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11 Jan. 1960
Dead to the World
A friend of Sam's wants Diamond to prove that her uncle's death was murder.
18 Jan. 1960
Seven Swords
Diamond is hired by a magician's assistant, and arrives at a performance just in time to see her murdered.
25 Jan. 1960
The Fine Art of Murder
A fading actress hires Diamond to find the person who sold her a phony painting.
28 Jun. 1960
The Popskull
A reputable bar owner is being forced to sell rotgut whiskey until the owner's wife hires Diamond to intervene.
5 Jul. 1960
And Whose Little Baby Are You?
Someone abandons a baby in Diamond's apartment, putting the detective in the middle of a custody battle.
19 Jul. 1960
Fallen Star
Diamond investigates the apparent suicide of an acquaintance who was a famous singer.
2 Aug. 1960
Coat of Arms
An Italian immigrant hires Diamond to find the man who beat and threatened her over the possessions of a late tenant.
9 Aug. 1960
Double Trouble
A diplomat hires Diamond to find his missing fiancé, a nightclub singer who has vanished into thin air.
16 Aug. 1960
The Lovely Fraud
An insurance company hires Diamond to investigate the hit-and-run of a dancer who had just taken out a policy on her legs.
23 Aug. 1960
Accent on Murder
The detective gets a surprise when he discovers that the young lady he's been hired to protect is a poodle.
30 Aug. 1960
East of Danger
Diamond investigates when an antique dealers discovers that his warehouse is being used to store heroin.
6 Sep. 1960
Running Scared
Diamond is hired by a man who suspects his daughter-in-law of wanting to commit suicide. He finds her only to discover that she has hired someone to kill her.
13 Sep. 1960
The Mouse
Diamond is hired by a woman who is being threatened by a man she saw die 15 years earlier.

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