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Season 1

1 Jul. 1957
The Mickey Farmer Case
No good killer Mickey Farmer is on the run. Shot and betrayed by his partner and trapped inside a building by police, Mickey has a dying request. Always loyal to a client, Diamond accepts much to the frustration of Lieutenant McGough.
8 Jul. 1957
Richard Diamond is hired by a hospitalized mother of a 10-year-old girl to get custody away from her ex-husband and back into the hands of her sister.
15 Jul. 1957
Escape from Oak Lane
Diamond is hired to escort a beautiful wife while her husband is on a business trip. Frightened, the wife runs out on Diamond while they are dancing. Returning to her hotel room, she is drugged and kidnapped with Diamond in pursuit.
22 Jul. 1957
The Homicide Habit
Diamond attempts to outwit, a beautiful widow and her boyfriend who are cashing in on the deceased husband's double-indemnity insurance. The detective tries to make them believe he saw them murder the husband.
29 Jul. 1957
Picture of Fear
While on a fishing vacation, Diamond has a date with a beautiful woman who is being pursued by two mysterious hunters who she photographed earlier. They will stop at nothing to get the film, sensing danger Diamond offers his assistance.
5 Aug. 1957
Hit and Run
Diamond is hired by the fiancée of an accused hit and run driver to find out how and why the accused young man was framed.
12 Aug. 1957
The Big Score
The stakes are high when Richard Diamond goes up against a gang of con men who use a fake bookie's office as a set-up to trick wealthy suckers and make thousands of dollars. But what the con men don't count on is the fact that they, too, can be played for suckers, and that Richard Diamond is a Private Eye with a few tricks up his sleeve...
19 Aug. 1957
The Chess Player
Several attempts have been made to kill industrialist Julian Tyler. But the attempts have failed, and Tyler merely sees them as unfortunate accidents. His wife, however, hired Richard Diamond as bodyguard when Julian plans to attend an important board meeting. Diamond has to use every trick in the book to not only outwit Tyler, who is a passionate chess player, but to cross a devious murder plot...
26 Aug. 1957
The Torch Carriers
Syndicate gangster Marty Skopka goes into hiding when he is wrongly accused of murder. Richard Diamond couldn't care less but an attractive young woman sends him on a search for the gangster. When Diamond finds out that he has been used to locate Marty, he has to run against time to stop a young woman from making a terrible - and deadly - mistake...
9 Sep. 1957
The Pete Rocco Case
Pete Rocco escapes from prison to pay Richard Diamond back for putting him there. What he doesn't know is that his brother Dan has plans of his own. Soon, Richard Diamond finds himself at the wrong and of a .38 and gets to enjoy the sweet smell of death - in a candy store...
16 Sep. 1957
Venus of Park Avenue
Diamond investigates the authenticity of a bust of Venus that an art gallery says is over 2,000 years old (from 435 B.C.), but a woman says she posed for it only 5 years prior while an art student in Italy.
23 Sep. 1957
Merry-Go-Round Case
When Richard Diamond learns that his former war buddy Jack Milhoan has turned bad, he finds himself torn between friendship and principle - Jack is a cold-blooded killer, but he also is a friend who needs help. Richard decides to do what he can, but soon finds himself staring into the deadly muzzle of a .38 - in the hands of an old friend...

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