The Far Country (1954) Poster

James Stewart: Jeff Webster



  • [last lines] 

    Renee Vallon : You went and got yourself hurt again.

    Jeff Webster : I know. We eat, we sleep, we rest and soon we'll be all better again.

  • Jeff Webster : I don't need other people. I don't need help. I can take care of me.

  • Skagway Sheriff Gannon : Take his gun. Lock him up.

    [Jeff reaches for his gun, but Gannon outdraws him] 

    Skagway Sheriff Gannon : Were you thinkin' about usin' that?

    Jeff Webster : Nooo, I was just showin' your deputy where to find it.

  • [after Gannon fines Jeff his entire cattle herd for disturbing the peace, Jeff steals the herd back] 

    Jeff Webster : Is there somethin' you want, Mr. Gannon?

    Skagway Sheriff Gannon : Yeah, mostly I want you. I also want that herd - it's government property.

    Jeff Webster : Yeah, well, I'm sorry. I reversed your decision.

  • [Jeff accidentally drives his cattle through a crowd attending a hanging] 

    Skagway Sheriff Gannon : What's going on here? You there!

    Jeff Webster : They got a little out of hand. I'm sorry!

    Skagway Sheriff Gannon : You're sorry? You just busted up a function of the law, that's what you did. The people of Skagway don't like lawbreakers. They go to a lot trouble and expense to prove it! New gallows, new rope, thirteen steps all counted out right and proper, with each step costin' not less than twelve dollars per each and you drive a herd of cattle through the population. You busted up everything, that's what you did. And you're sorry!

  • Ben Tatum : All right, I'll go along, but where's it gonna end, boy? We just goin' to go on and on and on?

    Jeff Webster : Well, maybe we'll end up on that ranch in Utah. Right now, we got an awful lot of money to spend.

    Ben Tatum : Whatcha gonna buy that's better than what we got? We got friends in Dawson. You wanna buy new ones?

  • Jeff Webster : [Last lines]  I know, we eat, we sleep, we rest, and soon we be all better again.

  • Ben Tatum : Well, set yourself down, son.

    Jeff Webster : [Noticing that there's only one plate of food]  Now, where's *your* food?

    Ben Tatum : [chuckles]  I don't need no food - but I gotta' have my coffee, ya' know.

    Jeff Webster : Yeah, yeah... about ten gallons a day. Hope there's plenty of that stuff up in Dawson.

  • Doc Vallon : [In a jail cell]  Oh, the medical profession, it is most difficult in Alaska!

    Jeff Webster : Oh, yeah? Why'd you come here?

    Doc Vallon : Because, I'm going to Vienna!

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