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Season 5

20 Sep. 1962
Mister Nice Guy
Jeff suddenly starts being uncharacteristically nice to Mary. Mary wonders if he has some ulterior motive in mind and impatiently waits for the other shoe to drop.
27 Sep. 1962
Mrs. Stone and Dr. Hyde
Donna fills in as Alex's nurse while his nurse-receptionist, Alma, is getting married. However, Alex proves to be such a demanding boss that Donna is ready to quit. Things suddenly turn around when a small boy is brought into the office unconscious. Alex and Donna have to forget their differences in order to work together to save his life.
4 Oct. 1962
To Be a Boy
Jeff and Smitty plan not to go on dates so they can save their money to build a sail boat. Mary brings home a friend from college and Jeff forgets his plan.
11 Oct. 1962
Who Needs Glasses?
Jeff's old girlfriend Angie is back in town but she says she prefers older boys now and is no longer interested in anyone her age. Jeff figures if he wears glasses he'll look older, but he has to talk his parents into paying for them.
18 Oct. 1962
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
Mary wants her privacy from the family and needs to be independent. She decides to move into a dorm on the college campus, but will she be happy there?
25 Oct. 1962
My Dad
Alex & Jeff enter a father & son golf tournament. Alex is called away by a medical emergency. After several back and forth attempts to spend time together, it seems the day is lost. Jeff loves his father even if he is not always there.
1 Nov. 1962
Fine Feathers
Jeff rescues a bird and after making a couple of phone calls thinks it may be a rare and valuable bird. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the difference between a cockatoo and a cockatiel.
8 Nov. 1962
Rebel with a Cause
Donna resents being classified as just a typical housewife. When the newspaper editor offers her a chance to get a scoop for the paper, she goes undercover as a hotel maid to get a story for the paper.
15 Nov. 1962
Big Star
Mary's new boyfriend has a great singing voice, but he is also very shy. Mary makes it her personal project that she will get him to sing for a talent agent. Mary sings the song "Big Star".
22 Nov. 1962
Man to Man
Alex is pleased when Jeff & Smitty talk him into going camping. Alex thinks it is the perfect for bonding time. It turns out the campsite is near the campsite where Jeff & Smitty's girlfriends are camping.
29 Nov. 1962
The Baby Buggy
Donna wants to help obstetrician Harriet Robey receive recognition for all her years of service to the town. Donna talks the bank into purchasing a car as a gift for Harriet and has it presented at a testimonial dinner.
6 Dec. 1962
The Makeover Man
Mary goes on a date with a guy that is rude and unmannerly, but she decides she is just the person to change him. Every day, Mary works on another part of his personality until he is the way she wants. However, he is no longer himself.
13 Dec. 1962
The Winning Ticket
Jeff enters a raffle where the winning prize is a car. While his ticket did not win, he finds the winning ticket on the ground and claims the car. Now he has to decide whether to keep the car or find the rightful owner.
20 Dec. 1962
The Soft Touch
Jeff is learning how hard it is to ask friends to pay back money he loaned them. Dr Stone has to learn how to collect payments from his patients.
27 Dec. 1962
Jeff Stands Alone
After Dr. Stone scolds Jeff for being lazy, Jeff talks to a telephone lineman who tells him he has no idea what it's like to have live on his own. Jeff spends the weekend alone in the big city of Farrington to see for himself.
3 Jan. 1963
Just a Little Wedding
The Stones are planning a simple wedding for Mary's friend Marcia. When Marcia's mother shows up, everything becomes a big production.
10 Jan. 1963
A Woman's Place
After Donna is asked to run for city council the household suffers from her absence. Alex dreams what it might be like if Donna becomes President of the U.S.
17 Jan. 1963
The Chinese Horse
Donna attends an auction of unclaimed freight and an unknown woman asks Donna to bid on a Chinese horse. Donna wins the auction but the woman disappears. Donna brings the item home, but then strange things begin to happen.
24 Jan. 1963
The New Look
Mary returns from a date feeling a bit miffed when her boyfriend calls her wholesome. She decides to change her looks to be more exciting.
31 Jan. 1963
A Way of Her Own
A young girl follows the Stones home after a family outing. When the Stones find out her parents are dead, they adopt Trisha. With this episode, Paul Peterson's real life sister joins the cast.
7 Feb. 1963
Three Is a Family
Trisha is now part of the family and fits in easily. Jeff enjoys playing with her, and Donna likes having another child to care for. Mary realizes she is the one stuck with babysitting Trisha instead of going on dates.
14 Feb. 1963
Big Sixteen
Jeff is upset that his girlfriend plans a pajama party on the same night as his sixteenth birthday party.
21 Feb. 1963
Pioneer Woman
Alex and Jeff wake up early to go camping with their friend Red. As Donna sees them out the door, Red comments that women cannot go camping because they are too soft. Donna tells Mary they are going camping with the guys to prove Red wrong.
28 Feb. 1963
The House on the Hill
Donna and the woman club are raising money for the children's clinic. Out of ideas for donations, Donna says she will visit an elderly woman in what is reported to be a haunted house.
7 Mar. 1963
Where the Stones Are
Mary wants to vacation with her friends on spring break to a resort. Donna & Alex reluctantly agree, but decide to secretly spy on her to make sure she is OK.
14 Mar. 1963
The Two Doctors Stone
Alex tells Donna that they should get away for the weekend, but Donna is hesitant to leave the children. Donna thinks Trish is coming down with a cold, but it turns out Jeff is the one who gets sick.
21 Mar. 1963
Everywhere That Mary Goes
Mary's attempt to help her friend Vinnie at Emerson College is complicated by constant attention of a country bumpkin and a high school student who won't leave her alone.
28 Mar. 1963
The Handy Man
Donna hires a handyman who is not so handy.
4 Apr. 1963
Friends and Neighbors
A pediatrician friend of Alex's moves into the house next to the Stones. Dave & Midge are new to setting up a house.
11 Apr. 1963
Boys and Girls
Both Mary and Jeff are looking forward to the upcoming dance. Mary has plans with Scotty, and Jeff has plans with Joanne. But when they get to the dance, it seems Scotty and Joanne only have eyes for each other.
18 Apr. 1963
All Those Dreams
Donna and Jeff accompany Alex to Chicago where he has a medical conference. They plan to attend the baseball game on the weekend because Don Drysdale is playing. Jeff is unable to get in touch with Don and is disappointed.
25 Apr. 1963
All Women Are Dangerous
Some girls at school compete with each other to see whom Jeff will ask to a school dance.
2 May 1963
Big Wheel
Jeff buys an old school bus and intends to make money by driving his friends wherever they want to go.
9 May 1963
Day of the Hero
Jeff invites two girls to the school prom and does not know how to un-ask one of them.

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