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  • Richard Diamond is a suave private investigator, who, at first, walks the mean streets of New York City, then later packs up and moves to Los Angeles, California, where he tools around in a convertible with a car phone. His sexy receptionist Sam, whose face we never see, minds the office, while Diamond solves his cases.

  • Richard Diamond is an ex-New York City policeman who quit the force to become a private detective. His friend, Lieutenant McGough, was also good for information on the case, on which he was working. In February 1959, Diamond moved to Hollywood and found a girlfriend, Karen Wells. He also acquired an answering service where "Sam" took his messages.


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  • I will add a feature of info, since season 3 started with Diamond moving to Los Angeles, and driving around in a convertible with a car phone, and the "lovely Sam'' as his answering service lady, never seeing her face. I shall expose her, "Sam'' was Mary Tyler Moore, for most of season 3, but actress Roxanne Brooks took over for the rest of the series, until it ended... hope I helped to solve the Sam mystery for you, as it is factual. Steve Winn reporting ha-ha

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