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6 Jan. 1955
Sunset Boulevard
A hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity.
13 Jan. 1955
Penny Serenade
A couple's big dreams give way to a life full of unexpected sadness and unexpected joy.
27 Jan. 1955
So Evil My Love
Olivia Harwood, missionary's widow, meets charming Mark Bellis, artist and rogue, on the ship taking them both back to 1890s London. When Olivia opens a lodging house Mark becomes her lodger, then her lover. Olivia falls so completely under amoral Mark's spell that he's able to overcome her scruples, and soon she's his willing tool in an ambitious scheme of theft and blackmail...maybe too ambitious.
3 Feb. 1955
One Foot in Heaven
Episodic look at the life of a minister and his family as they move from one parish to another.
10 Feb. 1955
A Bell for Adano
Major Joppolo and his men are assigned to restore order to the war-torn Italian town of Adano. He has to manage getting supplies into town without interfering with troop movements, all the while dealing with colorful citizens of the town. One of his quests is to replace the bell which orders the town's life.
17 Feb. 1955
The Copperhead
Milt Shanks lives a shamed life, hated by his neighbors for having been a traitor to the North in the American Civil War. But Shanks carries with him a secret, one he promised Abraham Lincoln to tell no one.
24 Feb. 1955
So Dark the Night
A renowned and relentless Paris detective takes his first vacation in eleven years at a small inn in the French countryside. There he meets and falls in love with the hotelier's daughter, who had been betrothed to a neighboring farmer, but who hopes to marry him and move to Paris. On the evening of their engagement, both the fiancée and the farmer disappear. What has happened to them? Who is responsible? Can the famed detective apply his talents to a rural mystery?
3 Mar. 1955
Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications.
10 Mar. 1955
The Life of Emile Zola
The biopic of the famous French muckraking writer and his involvement in fighting the injustice of the Dreyfuss Affair.
17 Mar. 1955
It Grows on Trees
What happens when an American family gets two trees that grow spendable money.
24 Mar. 1955
Shadow of a Doubt
A young woman discovers her visiting "Uncle Charlie" may not be the man he seems to be.
31 Mar. 1955
My Name Is Julia Ross
Julia Ross is a young woman alone in the world and is in search of a job. She is hired by an elderly woman named Mrs. Hughes to act as her live-in personal secretary. One of Mrs. Hughes' stipulations is that whomever she hire treat this job as one of a long term nature, meaning no current boyfriends or marriage on the horizon. The closest person to Julia was Dennis Bruce, who lived at the same boarding house and who was somewhat sweet on Julia but left to get married to another woman. As such, Julia is grateful for her new job. When Julia awakens after her first night...
7 Apr. 1955
The Browning Version
Forced to retire from an English public school. a disliked professor must confront his utter failures as a teacher, a husband, and a man.
14 Apr. 1955
No Sad Songs for Me
Mary Scott learns she only has ten months to live before dying of an incurable disease. She manages to keep the news from her husband, Brad and daughter, Polly. She tries to make every moment of her life count, but her effort is weakened by the discovery that Brad is interested in his assistant, Chris Radner. But when she learns that Brad does indeed love her and not Chris, and that Chris is leaving town, she realizes what she must do to ensure the future happiness of Brad and Polly. She persuades Chris to stay, makes a genuine friend of her and watches Polly grow ...
21 Apr. 1955
An Act of Murder
A hard-line judge is tempted toward mercy-killing by his wife's terminal cancer.
28 Apr. 1955
The Great McGinty
Dan McGinty has great success in his chosen field of crooked politics. But endangers it all in one crazy moment of honesty.
5 May 1955
Remember the Night
Just before Christmas, Lee Leander is caught shoplifting. It is her third offense. She is prosecuted by John Sargent. He postpones the trial because it is hard to get a conviction at Christmas time. But he feels sorry for her and arranges for her bail, and ends up taking her home to his mother for Christmas. Surrounded by a loving family (in stark contrast to Lee's own family background) they fall in love. This creates a new problem: how do they handle the upcoming trial?
