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Season 1

24 Sep. 1958
Weekend Trip
Donna wants the family to go away on a long overdue vacation. But will Dr. Stone's patients let them get away for even a weekend?
1 Oct. 1958
Pardon My Gloves
Donna is vying for a role in an amateur stage production and doesn't get along so well with the director. Things get worse when Jeff comes home with a black eye, given to him by the director's son.
8 Oct. 1958
The Hike
An emergency forces Dr. Stone to pull out of an overnight camping trip with Jeff and his friends. Donna volunteers to take over and, once in the woods, comes up with an ingenious solution to her inexperience.
15 Oct. 1958
The Male Ego
Mary gives a speech on motherhood that has everyone praising Donna. Alex stars feeling inferior to Donna.
22 Oct. 1958
The Football Uniform
Jeff has his heart set on getting a football uniform. Alex and Donna tell him he must save his money to pay for it. But when they discover his picture will be in the newspaper will they give in and buy it for him anyway?
29 Oct. 1958
The Foundling
Someone leaves a baby on the front doorstep. Alex, who thinks the baby should be turned over to the authorities, fears the family is becoming too attached to it.
5 Nov. 1958
Three-Part Mother
In the series' pilot, Donna has a bit of a problem: how can she attend Jeff's basketball game, Mary's initiation into her girl's club and her husband's speech - all at the same time?
12 Nov. 1958
Change Partners and Dance
Mary has a crush on another student but he doesn't notice her. Donna suggests she invite him home, which Mary does, but it's Donna that gets all of his attention.
19 Nov. 1958
Dough Re Mi
Donna's plan for a fund raiser goes awry until Jeff agrees to have dinner with a girl.
26 Nov. 1958
Guest in the House
A young runaway boy spends Thanksgiving with the Stone family.
3 Dec. 1958
The Baby Contest
Donna gets stuck with organizing a baby beauty contest. And who would be a better judge of a baby contest than a pediatrician?
10 Dec. 1958
The Beaded Bag
It's Donna's birthday and she claims there's nothing she wants as a present. Alex isn't so sure she telling the truth.
17 Dec. 1958
The Busy Body
Uncle Fred, Donna's uncle, swoops in for an unexpected visit and immediately gets into everybody's business, with unexpected results.
24 Dec. 1958
A Very Merry Christmas
Donna is frantically making last-minute preparations for Christmas and is vexed when no one seems to care for the fruitcakes she is giving for Christmas presents. Her Christmas spirit is rejuvenated when she learns that no one has planned a Christmas party for the children who cannot leave their ward and return home for the holiday. With the help of the hospital handyman, she tries to rectify the oversight.
31 Dec. 1958
Mary's Double Date
Mary has three potential dates to the prom. She can't decide if she should go with the left tackle, or the right tackle, or just plain ole Charlie.
7 Jan. 1959
Jeff's Double Life
When Jeff hurts his arm when he was someplace he shouldn't have been at, he tries to avoid telling his parents by going to the other pediatrician in town.
14 Jan. 1959
Nothing But the Truth
David Barker, who had previously spent Thanksgiving with the Stones, decides he would like to visit them again. He tells them that it's his birthday even though it's actually not for several more months.
21 Jan. 1959
It's the Principle of the Thing
Mr. Popkin doesn't have the money to pay for his son's expensive treatment and he won't allow Alex to do it for free. Donna figures she can hire him for household chores instead.
28 Jan. 1959
Jeff vs. Mary
Jeff starts to think that his parents prefer Mary more than they do him.
4 Feb. 1959
Have Fun
Mary thinks her first date with Herbie was a disaster until she hears how her parents first date went.
11 Feb. 1959
Donna Plays Cupid
Donna decides that bachelor Burt Boland needs to meet her friend Ceil. The date goes well until Ceil's old boyfriend shows up.
18 Feb. 1959
Love Thy Neighbor
Alex & Donna help friends celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Celia and Wilbur have been arguing all day over Wilbur's secretary because Celia thinks he pays too much attention to her. Celia leaves Wilbur after the party.
25 Feb. 1959
The Report Card
Jeff's report card is less than his parents expect and they make him stay home to study. But Jeff finds a way around being grounded.
4 Mar. 1959
Boys Will Be Boys
Young David Barker returns to the Stones' home for another visit. He has a secret and the stress of hiding it leads him to a very odd dream.
11 Mar. 1959
The Ideal Wife
Donna comes to the conclusion that she's too nice for her own good. She decides to be more assertive to see what people think then.
18 Mar. 1959
Mary's Campaign
Mary is running to be the vice-president of her class, but Donna doesn't like the way she, or rather her campaign manager, is running her campaign.
25 Mar. 1959
The Flowered Print Dress
After visiting a newlywed couple Donna begins to wonder if her marriage is in a rut.
1 Apr. 1959
April Fool
Buzz Berry, Mary's favorite rock singer, is coming to town for a show. On the night of the show, however, Buzz comes down with a bad case of the measles, and is taken to the Stones' house to be treated by Alex, and is forced to stay there for a few days to recuperate. When word leaks out that he is staying there, the Stones' house is besieged by his adoring fans.
8 Apr. 1959
The Parting of the Ways
Mary's friend Babs is upset because she thinks her parents are breaking up. Donna & Alex decide to help the Keppler's save their marriage. However, Bab's was wrong - her parents are not breaking up, so the Stone's effort to help backfires.
15 Apr. 1959
The Hero
Biff, Alex's old college roommate, comes to visit. Everyone's opinion of Biff is based upon his past glory and Biff is tired of living in the past.
22 Apr. 1959
Do You Trust Your Child?
Donna adopts the belief that children are capable of making good decisions on their own. Her beliefs are tested when Mary starts dating an annoying boy Donna doesn't like.
29 Apr. 1959
The Grateful Patient
When the Stones get the chance to triple their money in a land deal, Donna and the kids start planning on how they'll spend the windfall. Alex urges caution to no avail.
6 May 1959
The Testimonial
When Donna finds out a favorite doctor plans to retire, she decides he should have a retirement dinner with testimonials from his patients and peers. As plans progress, Donna finds out Dr Jason does not want to retire regardless of his age.
13 May 1959
Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea
Donna's work in a charity campaign leaves her with no time for housework. When they decide to hire a maid, they discover the woman they hire isn't really able to cook or clean.
20 May 1959
Tomorrow Comes Too Soon
After Donna and Alex finally manage to arrange a weekend alone for just the two of them, Donna spends the whole time pining for the kids.
27 May 1959
Advice to Young Lovers
Mary has boy problems when she and her girlfriends try to one boy jealous of another. Mary thinks the plan backfires and gives up on all boys. Donna gives advice on how to straighten everything out.
3 Jun. 1959
Operation Deadbeat
Jeff borrowed money. Alex wants Jeff to learn the value of money and pay it back. When Donna tries to get Alex to forgive the debt, they discuss the patients who still owe Alex for his services. Donna decides to collect on those bills.

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