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Season 3

15 Feb. 1959
The Sport
Race car driver Larry Forsythe misses a race and his mother hires Diamond to investigate. She thinks he's missing. When he turns up dead, Diamond and Forsythe's girlfriend join forces to find out if it was an accident or not.
22 Feb. 1959
Pack Rat
An old man dies alone in his shack on the beach and $84,000 is found among his pile of junk. A hopeful heir hires Richard Diamond to find out if the man is his second cousin. Diamond uncovers evidence that the old man was murdered.
1 Mar. 1959
Body of the Crime
Mobster Joey Kane is a marked man. There's been an attempt on his life so he decides to blow the whistle on the mob operation and turn state's witness. He hires Richard Diamond as his go-between with the police.
8 Mar. 1959
Soft Touch
Richard Diamond is hired to find a woman who is living in exile in America, a woman who's opposed to the dictator of her South American country. Diamond isn't sure who he can trust.
15 Mar. 1959
Boomerang Bait
Diamond helps an old colleague from his NYPD days solve the murder of a wealthy man whom nobody liked.
29 Mar. 1959
Murder at the Mansion
Diamond is hired by a man to find a missing wife. The man's father is the wealthy and powerful Mr. Harding Sr., an invalid in a wheel chair who thinks the woman married his son for his money and for the opportunity to stay in this country.
5 Apr. 1959
Marineland Mystery
Diamond mixes business with pleasure while on a date at Marineland of the Pacific. He's hired to find a man and the package he was carrying when he disappeared.
12 Apr. 1959
Charity Affair
Diamond investigates a robbery at a charity ball.
19 Apr. 1959
Two for Paradise
Two brothers inherit some orange groves when their father dies. Their partner in the company is recently engaged to a much younger woman. The brothers don't trust her and hire Diamond to investigate her.
3 May 1959
Crown of Silla
An art dealer asks Diamond to make a clandestine investigation into the disappearance of a valuable crown which vanished from a safe on board a yacht.
10 May 1959
A jukebox operator asks Diamond for help when he is threatened by racketeers who want him to use their records exclusively.
24 May 1959
The Limping Man
A terrified woman calls Diamond for help after her life is threatened, however by the time Diamond arrives to meet with her she has disappeared.
31 May 1959
A nun asks Diamond to locate a missing young boy who is a member of a Dixieland band she has organized.
7 Jun. 1959
Rough Cut
Diamond goes undercover as a casino worker in order to find a stolen priceless jewel.
14 Jun. 1959
Family Affair
Diamond discovers some unpleasant facts about a young woman who was murdered after he talks to her roommate, a dance hall hostess.
21 Jun. 1959
Design for Murder
An old girlfriend of Diamond's tries to hire him to handle an extortion plot. He refuses until he's roughed up and shot at, which makes him determined to find answers.
5 Oct. 1959
A mobster, Trumbo, gives Diamond until 9 p.m. to turn over "the book" or else Trumbo will have him killed. Diamond doesn't have "the book" and has no idea what it is.
12 Oct. 1959
Act of Grace
An acquaintance of Diamond's is murdered. At his grave at a potter's field, Diamond sees a wealthy old woman laying flowers at some of the unmarked graves. Diamond tries to find the connection between her and his down-on-his-luck friend.
19 Oct. 1959
A bookie that Lt. Kile has been after stages a picture of Kile in a compromising position. He threatens to send the picture to Kile's wife. Kile needs Diamond's help.
26 Oct. 1959
The Client
Diamond goes to Mexico looking for an embezzler and finds a village full of hostility and danger.
2 Nov. 1959
The Runaway
Richard Diamond is shot and wounded in a San Francisco hotel room and sets out to find the would-be killer.
9 Nov. 1959
No Laughing Matter
Joey Bishop is a comedian who hires Diamond to find out who is following him. Diamond becomes mixed up in a web of treachery and murder.
16 Nov. 1959
The Messenger
Diamond is hired to deliver a sealed note to a loan company teller and pick up a package in return. But after he does this, he is arrested and charged with attempting to rob the company.
23 Nov. 1959
The Counselor
A henpecked marriage columnist hires Diamond to protect him, claiming someone's trying to kill him. Diamond turns him down, feeling that the man should go to the police. He thus feels guilty when the man is murdered.
30 Nov. 1959
The Image
After a meeting at a restaurant Diamond wakes up the next morning seriously hung over and unable to remember anything about the previous day. But the police inform him that he has been charged with murder.
7 Dec. 1959
The Adjuster
Diamond investigates to find out whether an embezzler thought to be dead for the past year is actually still alive.
14 Dec. 1959
Marked for Murder
When his latest client steals his car, private detective Richard Diamond is plunged into a case involving stolen money, a social club for the lonely and a criminal with a conscience.
21 Dec. 1959
The Caller
A man blames Diamond for his son's death in Korea and seeks revenge. He calls and warns Diamond that he's going to kill him within 24 hours.
28 Dec. 1959
One Dead Cat
A beautiful jazz singer shows up on Diamond's doorstep needing help from a former musician bent on revenge.
11 Jan. 1960
Dead to the World
A friend of Sam's wants Diamond to prove that her uncle's death was murder.
18 Jan. 1960
Seven Swords
Diamond is hired by a magician's assistant, and arrives at a performance just in time to see her murdered.
25 Jan. 1960
The Fine Art of Murder
A fading actress hires Diamond to find the person who sold her a phony painting.

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