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Sex & Nudity

  • Jim and Patricia kiss several times. The kisses are somewhat prolonged and usually occur when the two are alone together. Mild romance, talk of relationship and marriage.

Violence & Gore

  • Frontier/country western-type violence. Themes involving ranch life, dude gangs, rural feuds, firearm duels, as well as rape and violence against women.
  • A man is thrown from a wild horse many times.
  • A gang is rounded up and beaten in a barn by several men of the town. Punch-impacts can be heard from outside of the barn, followed by the gang members being tossed out in the dirt. They appear worn, but no particular wounds or injuries are shown.
  • Two men engage each other in a prolonged scene of bare-knuckle fighting. Both are exhausted and bloody by its conclusion.
  • A man strikes a woman in the face after she tries to pull him away from fighting another man. She is pushed aside and the two men then engage in a fist fight briefly before they are broken up by a third man, who calls both of them to a formal duel in order to settle the issue.
  • Two men duel formally, armed with single-shot pistols. One is shown with blood on his forehead.


  • A few uses of "damn" or "damnation" and "hell" only.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Period-accurate liquor and tobacco use shown throughout the film, including:
  • A woman accuses a man of being drunk after he's been inappropriate with her.
  • Adult male characters are sometimes briefly shown as sweaty and slurring, or otherwise appearing drunk.
  • Many adult characters drink and smoke socially at a gathering in the Major's home.
  • A man drinks from a large moonshine jug, then leaves it on the table.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole film deals with a feud between two families.
  • A man disrupts a social gathering by walking in uninvited while also brandishing a firearm.
  • The two duel scenes are intense.
  • The final scene is also tense and emotional.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Buck attempts to rape Julie, however is stopped. (See "Violence & Gore" for more info.)
  • Steve attacks Patricia, kissing her while he does so. (See "Violence & Gore" for more info.)

Violence & Gore

  • Buck is a local trouble-maker who harasses townspeople. Early in the film, he and a small gang run down a wagon and abuse its passengers. Firearms are brandished and fired into the air; a man is roped and briefly dragged (no gore) for mean-spirited amusement, etc.
  • Buck intimidates the school teacher, Julie, by showing up uninvited to her home, calling her "a temptation" and telling her she has feelings for him. She avoids his advances and asks him to leave. He grabs her against her will, makes vague threats about who she associates with, then leaves.
  • Patricia slaps Steve after he makes a derogatory comment. Steve then attacks Patricia, groping and taunting her. They briefly struggle, however he stops and leaves. Visibly shaken by the attack, Patricia pounds her fists on the table.
  • Buck enters Julie's room uninvited while she is asleep and attempts to rape her, however is stopped by his father. Buck then attempts to strangle his father, but his father is able to defend himself.
  • A man is enraged and prepares to kill another man, but is then stopped when his father shoots him. This scene is sad and intense.
  • Two older men engage each other in an armed duel, both of them die.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man shoots down his raging son in defense of another.

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