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S1, Ep15593
19 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15593
After little Emma's speech, Natalia and Olivia are mistaken for lesbian partners. Lizzie tries to give away her dog, Roxy. Frank kisses Natalia. Beth and Lizzie clash.
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S1, Ep15594
20 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15594
Lizzie wonders aloud to Cyrus about why she can't be harder, like her granddad. Buzz swoons while sweeping the floor. Natalia sets Emma's schoolteacher straight.
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S1, Ep15595
21 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15595
Christina and Remy find Buzz after he collapses at the grocery store. Jeffrey catches someone in Shayne's room. Mallett and Marina decide to adopt.
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S1, Ep15596
22 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15596
Reva organizes a memorial service for Lara, but Shayne refuses to come. Remy gets accepted into medical school. Mallet and Marina visit an adoption agency.
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S1, Ep15597
23 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15597
Edmund Winslow claims he was Lara's father. Dinah stops Shayne from jumping off a roof. Lizzie and Alan conspire to restore Spaulding Enterprises. Bill begins his search for Phillip.
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S1, Ep15598
26 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15598
Bill has a vision of Lizzie while searching for Phillip in the woods. Beth learns that Coop's latest novel is about her. Olivia learns that even Christina thought she and Natalia were a couple.
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S1, Ep15599
27 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15599
Lizzie fires Cyrus after he rejects her attempt at seduction. Beth and Coop are unaware that Alan spied on their lovemaking. Olivia and Natalia notice Alan is distracted.
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S1, Ep15600
28 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15600
Bill remembers that he didn't kidnap Lizzie. Blake pressures Coop to publish his novel. Beth decides it's a bad time to tell Alan she is leaving him.
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S1, Ep15601
29 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15601
Shayne meets with Edmund. Lizzie allows Bill to think that she and Cyrus are an item. Reva tricks Dinah out of interfering with Shayne.
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S1, Ep15602
30 Jan. 2009
Episode #1.15602
Remy begs Christina to accept the offer from the medical school. Dinah passes out. Shayne and Edmund reminisce about Lara. Mallet worries the adoption process will uncover his past.
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S1, Ep15603
2 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15603
Blake surprises Coop with a book party for a novel that wasn't supposed to be published. Mallet tells Marina about his involvement with Griggs. Doris exploits Olivia and Natalia.
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S1, Ep15604
3 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15604
Alan threatens Beth, demanding that she marry him and break up with Coop. Remy and Christina fool the financial aid representative. Little Emma runs away from school.
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S1, Ep15605
4 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15605
Olivia confronts two gossips. Shayne and Edmund work together on a project to honor Lara. Reva coos over her sonogram pictures. Jeffrey and Dinah clash over Edmund.
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S1, Ep15606
5 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15606
Reva and Jeffrey attend a birthing class. Buzz locks Coop in a basement to prevent his interference in Alan and Beth's wedding. Dinah learns Lara was pregnant when she died.
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S1, Ep15607
6 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15607
Bill, like Prince Hal, makes "offense a skill." Coop has a car crash on his way to stop Beth's wedding to Alan. Buzz has a vision of Jenna. Phillip returns.
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S1, Ep15608
9 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15608
Phillip saves Coop's life and stops the wedding between Alan and Beth. Mallet discovers that Marina's past, not his, may prevent the adoption.
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S1, Ep15610
11 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15610
Buzz punches Alan in the face. Ashlee learns about Coop and Beth. Lizzie is shocked to see Phillip.
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S1, Ep15611
12 Feb. 2009
Episode #1.15611
Coop is out of surgery. Olivia panics when she learns that Phillip is back in town. Ashlee admits to Daisy that she still loves Coop.