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Season 1

24 Sep. 1956
The Knight with the Red Plume
Sir Lancelot desires to become a Knight of the Round Table, but he has to prove his mettle by going through a series of tough and strenuous tests.
1 Oct. 1956
The Ferocious Fathers
Lancelot helps Urgan the Strong drive off the besieging forces of Sir Melius the Mighty. In gratitude, Urgan offers his daughter Igrane in marriage to Lancelot.
8 Oct. 1956
The Queen's Knight
Sir Mordred, King Arthur's cousin, kidnaps Queen Guenevere. In exchange for her safe return, Mordred and his father, King Pell, demand that Arthur turn over his kingdom to them.
22 Oct. 1956
The Outcast
When Lancelot requests that this squire be given training in order to become a Knight of the Round Table, he is surprised by the strong opposition he meets.
29 Oct. 1956
Winged Victory
Lancelot and his squire Brian are sent by King Arthur to carry a secret battle plan to Prince Boudwin, whose castle is under siege by King Mark. However, the two are soon captured by King Mark, who tries to get them to reveal the plan.
5 Nov. 1956
Sir Bliant
Although King Arthur has managed to arrange a truce between the battling Sir Bliant and Sir Rolf, Bliant's three sons break it by kidnapping Rolf's three daughters. Desperate to get his daughters back, Rolf comes to Arthur for help.
31 Dec. 1956
The Pirates
king Arthur and his forces set out to capture a band of pirates that are said to be hiding out in a town on the coast. In reality the pirates aren't in the town but are not far from the castle, waiting for Arthur to leave so they can sack it.
19 Nov. 1956
The Magic Sword
A knight wants to rescue a lady imprisoned by her brother, but believes he is too cowardly to do so on his own. He comes to King Arthur for help and advice on how to be brave and courageous. Merlin has a trick up his sleeve for giving the youth the confidence he needs to rescue the girl.
3 Dec. 1956
Lancelot's Banishment
King Arthur banishes Lancelot from the kingdom because he believes that Lancelot made a false accusation against King Marhaus. Outside the kingdom, however, Lancelot runs into Marhaus and uncovers an evil plot.
26 Nov. 1956
Roman Wall
At the invitation of King Boltan, who tells then that his daughter, Iolta, has been abducted by ghostly warriors dressed in Roman attire, Lancelot and Brian scale a high boundary wall and discover a sign which says 'Rome - 1,200 miles'.
17 Dec. 1956
While Sir Lancelot is on a mission for King Arthur, he is robbed and his horse is killed by a group of wild warriors.
2 Jan. 1957
Theft of Excalibur
On St. Stephen's Day, King Arthur and his knights traditionally change places for one day with the court squires. During the day, one of the "squires-for-a-day" steals the Sword of Excalibur.
14 Jan. 1957
The Black Castle
A young knight's prospective father-in-law has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner. Sir Lancelot agrees to help the knight rescue the man.
24 Dec. 1956
Shepherds' War
A band of renegade knights is preying on the shepherds in the area. Sir Lancelot decides to champion the shepherds' cause, and masquerades as a shepherd to teach them how to fight the knights off. Guest star: Jennifer Jayne.
28 Jan. 1957
The Magic Book
Sir Lancelot volunteers to defend an abbey and its occupants from invading Danes.
25 Feb. 1957
The Ruby of Radnor
As punishment for rebelling at working with Merlin's pigeons, Squire Brian is sent on an errand delivering a crate of pigeons to a neighboring castle. En route, he becomes involved with a gang of thieves who stole the precious Ruby of Radnor. Guest stars: Colin Tapley as Everard, Edward Judd as Garth, Eric Corrie as Robert, Reginald Hearne as Hugo, Harold Goodwin as a peasant
18 Feb. 1957
The Lesser Breed
King Arthur learns that a nearby village is being terrorized by a horrible monster. Sir Lancelot is sent to investigate. He discovers that the monster is really a Viking boat, and that it's the Vikings who are doing the terrorizing. Guest stars: Ann Stephens as Sella, Gerard Heinz as Eck, Wilfred Brambell as a fisherman.
