Coronation Street Poster

(1960– )

Episode List



1 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9968
Amy learns of Tracy's drunken fling with Paula. Gail urges David to give evidence against Josh. Gary fights back when Sarah refuses to pay the factory rent.
3 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9970
David's family convince him to testify against Josh in court. Jade informs Hope of their genetic connection. Steve seeks Tracy's support to stop Amy from moving out.
3 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9971
Jade draws Hope further away from Fiz. David flees the witness box in order to hear the latest on Shona's condition. Abi celebrates Ray's acceptance of her past.
6 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9972
Jade's latest actions have devastating consequences for Fiz and Tyrone. David wills Shona to breathe unaided. Daniel suffers a distressing ordeal with Bertie at the doctor's.
8 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9974
Jade masterminds Hope and Ruby being taken into foster care. Chesney and Gemma take the quads to a photo shoot. Tracy fears Paula letting slip her secret.
8 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9975
Fiz and Tyrone are astounded to learn Jade's true identity. Leanne tries to reconcile Amy and Tracy. Dev forces Chesney to choose between his job and Freshco.
10 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9976
Leanne revels in Tracy's discomfort in front of Paula and Steve. Gemma and Chesney review the latest campaign photos. Aggie tells Roy about a mistake in her past.
10 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9977
Steve struggles to come to terms with Tracy and Paula's fling. Bernie's meddling sends Dev into a fresh rage. Geoff persuades Yasmeen to cancel plans with Cathy.
13 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9978
Fiz decides to tell the police the truth about the gun. Geoff leaves Yasmeen a list of cleaning chores to complete. Liz learns of the rift between Steve and Tracy.
13 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9979
Cathy is concerned to overhear Geoff berating Yasmeen. Tracy persuades Steve to seek help with saving their marriage. Fiz moves out so that the girls can return home.
15 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9980
Geoff invents a lie about Yasmeen to divert suspicion from himself. David's hopes soar as Shona begins to regain consciousness. Roy helps Nina with a coursework assignment.
15 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9981
Geoff manipulates Yasmeen into giving up alcohol. David is disappointed when Shona fails to recognise him. Fiz appears in court, charged with possessing a firearm.
17 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9982
David refuses to accept that there is no quick fix for Shona's memory loss. Paul learns of Bernie's plan to trap Kel. Roy is pleased when Nina calls to see him.
17 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9983
A desperate David produces a wedding album to jog Shona's memory. Bernie confronts Kel on the Red Rec. Jade causes a scene with Fiz on the street.
20 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9984
Tyrone and Evelyn seek proof of Jade's vendetta. Billy worries that Bernie is preventing Paul from moving on with his life. Kevin reacts jealously to Abi and Ray's fling.
20 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9985
Chesney blames Bernie for bringing vigilantes to his door. Hope's admission allows Fiz to return home. David asks a favour of Max during Shona's rehab stint.
22 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9986
Fiz suspects Jade is responsible for Hope's disappearance. Charlie turns up on Tim's doorstep needing help. Gary accompanies Maria to her first scan.
22 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9987
Jade delivers Hope home to Tyrone. Carla plants doubts in Bethany's head regarding Ray. Tim turns to Kevin for a solution to his Charlie problem.
24 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9988
Fiz dreads the repercussions of her assault on Jade. Billy asks Bernie to stop hindering Paul's recovery. Sarah explains to Maria her fears about Gary.
24 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9989
Fiz, Tyrone and Evelyn are left shocked by Jade's next move. Daniel encourages Bethany to spread her wings. Tim pays Charlie in a bid to get rid of her.
27 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9990
Daniel fears the worst as Bertie is taken to hospital. Tim seeks Abi's help with getting rid of Charlie. Tyrone and Fiz decide on how to deal with Jade's threat.
27 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9991
Daniel blames himself for Bertie's condition. Hope's antics cause disruption at Bessie Street School. Tim tries to convince Charlie that her future lies beyond the Rovers.
29 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9992
Ali consoles Maria as she suffers a heartbreaking loss. Chesney and Gemma get a first look at their Freshco ad campaign. Daniel thanks Bethany for being a true friend.
29 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9993
Maria steels herself to inform Gary of her miscarriage. Gemma voices her insecurities to Chesney. Charlie hands in her notice at the Rovers.
31 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9994
Tim assures Sally that his bigamy remains their secret. Gary learns where Maria caught measles. Yasmeen's doubts about her drinking resurface.
31 Jan. 2020
