in 1880, Luke McTrigger, the proprietor of the Olympia saloon and hotel, has been thinking hard and has finally come up with a sure-fire plan to win the hand of the widow Baines. Now the widow is nothing to look at, and some folks say she's a bull-headed old battle-axe, but she has an estimated fortune of $900.
9 Jul. 1956
Song for a Summer Night
A man who once played a hot trumpet in a band wants to break away from his successful law practice for a night and hear some good jazz. He and two other friends visit a nightclub and he manages to hit a "high" note of his own.
16 Jul. 1956
A best selling novel leads everyone to wonder about who the author is.
23 Jul. 1956
An Incident of Love
A young housewife befriends a withdrawn blind neighbor with beneficial results.
30 Jul. 1956
The Ballad of Yermo Red
Yermo Red is a sadistic cop employed by a western railroad who delights in beating up hobos and finally kills one. The hobos want to avenge the dead man by killing Yermo. But one of them who hates violence prevails on them to try something else. He composes a song, "The Ballad of Yermo Red", which everybody up and down the railroad line begins singing.
6 Aug. 1956
Something Ventured
A savage businessman is so hated by his employees that they band together and plan their own competing company.
27 Aug. 1956
In the Italian section of New York City, the talented Giulio Costello and Rose Pinato, spend the warm summer evenings on a park bench discussing Giulio's future. The young man is torn between love and the chance for a career in grand opera.
3 Sep. 1956
A Day Before Battle
On the night before the Battle of Gettysburg, several Union soldiers capture a Southern spy and try to decide if it is morally permissible to shoot a prisoner.
10 Sep. 1956
Cauliflower Heart
A small town businessman's son is killed and in order to fill the void he takes a tough youngster who needs a father under his wing.
17 Sep. 1956
Dark Morning
A lumber baron is bent on revenge and intends to hang a man whom he believes responsible for his brother's death.
24 Sep. 1956
A Special Announcement
An eccentric hobbyist inadvertently gets the original draft of the Gettysburg Address at an auction. He decides to burn the paper to bring a focus of attention on the ideals it contains but agrees to wait until after a TV debate.
1 Oct. 1956
A Man's World
A cabin boy on an American yacht finds love in the French port of Cannes.
15 Oct. 1956
The Open Door
When a man thumbs a ride and gets into an argument with the driver, he receives a 90-day jail sentence, but to his surprise, he is offered a job as counterman in a diner near the jail while serving his term, according to the "open door" policy of the prison.
22 Oct. 1956
The Crimes of Peter Page
The museum curator's reputation comes under close scrutiny when several articles aren't what they appeared to be.
29 Oct. 1956
American Primitive
A group of settlers on their way to Oregon stop for the night on a Western prairie. As the Indians beat, tension in the small camp mounts, until finally the Indians themselves appear to demand justice.
12 Nov. 1956
The Pilot
In Michigan in 1930, Sister Aquinas has aroused an interest in science among her pupils; the school workroom, which she supervises contains every conceivable type of gadget and Sister Aquinas keeps abreast of the latest developments in various fields of science. She becomes intrigued with the airplane and goes to work in an aircraft factory in order to learn how planes are built.
26 Nov. 1956
The Landlady's Daughter
When a smooth talking lawyer moves into the boarding house, tongues start wagging about the goings on with the landlady's daughter.
3 Dec. 1956
Portrait of a Citizen
Lev Simon is in the U.S. illegally. As head of an immigrant family, he realizes his error when election time comes and he can't vote.
10 Dec. 1956
Andrew Jackson's wife Rachel makes a decision which impacts the entire country.
17 Dec. 1956
A 35-year-old ex-champion is goaded into the boxing ring by a sportscaster to fight the current champion.
24 Dec. 1956
A Christmas Surprise
A special done like a "Person to Person" interview with a visit to a "typical" American home and family for a Christmas surprise.
31 Dec. 1956
Goodbye Piccadilly
A secret agent is assigned to trail a brilliant scientist assuming that he is selling secrets to the enemy.

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