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Season 5

20 Nov. 1956
Woman's Work
Old man Link Morley believes women should wait on men like a menial servant. Determined to show his son how its done, he orders around his son's new bride, Rowena, like a housemaid. But once the new couple is paying for their keep, Rowena makes a stand.
4 Dec. 1956
Pursuit of a Princess
Two onetime friends are rivals in the unusual pursuit of collecting nineteenth century hand carved cigar store Indians. The rarest and most desirable were made by a long-dead Connecticut craftsman, whose aged daughter is found to be oblivious to her father's legacy, and is using his leftover works as firewood. The pair compete for her last remaining statue.
18 Dec. 1956
The Blessed Midnight
When a boy steals a cake for his beloved aunt on Christmas Eve, his young friend tries to set things straight.
25 Dec. 1956
Three Young Kings
Three young boys are given the responsibility of carrying Christmas gifts to the mission church in the costumes of the Three Wise Men. When they ride through the poorest section of the village, the boys decide to give the presents to the ragged children instead, causing a crisis in conscience in the community.
22 Jan. 1957
Dowry for Ilona
Family rivalry over size of wedding dowery for new bride.
12 Feb. 1957
Decision for a Hero
A scrawny, bespectacled college student exerts himself too much and he dies. Another student, the school's star athlete, is advised the boy's grieving mother has been led to believe, by his letters home, the boy was his best friend, though they never met.
19 Feb. 1957
The Frightened Witness
Leaving his shop,a butcher witnesses a car run down a man on the street, but before he can give the police a description, he's threatened by a gangster.The victim was a crime investigator, and the "accident" was a hit. The butcher and his family is stalked and terrorized by the crooks from then on.
19 Mar. 1957
Dan Marshall's Brat
New family on frontier farm find selves in middle of feud.
30 Apr. 1957
Chicago 2-1-2
A Chicago fire investigator attempts to apprehend the arsonist who has set a series of blazes in run-down buildings near the river. He suspects that the perpetrator might be part of the throng of on-lookers that gawk at the firefighters battling the blazes. When a deaf woman is seriously injured in one of the torched buildings, the inspector redoubles his efforts to arrest the firebug before one of his blazes results in death.

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