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Season 4

7 Nov. 1954
Flight Report
Walter Matthau plays the role of Lieutenant Burch in a drama about Naval carrier pilots during World War II.
16 Jan. 1955
Doing Her Bit
Coomedy about a movie star's visit to troops in Korea.
13 Feb. 1955
The Rabbit Trap
"While on vacation, a father and son set a rabbit trap. They are to return the next day to free the rabbit, a prospective pet for the boy. But the family is forced to return to the city after a rush call from the father's demanding boss."--TV guide, February 13, 1955.
27 Feb. 1955
A sociology professor who believes people have no real choices in their destinies must rethink his principles when he witnesses a crime.
13 Mar. 1955
My Lost Saints
The Hallet's maid, Kate, over idolizes the family she works for and her mama as "Saints" and she fails to see their flaws. Kate also slightly over steps her role as a maid and the Hallets come to depend on her too slightly much. Things start to change when attention starved Mama arrives for an over night visit when she has a slight accident that triggers an psychosomatic illness that causes the stay to extend into weeks and forces Kate to decide to ether care for Mama or the Hallets.
10 Apr. 1955
Beloved Stranger
No fewer than three women could be the 'beloved stranger'. One of these three persons is to inherit the possessions from a sea captain. Unfortunately, the captain has died at sea without having the time to name which of the three women was the elect. It is up to a lawyer to investigate and find her.
8 May 1955
Visit to a Small Planet
A visitor from another planet arrives on Earth and seems anxious to provoke a war - "one thing you people do really well".
22 May 1955
The Catered Affair
At breakfast, Jane announces that she and Ralph are getting married the next week. All Jane and Ralph want is a small wedding with the immediate family and no reception. This is because Jane's parents are poor and Jane and Ralph can borrow a car for their honeymoon. However, at dinner that night all Ralph's parents talk about are the big weddings they gave their daughters and everything escalates. All of a sudden, it is a big wedding breakfast with hundreds of guests. The problem is that for 12 years, Tom has been saving money to buy his own cab and license, but now ...

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