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Season 2

26 Jan. 1954
The Quick and the Deadly
Pam and Jerry go after thieves who have stolen secret government documents.
2 Feb. 1954
Pam and Jerry plan to have a nice quiet picnic at the beach, but a sniper quickly changes those plans.
9 Feb. 1954
While attending a college reunion, Pam is taken hostage by Jerry's former roommate who's now a professor. He demands that the school stop their atomic production program or he'll detonate one of his own at the school's field-house during that night's big basketball game.
16 Feb. 1954
Loon Lake
A vicious counterfeiter escapes from prison and hides out in a remote cabin while recuperating from plastic surgery he received to alter his appearance. His gang lures the Norths to the cabin and holds them hostage, their plan being to ultimately kill the couple.
23 Feb. 1954
Hand Painted Murder
Any of the men in her life might have killed a beautiful model.
2 Mar. 1954
The Ungrateful Killer
The Norths are driving to a party when they're stopped on the street by an injured man. He turns out to be a wounded criminal, and he gets in their car and tells them to drive him to Canada.
9 Mar. 1954
Flight 217
The Norths travel to Mexico City to help their friend, Det. Paco of the Mexico City police, solve a missing persons case. As they board their plane for the flight back to the US, they don't know that someone has planted a bomb aboard the aircraft, and it's ticking away.
16 Mar. 1954
Death Doll
Pam and Jerry are investigating the death of an explorer, and among they things they turn up are a voodoo doll and a jealous wife.
23 Mar. 1954
Phantom at the Wedding
The Norths are asked for help by a young lawyer friend who has received a death threat on the evening before his impending marriage.
30 Mar. 1954
Homicide Limited
A beautiful blonde turns up dead on a train going from Miami to New York. The Norths investigate.
6 Apr. 1954
Shrinking Violet
Amelia Little, someone Pam hasn't seen since childhood, comes for a visit. Pam believes her odd behavior is simply a case of being overwhelmed by the big city. The truth is she's an impostor who tossed Amelia off the train and assumed her identity. She's actually Violet Budge, a killer on the run for murdering a wealthy old woman. Pam's in danger of become her next victim after determining the supposed friend is actually a phony.
13 Apr. 1954
Model for Murder
Pam enrolls in a modeling school and discovers that fencing class isn't the only place where she can get stuck by a sword.
20 Apr. 1954
Murder for Sale
A friend of the Norths has a change of heart after arranging the murder of his wife's lover. Will he be able to stop the assassin in time?
27 Apr. 1954
The Placid Affair
The best of iron safes may be broken by the best of safe-crackers, but the best criminal plan may go down the drain pipe due to an untimely coughing.
4 May 1954
The Girl in Cell 13
A fellow-prisoner blackmails a woman in jail.
11 May 1954
The Suspected
The paid companion of an elderly silent film star tries to kill herself when the tabloids implicate her in the death of the former actress.
18 May 1954
Mask of Hate
Gordon Lane, a suicidal invalid, is bitter about his life and jealous of his wife's lover. Marion Lane feels trapped in an unhappy marriage and wants her lover, Barry, to kill her bed-ridden husband. When Barry turns up dead in the Lane's home, Marion is the only logical suspect But when the Norths visit, Pam discovers the truth behind Gordon's disabilities and finds her own life in jeopardy.
25 May 1954
A crazed sailor goes on a killing spree.

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