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Season 32

1 Nov. 1987
The Return of the Shaggy Dog
A magical ring turns a man into a shaggy sheepdog.
17 Jan. 1988
Earth Star Voyager: Part 1
The Earth Star Voyager is a spaceship sent to another solar system to prepare it for colonization. Earth itself is horribly polluted, so the mission is vitally important. But as the departing starship gets under way, signs begin to emerge that their mission may unwittingly be part of a larger conspiracy.
24 Jan. 1988
Earth Star Voyager: Part 2
In 2088, when the Earth is heavily polluted and the atmosphere is becoming unbreathable, title starship is launched to investigate whether a planet in a solar system some eighteen light years from Earth would be suitable as a new home for the human race, which would migrate there en mass, a process that would take several decades, as forty years would be required to build the fleet of starships needed. This planet, called Demeter (the Greek goddess of corn, grain and the harvest) was discovered by an earlier mission which took some fuzzy video footage and sent it back...
7 Feb. 1988
Rock 'n' Roll Mom
A woman with two teenage children, who usually composes some songs and present them in community shows, has one of her songs discovered by a music producer that turns her into a star.
1 May 1988
Splash, Too: Part 1
The 1988 'made-for-tv' encore to the popular 1984 mermaid comedy, in which Allen and Madison return to New York. He has to save his business and she has to save a Dolphin in captivity. All of this while getting used to living in the suburbs.
15 May 1988
Justin Case
The ghost of a private detective teams up with an unemployed dancer to find the identity of the woman known as "The Lady in Black" who killed him.

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