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Season 3

24 Sep. 1953
The Big Betty
A gang of con artists checks the obituary section of the daily newspaper, then uses the information they gather to prey on the grief-stricken families of those who have recently died.
12 Nov. 1953
The Big Will
Joe and Frank investigate the murder of a man who has recently changed his will.
17 Dec. 1953
The Big Thief
A gang of robbers are calling Los Angeles physicians down to hotels and mugging and robbing them of drugs and valuables. Sargeants Friday and Smith are called in to put a stop to this.
24 Dec. 1953
The Big Little Jesus
It's Christmas Eve when Father Rojas at the Old Mission Plaza Church in Los Angeles discovers that the statue of the Infant Jesus is stolen from the crib. The statue's worth is only a few dollars, but it is of great sentimental value for the parish. Friday and Smith promise to try to get it back before mass on Christmas Day, but this means that they have less than 24 hours to catch the thief.
7 Jan. 1954
The Big Trunk
Three men are the suspects in the beating death of a former vaudevillian actress found in her apartment. The possible reason for her murder could be among the contents of an old steamer trunk which she kept locked in her room. Surveillance equipment is used to solve the mystery.
21 Jan. 1954
The Big Boys
Friday and Smith receive a bulletin about an armed four-man gang, two of whom are army deserters, who have committed a series of robberies and auto thefts in San Francisco and are on their way to Los Angeles.
28 Jan. 1954
The Big Ham
Ross is an actor on the way up, but then his girlfriend is found dead in his apartment. A suicide note is found, but things start to point to it being a homicide.
11 Feb. 1954
The Big Children
Sgt. Friday and Smith responding to the report of 2 small children, going door-to-door, begging for food. The catch? The kids are known as residents in a very high class neighborhood, living right next door.
25 Feb. 1954
The Big Quack
The victim of a so-called "mental therapist", a young woman commits suicide after being robbed of her furs and jewels. It is up to Friday and Smith to trace the man and to stop him from striking any more.
4 Mar. 1954
The Big Winchester
An apparent suicide turns out to be murder.
11 Mar. 1954
The Big Shoplift
There seems to be a lot of recent theft at retail stores in the city, and Jack Webb and his partner are on the case. The detectives question a salesperson from a big department store downtown, and she denies any involvement. They talk to a woman who was at the bus station, who saw another woman leave a parcel which contained a fur coat. Eventually Webb talks to a teenage girl, who saw a woman discard boxes of new items in a vacant lot. The girl knows the woman's identity, and soon the officers are interrogating the shoplifter, a doctor's wife with a lot of time on her...
18 Mar. 1954
The Big Hit-Run Killer
A truck kills an old lady and her little grandson at a crossing and drives away. The owner of the truck asserts that he let a man called Paul lend the truck for one hour, but he doesn't know the last name of this man or where he lives. The police must investigate all circumstances, but should Friday and Smith really spend lots of resources on trying to find a man they hardly believe exists at all?
1 Apr. 1954
The Big Girl
The detectives try to track down a tall, beautiful woman who has been terrorizing the city by robbing men, beating them up and in some cases shooting them. Their job is made more difficult by the fact that there are many inconsistencies in the victims' reports.
22 Apr. 1954
The Big Frame
A man is found dead in the gutter. At first it seems as a hit-run case, but Friday and Smith become suspicious when all witnesses from the night before give exactly the same story. Usually witnesses are at variance in some respects.
29 Apr. 1954
The Big Plant
A housewife disappears and the police suspect her husband but questioning is made difficult by the man's guard dogs.
6 May 1954
The Big Check
Friday and Smith find themselves with a difficult case when a number of businesses report receiving forged checks.
13 May 1954
The Big Threat
Detectives Friday and Smith interview several victims of theft who are afraid to press charges against the man responsible. The police must convince them they won't receive retribution.
27 May 1954
The Big False Make
Friday begins to question a local gardener, who has been arrested for holding up a grocery store. During the interrogation Friday begins to have strong doubts about the man's guilt, and sets out to discover why the man has confessed to a crime Friday believes he didn't commit.

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