Episode #1.9995
Tim's lies catch up with him in front of Sally and Charlie. Geoff forces Yasmeen to drink alcohol. Bethany's presence confuses a distressed Daniel.
3 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.9996
Geoff railroads Yasmeen into assisting with his magician's act. Gary struggles to say the right thing to Maria. The book club fails to interest Steve and Tracy.
3 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.9997
Geoff accuses Yasmeen of turning him into a laughing stock. The McDonalds check into a hotel for a spontaneous treat. Bethany agrees to wait for Daniel.
5 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.9998
Geoff challenges Yasmeen to make amends for humiliating him. Bethany hits back at Ray's misogyny. Roy suspects that all is not well with Nina.
5 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.9999
Yasmeen confronts Geoff for locking her in a box. Sally is unmoved by Tim's attempt to win her over. Daniel encourages Bethany to move on from Ray and the Bistro.
7 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10000
Jenny steps in to make Rita's daunting mission more bearable. Claudia's proposition prompts some soul-searching from Ken. Tim pleads with Sally to forgive him.
10 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10002
Bethany suspects Ray of having designs on Alya. David pays the price for spreading himself too thinly. Eileen eyes a new career at Underworld.
10 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10003
Bethany and Daniel hunt for evidence against Ray. David resolves to do better by his children. Alina outshines Eileen during the Underworld interviews.
12 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10004
Alya finally realises the truth about Ray. Ali recognises that Maria is burying her grief for her baby. David has a fruitless mission to see Shona.
12 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10005
Abi makes an unsettling discovery about Ray. Maria attempts to ease David's burden by offering him her car. Seb's plan to live with Emma and Alina causes a stir.
14 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10006
Gary's shifty behaviour leads Maria to think the worst. Ed finds his old mate Danny working at the Bistro. Beth causes Daniel to back off from Bethany.
14 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10007
Abi chooses to expose Ray's true colours at his charity event. Gary's romantic display meets a frosty reception from Maria. Daniel resolves to ignore his critics and go public with Bethany.
17 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10008
Abi seeks an alibi to get her off the hook for torching Ray's car. James invites Danny back to Number 3. Maria delays giving Gary an answer to his proposal.
17 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10009
Sally criticises Kevin's recklessness in trying to protect Abi. Fiz struggles to be civil to Jade at a craft session with the girls. James and Danny have a close call with Ed.
19 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10010
Chesney and Gemma feel bamboozled by their Freshco commitments. The police pick holes in Kevin's alibi for Abi. James finally shares the truth about himself with Ed.
19 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10011
Ed blames Danny for corrupting James. Reality hits home for Chesney when Tara terminates the contract. Abi assures Sally of her feelings for Kevin.
21 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10012
Aled's diagnosis proves distressing for Gemma and Chesney. Sally offends Abi with some home truths. Maria and Gary's engagement upsets Ali.
24 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10014
Ray offers Abi the chance to get rid of the evidence against her. Aled's deafness gives Gemma cause for concern. Tracy decides to buy Number 1.
24 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10015
Abi responds to Ray's blackmail and visits his hotel room. Peter decides to better Tracy's offer for Ken's house. James blames Ed when Danny finishes with him.
26 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10016
Ray piles on the pressure to get Kevin to sell him the garage building. Bethany receives an exciting opportunity. Gemma takes the quads to a baby senses class.
26 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10017
Kevin explains Ray's demands to Tyrone. Sarah implores Bethany not to throw away a career for Daniel. Gemma befriends some fellow mothers at the baby class.
28 Feb. 2020
Episode #1.10018
Daniel decides to move to London for the sake of Bethany's career. Geoff punishes Yasmeen for serving an underwhelming meal. The new owners of Number 1 are named.
2 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.10020
Daniel bags up Sinead's belongings ahead of his move to London. Geoff keeps Yasmeen off work away from Alya. Jade asks Tyrone to organise another visit with Hope.
2 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.10021
The Barlow and Platt families assemble for Adam and Sarah's wedding. Yasmeen's absence sends Geoff into a panic. Maria and Gary decide to name the day.
4 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.10022
Daniel determines to prove that he and Bethany are meant to be. Tyrone's act of kindness misleads Jade. Geoff offers to pay for Tim and Sally's wedding.
4 Mar. 2020
Episode #1.10023
Bethany decides to leave Weatherfield without Daniel. Adam tricks Ali into confirming his suspicions. Jade fails in her final attempt to drive Fiz from her family.