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Season 16

28 Sep. 1969
Last Chance
A man pursuing wolf bounty shoots a wolf in protected territory and then watches Erickson and Turner nurse the wolf back to health with help from Lassie who uses the creature's paternal instinct to gain recovery.
5 Oct. 1969
Success Story
Bumbling Job Corp worker Cal Baker is prevented from dropping out by the inspirational words of a fellow Job Corp worker and the successful rescue of that fellow Job Corp worker when a crisis occurs.
12 Oct. 1969
A pet chimpanzee of a man who lives near a massive project site leaves the house and wanders into various dangerous aspects of the construction with Lassie in a pursuit of concern.
19 Oct. 1969
No Margin for Error
When Allan surveys an old Air Force bombing range to develop as a grassland, his helper, who is partially buried by a landslide, dislodges an old unexploded bomb which Allan must disarm via remote instructions from the ranger station.
26 Oct. 1969
Lassie and the Water Bottles
Lassie attempts to rescue a fawn that has become trapped in a vinyl reservoir that is part of an experimental water system constructed to rescue the cattle business of a lady rancher that leases from the forest service.
2 Nov. 1969
When pilot Bert, Scott and Lassie crash land a helicopter in the snowy wilderness, a search ensues by air and snowmobiles operated by Bob and Mark who are lead to the crash site by Lassie.
9 Nov. 1969
Father and Son
Scott intervenes to correct the a father and a son relationship which has become dysfunctional after the mother's death and has caused the son to shun school and take careless actions with firearms.
16 Nov. 1969
The Sky Is Falling
Neeka spends his vacation with Lassie, Scott and Bob at the Roaring Camp spur line which will run through the redwood forest. There they befriend a little chick who continually wanders into trouble.
23 Nov. 1969
No Greater Love
Bob and Neeka must nurse Lassie back to health when on a camping trip she falls into freezing rapids while she and Neeka are assisting a nesting crow in danger.
30 Nov. 1969
More Than Meets the Eye
On a nature hike, Scott and Lassie help Kathy, a withdrawn and fearful girl who is attending school with other children who are blind.
14 Dec. 1969
The Chase
A fawn run nearly to death puts Scott on the trail two youths who recklessly operate their snowmobiles.
21 Dec. 1969
The Blessing
Manuel Sandoval crosses the Mexican border into the receive the blessing of the animals at a mission to keep a promise to his little sister that their deaf dog will hear by Christmas.
28 Dec. 1969
Superstition Canyon
Scott, with Lassie, joins Park Ranger Ivan in flying over Superstition Canyon discussing local legends. They locate a hardy prospector Hobart who has appendicitis. Lassie is left to take care of his burro Emily until Scott can return.
4 Jan. 1970
The Road Back: Part 1
Scott and Lassie visit San Francisco's Chinatown. When Lassie is struck by a car while saving a child, she is taken to a vet's office. She may have amnesia so when a fire breaks out in the office, she escapes with no idea where she is or where she should go.
11 Jan. 1970
The Road Back: Part 2
The next day Lassie searches for her identity. She visits a wax museum at Fisherman's Wharf and the waterfront, where she meets a down-on-his-luck young fisherman with a family and a boat loan he can't repay.
18 Jan. 1970
The Road Back: Part 3
Lassie heads back into San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge and meets Sue, a lonely runaway. Next day Lassie brings together Sue with a lonely soldier. On her own again, Lassie is mistaken for a possibly-rabid collie named Tawny.
25 Jan. 1970
The Road Back: Part 4
Her memory now recovering, Lassie flees through San Francisco streets while being hunted by both health officials and police as a rabid dog. Meanwhile Bob joins Scott in the search for their beloved collie.
1 Feb. 1970
Winged Rescue
Paul Peterson crashes his boat on a rock and he and lassie are stranded in the water. a rescued seagull guides a game warden and friend to the rescue.
8 Feb. 1970
The Cliff
Bob takes Lassie and Neeka, an Alaskan native, to see the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde Park. While exploring Neeka falls, breaking his leg with Lassie going for help. A daring and dangerous rescue is conducted by the rangers.
15 Feb. 1970
Warm Heart, Cold Nose
Clint and Edie, along with Clint's guide dog Ginger, live in a remote area of the forest. Bob leaves Lassie for a visit so when Edie is injured Lassie leads Clint to her. Lassie goes for help while Ginger faces a mountain lion.
1 Mar. 1970
Whitewater Fury
When Lassie is sickened by toxic pink snow, Bob must kayak through the rapids without portaging through the most dangerous parts to get help on time.
8 Mar. 1970
On a trip to survey tribal lands Lassie, Bob and a Navajo guide find and rescue a dog swimming in Lake Powell. Chuka is a lazy dog and would rather rest than tend sheep, but things change quickly when his owner is injured and Lassie must go for help.

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