Summer with Monika (1953) Poster

Harriet Andersson: Monika Eriksson



  • Harry Lund : Monika, I'm going to start night school. You can become an engineer if you keep at it. I've always liked engines. I fixed the engine on the boat last autumn.

    Monika Eriksson : You study to be an engineer, and then we'll get married, okay? Harry. I think I'm pregnant.

    Harry Lund : What? Seriously?

    Monika Eriksson : Hmm.

    Harry Lund : We have to go back so I can start working. You need proper food.

    Monika Eriksson : No, I'm not going back. I want summer to go on just like this. Harry, I don't know anyone as sweet as you.

    Harry Lund : Monika, we have to make something real out of our lives. We'll care for each other. I'll study and get a decent job, so we can get married and have a nice house, you and me and the little one on its way.

    Monika Eriksson : You'll come home from work and I'll have dinner ready. We'll take the children for Sunday walks. I won't work. I'll stay at home with the kids. We'll have nice clothes.

    Harry Lund : We'll have a good life. We'll always stay together.

    Monika Eriksson : Just you and me.

  • Monika Eriksson : Spring is here. Did you notice?

    Harry Lund : Yes.

    Monika Eriksson : One shouldn't work on a day like this.

    Harry Lund : No, it's really crazy.

    Monika Eriksson : Let's go away and never come back. We'll see the whole wide world. Are you game?

    Harry Lund : Sure, let's go.

  • Monika Eriksson : You know where I work?

    Harry Lund : Yes. It must be cold there.

    Monika Eriksson : I thought I'd freeze my ass off last winter.

  • Harry Lund : You're not mad at me, are you?

    Monika Eriksson : I like you.

    Harry Lund : Are you sure?

    Monika Eriksson : Dead sure.

  • Harry Lund : I thought we could eat at my place. Dad's in this boat club and they're meeting today. He's eating with the guys before the meeting. So, I thought we might...

    Monika Eriksson : You're so sweet. It'll be such fun, almost like we're married. You're so sweet, not like the others at all. Like right out of a movie!

  • Monika Eriksson : Harry, why do some people have all the luck while others are miserable?

    Harry Lund : Monika, we have each other.

  • Harry Lund : It's been a lovely summer, but everything changes starting today.

    Monika Eriksson : Imagine being back in town. We haven't been to the movies since we saw "Dream Girl."

    Harry Lund : No, we've been in our own dream.

  • Monika Eriksson : Hey. You'll have to hold me or I'll freeze. You may kiss me now, Harry.


    Monika Eriksson : I guess we like each other a lot, huh?

    Harry Lund : Monika...

    Monika Eriksson : I'm crazy about you.

    Harry Lund : There's no one but you. Only you.

  • Monika Eriksson : I can't stand those guys pinching me all the time. Why don't they pinch their wives?

    Svensson : It's not as much fun.

  • Svensson : Come out with me. I'll cheer you up.

    Monika Eriksson : Not likely. I've got other fish to fry. I'm going steady.

    Svensson : You too? All the floozies are going off the market.

  • Monika Eriksson : I'm soaking wet, but I'll freeze if I take my coat off.

    Harry Lund : The sleeping bag's warm.

    Monika Eriksson : [takes her coat off]  I don't want to wrinkle my skirt.

    [takes her skirt off] 

    Monika Eriksson : Take off your pants so you don't ruin the creases. What nice long legs you have. Come here.

  • Monika Eriksson : Now we can go wherever we like.

    Harry Lund : Like you said that time at the cafe: "Let's go away!" Let's forget about all those bastards.

    Monika Eriksson : I hate them. Everyone who holds us back, who wants us to grovel.

    Harry Lund : Let them scurry around like rats - - we won't be there.

  • Harry Lund : Imagine them slaving away at Forsberg's now.

    Monika Eriksson : And down in that old cellar, carrying crates around in the dust and dirt.

    Harry Lund : We've rebelled, Monika, against all of them.

  • Monika Eriksson : Oh dear, I've grown tubby.

  • Harry Lund : You see - I've always been so lonely. My mother got sick when I was five. She was sick until she died. I was eight by then. Dad went a bit funny after that. He got all quiet. He and I would sit at home all evening, neither saying a word. We'd just sit there.

    Monika Eriksson : I've never been alone. There's so many of us. The brats fight and wreck everything. Dad's always drunk and kicking up a fuss.

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