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9 Jan. 1964
The Combo
Jeff Stone starts a musical group with some friends.
23 Jan. 1964
Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Altar
Dave and Midge have a minor disagreement and decide to reminisce about how they met. Donna's part in setting them up and the months before their wedding are relived.
30 Jan. 1964
Today I Am a Girl
Trisha is used to being a tomboy and hanging out with the neighborhood guys. Suddenly her pals decide to exclude her from their boy's club and Donna must console her while explaining things to the young girl.
13 Feb. 1964
Guest in the Nursery
When Dave Kelsey finds a fawn on the roadside and gives it to Trish as a gift. She quickly becomes attached to it which makes it hard for Donna and Alex to tell her she must give it up.
20 Feb. 1964
Home Sweet Homemaker
Dave causes himself a huge problem on the home front when he tells Midge he likes Donna's cooking better. Donna becomes part of a rivalry she wants no part of.
27 Feb. 1964
Dr. Dave isn't getting around to the little chores around the house, frustrating Midge. Trisha and her friends decide take on the jobs but Trisha notices Dave just wants to golf with his free time. She has an idea to make Midge happy.
5 Mar. 1964
Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be
Donna makes a loan to Midge of $13.26 but Midge doesn't seem to be in a hurry to pay it back. Donna drops hints and reminders but fears ruining the friendship if she asks for it back directly.
12 Mar. 1964
Pandemonium in the Condominium
Alex and Donna have a differing opinion about a financial matter. Donna wants to replace the old washing machine and Alex desires a set of golf clubs. Neither is willing to budge to break the impasse.
23 Apr. 1964
The Pros and the Cons
Donna and Midge decide to take up golf so they can spend more time with their husbands. Alex and Dave are less then thrilled with the idea, so they try to discourage them.
17 Sep. 1964
Operation: Anniversary
Jeff wants to make his parent's anniversary special with a dinner. Unfortunately things don't go well despite his careful planning.
24 Sep. 1964
Dad Drops By
While Doctor Stone is called away for a few days, his colorful father visits. He's driving his prized 1928 Deusenberg, which runs into a fender-bender with Midge. Donna and Jeff decide to prove the accident was actually his fault, due to his erratic driving by secretly filming him on a drive through town.
1 Oct. 1964
Play Ball
Alex helps to organize a charity baseball game to benefit the hospital. When Willie Mays, Don Drysdale, and Leo Durocher show up it's no longer a game involving amateurs.
8 Oct. 1964
Who's Who on 202?
Donna's routine takes her out of the city and driving down an isolated rural road. Her car breaks down where an escaped prisoner is thought to be, leaving Donna to think fast in unusual circumstances.
15 Oct. 1964
The Daughter Complex
Mary arrives home from college where she just received an honor in a psychology class she's taking. She starts noticing every quirk and habit of her family and decides to share her textbook analysis to their dismay.
24 Dec. 1964
Old Faithful
Mary comes home from college and expects to pick up with Scotty after so much time. Mary is indignant and a little hurt when she finds out Scotty has a new girlfriend.

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