12 May 1955
Eight Iron Men
Tensions arise when a WW II squadron is ordered not to rescue a squad mate pinned down by the enemy, for fear of risking more lives.
19 May 1955
Make Way for Tomorrow
An elderly couple are forced to separate when they lose their house and none of their five children will take both parents in.
26 May 1955
Thunder on the Hill
Convicted murderess Valerie Carns is being transported to Norwich to be executed when a flood strands her and her guards at a convent hospital. Nurse Sister Mary becomes convinced of her innocence and sets out to find the real killer.
9 Jun. 1955
Lightning Strikes Twice
Sent to a dude ranch in the west to recover her health, a New York actress falls in love with a ranch owner recently acquitted of the murder of his wife.
16 Jun. 1955
The Inside Story
When money is inadvertently removed from an hotel safe, it leads to all kinds of problems.
23 Jun. 1955
Forever Female
An aging actress refuses to admit she is too old to play the ingénue role anymore.
28 Jul. 1955
The Bride Came C.O.D.
A financially-strapped charter pilot hires himself to an oil tycoon to kidnap his madcap daughter and prevent her from marrying a vapid band leader.
25 Aug. 1955
June Bride
A magazine's staff, including bickering ex-lovers Linda and Carey, cover an Indiana wedding, which goes slightly wrong.
8 Sep. 1955
The Happy Man
A man finds a wallet in a taxicab with a lot of money in it. He turns it in to the police, who--according to the law--will hold it for 90 days, and if no one claims it, the wallet and its content will be given to the person who found it. However, when his friends and neighbors find out that he turned in the wallet, they ridicule him mercilessly, and he begins to wonder if he did the right thing or not.
29 Sep. 1955
The Enchanted Cottage
A homely maid and a scarred ex-GI meet at the cottage where she works and where he was to spend his honeymoon prior to his accident. The two develop a bond and agree to marry, more out of loneliness than love. The romantic spirit of the cottage, however, overtakes them. They soon begin to look beautiful to each other, but no one else.
20 Oct. 1955
The Human Jungle
Danforth is assigned to take over the police department in a section of a large city saddled with juvenile delinquency, petty crimes, graft and also a recent unsolved murder of a strip-tease dancer. Recognizing the laxity of the department he implements many changes and soon finds himself under fire by the newspapers, the attorney of a racket leader and the denizens of this human jungle. He calls this a cop's war that is the same as a soldier's war with the difference being that people hate cops. His cause isn't helped when a rookie policeman accidentally kills an ...
27 Oct. 1955
The Lady Gambles
A desperate husband tries to find help for his wife suffering from addictive gambling.
3 Nov. 1955
Appointment for Love
Charming Andre Cassil woos physician Jane Alexander and the two impulsively get married. The honeymoon ends very quickly when Jane voices her progressive views on marriage which include the two having separate apartments. Andre then tries to make his wife jealous in order to lure her into his bedroom.
10 Nov. 1955
Bedtime Story
Playwright tries to stop his wife from retiring so he can star her in his next play.
24 Nov. 1955
Miss Susie Slagle's
Baltimore, 1910. Miss Susie Slagle opens a boarding house for medical students.
1 Dec. 1955
The Web
An attorney acting as a body guard, apparently kills a man in defense of his employer's life, and later believes the victim was set up to be murdered.
8 Dec. 1955
A shy young English woman marries a charming gentleman, then begins to suspect him of trying to kill her.
15 Dec. 1955
A gunfighter takes part in a scheme to bilk a wealthy cattle family out of half a million dollars by pretending to be their son, who was kidnapped as child.
22 Dec. 1955
Holiday Affair
Connie Ennis, widowed mother to young son Timmy, has avoided accepting the marriage proposal of her longtime boyfriend Carl. While he patiently awaits her saying "yes," Connie clings to the memory of her late husband. By chance, a department store salesman enters her life and complicates matters when the two quickly fall in love. With two marriage proposals on the table, Connie is forced to make a final choice.

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