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7 Oct. 1954
The Long Goodbye
Detective Philip Marlowe tries to help a friend who is accused of murdering his wife.
14 Oct. 1954
The Thirteenth Chair
A TV version of the Bayard Viellet play about a séance held to trap a murderer among the attendees.
21 Oct. 1954
Casino Royale
American spy James Bond must outsmart card wiz and crime boss LeChiffre while monitoring his actions.
4 Nov. 1954
Sorry, Wrong Number
While on the telephone, an invalid woman overhears what she thinks is a plot to murder her.
2 Dec. 1954
An Error in Chemistry
A carnival huckster ingratiates himself with an elderly farmer and his naïve daughter; she soon falls for her new suitor and marries him, only to wind up dead shortly afterwards, the husband quick to confess.
9 Dec. 1954
Epitaph for a Spy
An unsuspecting Iron Curtain refugee is used as a pawn by two French traitors while he is at a resort in France.

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