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9 Jan. 1972
Round Up
Home from college, Ron and Dale go out on the annual stray roundup. They make a bet as to which of them will find the most cattle. Meanwhile Lassie helps a calf stuck in quicksand and then helps Ron when he's thrown from his horse.
16 Jan. 1972
Dream Seeker
Out with Lassie, Ron and Dale spend a couple of days camping at Pine Lake before returning to college. They meet a boy who may be a runaway; he builds a campsite in the woods and then steals one of the motorcycles they've rented.
28 Jan. 1972
Peace Is Our Profession: Part 1
Lassie and Garth go to Vandenberg Air Force Base where Garth will be best man for one of his foster sons. While Garth attends a Minuteman missile launch, Lassie befriends a snow goose who has laid her eggs in a missile launching area.
6 Feb. 1972
Peace Is Our Profession: Part 2
A snow goose has laid eggs in the prohibited missile range zone. Lassie enters the area and manages to save the mother bird and her goslings. Later on, Lassie, back in Offut, becomes the friend of Sparky, a diabetic poodle. The trouble is that the doggie unfortunately stows away on the "Looking Glass"...
13 Feb. 1972
Peace Is Our Profession: Part 3
The presence of Sparky, the stowaway poodle, aboard the Looking Glass,is discovered. But as he has not taken his insulin dose, he is bound to go into a diabetic coma. Fortunately, Cameron receives permission to land and Sparky is saved in extremis. Later, Lassie and Colonel Stone get to know Jimmy, a crippled boy who does not believe in God anymore because of his condition...
18 Feb. 1972
Peace Is Our Profession: Part 4
Jimmy Fredericks doesn't believe in God anymore, but when his father's aircraft is stricken with a power failure that may interfere with the lowering of the landing gear and cause the plane to crash, the boy must re-examine his faith.
20 Feb. 1972
Paths of Courage (Part 1)
Garth takes Jimmy Fredericks back to the ranch. There Jimmy meets Lucy Baker, deaf most of her life, and her pet wolf Mountie. Unfortunately while he's playing with Lassie, Mountie is shot by a shepherd who doesn't know he's a pet.
27 Feb. 1972
Paths of Courage (Part 2)
Lassie hides Mountie in a cave where Lucy and Jimmy find him. Lucy sends JImmy for help on her horse. Despite being thrown from the horse, Jimmy finds the shepherd who shot Mountie. Meanwhile Lassie returns to the Holden Ranch. .
5 Mar. 1972
Circle of Life
When Mountie dies, Lucy cannot understand why and goes into a deep depression. To help Lucy deal with her loss Sue asks her to help out at the wild animal park. Eventually Lucy begins to take an interest in the animals. Lassie also helps.
17 Sep. 1972
Ron reads a letter to the boys that Garth will remain a VISTA volunteer and his brother Keith will take charge of the ranch. This upsets the boys and Mikey takes off with Lassie. A storm related fire endangers Lassie but Keith proves himself.
24 Sep. 1972
The Doves of St. Inez
Lassie and Lucy eagerly anticipate the return of the doves to the local mission. While waiting they wander the town, greeting people and then help the gardener Johann. A hawk threatens the first dove they see.
1 Oct. 1972
For Those Who Follow
A storm knocks down a fence allowing a foal to wander off and injuring the mother. Lassie and Lucy leave on horseback to search for the colt followed by Ron and Dale. A tumble into a river endangers the young animal.
15 Oct. 1972
Crows are marauding the corn and Lassie can't fend them off herself. The boys create a scarecrow but the birds aren't impressed. One steals Mike's $3 and he falls into a water storage tower trying to get it back. Lassie must rescue him.
21 Oct. 1972
A Girl and a Boy: Part 1
Lassie finds a hearing impaired boy, who cannot speak, so she lets Keith and Dale know. They bring young Lucy over to communicate with him but he won't identify himself. The boy then finds an injured dog that he bonds with.
29 Oct. 1972
A Girl and a Boy (Part 2)
The mystery boy turns out to be Tommy, who is a runaway from an orphanage because Father Lavery is being transferred. The injured dog is a police dog identified by two officers who want to help. Lucy gets Tommy to open up.
4 Nov. 1972
Deadly Surf
Lassie is exploring the seashore when she encounters three kittens left in a cage. They get released but Lassie must fight off a mean dog and then keep the kittens safe from the incoming tide.
11 Nov. 1972
Golden Eagle
Out exploring Lassie encounters a pair of nesting eagles. When the female injures her wing, Lassie alerts Ron and Keith who try to help. Lassie and her friends devise a way to help feed the chicks without disturbing the male.
18 Nov. 1972
A Taste of Freedom
Lassie befriends a high strung horse Midnight who belongs to Mr. Dobbs, a neighbor to the Holden Ranch. The stallion is being trained to race but a trip to the track ends in a mishap with Lassie on hand to help out.
25 Nov. 1972
Run to Nowhere: Part 1
Lassie and Lucy meet Joey, a runaway boy, when she is out riding. Bringing him to the Holden Ranch, he learns from the other boys about cattle and other farm activities. Joey overhears Keith on the phone and takes off again.
2 Dec. 1972
Run to Nowhere: Part 2
Because of the misunderstood phone call Joey runs away. After it's discovered Keith, Dale, and Ron start searching for on horseback in the rugged country. With the help of Lassie they discover Joey has fallen into a crevice.
9 Dec. 1972
Vigil of the Stork
The Holdens are afraid Karl will not survive after a heart attack robs his will to live.
16 Dec. 1972
Dream Builder
Dale, Keith, and Lassie encounter Julio, who wants to build his dream house in an area with no water. Willie helps Julio build a well in a likely futile exercise. Dale and Keith want to include the older man as part of the ranch family.

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