18 Mar. 1957
Witches Brew
A woman claiming mystical powers has convinced King Bors of Sagitaw that she is working evil against him. Sir Lancelot enlists Merlin's aid against her powers. Guest star: Maxine Audley as Eunice.
11 Mar. 1957
Sir Crustabread
King Arthur gives Sir Lancelot a new name and sends him off to champion a lady who is being forced into marrying an unscrupulous man. Guest stars: Virginia Vernon as Lynette, Hector Ross as Baron Brayor.
25 Mar. 1957
Maid of Somerset
A young girl asks Sir Lancelot's aid. An evil monarch, King Meliot, is selling the young men of the village of Cheddar into slavery. Guest stars: Patricia Kneale as Ellen, Edward Judd as James, Eddie Malin as Paul, Reginald Hearne as the Chamberlain.
11 Feb. 1957
Knight Errant
After their father dies, two sisters inherit his tiny impoverished kingdom. Their guardian is eager to set up a rich marriage for the older girl, but she is not willing.
18 Apr. 1957
Double Identity
Sir Richard is about to marry Lady Margaret, but on his way is waylaid and left for dead, as a double arrives in his place. The double is Sir Alfred, son of scheming Sir John. When Lancelot arrives, he soon suspects the plot.
22 Apr. 1957
Lady Lilith
The Lady Lilith has been running the castle of Goodhue since it was left to her by the late Sir William when she was 14-years-old. Sir Liones petitions for a ruling at the court of the king because the law says that no property can be inherited by a woman. Facing a difficult choice, the King Arthur suggests the best solution would be for Sir Liones to marry the Lady.
15 Apr. 1957
The Bridge
While preparing for knighthood, Squire Brian uncovers a plot by King Marhaus of neighboring Mercia. The king wants it to appear that the villagers of Poltifax have violated a treaty over the use of their bridge so that he will have an excuse to invade their town. Zena Walker as Angela, Derek Aylward as King Marhaus, Jack May as Caradoc, Eric Corrie as the Priest, Edward Judd as Sir Grint.
6 May 1957
The Ugly Duckling
While on a visit to castle Lamorack, Sir Lancelot and Merlin try to help their host when he receives a note threatening his daughter's life. Merlin learns that the note is false, written by the girl herself in a bid for attention. Later, the girl disappears and another note arrives; this time it's genuine. Guest stars: Carol Marsh as Sybil, Jeanette Hutchinson as Amora, Hector Ross as Sir Egbert.
13 May 1957
Knights Choice
After the death of a knight of the Round Table, a young man enters a tournament that will decide who will fill the vacancy. But the other knights object to the young contestant because of his shabby appearance. Sir Lancelot intercedes for him. Guest stars: Alison Leggatt as Morgana Le Fay, Robert Hardy as Rupert, Derek Waring as Balin, Reginald Hearne as Sir Julian, Edward Judd as a sentry.
10 Jun. 1957
The Missing Princess
When a king breaks a treaty between his country and a tribe of women, his sister is taken hostage. Sir Lancelot sets forth to rescue the princess. Guest stars: Mary Steele as Anne, Linda Gray as Marta, John Horsley as Athelred, Reginald Hearne as Evanston, Mary Manson as Helga.
20 May 1957
The Mortaise Fair
While visiting Mortaise Castle, Queen Guinevere is presented with a priceless jewel from the Rajah of Kaipur. Shortly afterward there is a fire, and during the excitement the jewel is stolen. Guest stars: Martin Benson as Hassin, Chin Yu as Vuleika, William Franklyn as Baron Mortaise, Eric Corrie as Osbert, Edward Judd as Ronk.
17 Jun. 1957
The Thieves
Attempting to show King Arthur how difficult it is to honest employment once a man has been branded a thief, Lancelot persuades the King to join him in the streets . Disguised as robbers , they enter a den of thieves - and find trouble in abundance.
3 Jun. 1957
The Prince of Limerick
Lancelot and Brian head off to Ireland to compete in a tournament representing King Arthur. On the way, they come across a rhyming bandit or so they think. His story is not the standard having been banned by the kingdom due to his explicit and confronting lyrics. His enemies want nothing more than for him to be killed, but the princess has fallen deep in love with him and his sweet poetry. Lancelot sees to it to bring back together a couple that obviously loves each other. But there are of course obstacles.

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