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Season 2

18 Sep. 1961
Count Seven!
While working a case at a carnival, Kenny is befriended by a little girl whose father had just given her a stuffed poodle for her birthday. Before long, others begin showing an interest in the poodle as well.
25 Sep. 1961
The Wedding Guest
Daphne is kidnapped while en route to the wedding of a friend in Nassau.
2 Oct. 1961
One for the Road
The guys become concerned when Daphne falls in love with a drifter who is visiting Miami under an assumed name.
9 Oct. 1961
Daphne, Girl Detective
Daphne isn't quite sure about the marriage of her friend Sally with a sketchy Johnny. Another woman is seen kissing Johnny then Sally is found dead, an apparent suicide. Daphne believes otherwise and tries to prove it was murder.
16 Oct. 1961
The Empty House
Wealthy Walter Battersea hires Ken to break up the the romance between daughter Shirley and Vince. In doing his job Ken falls for Shirley himself. Vince is killed after trying to blackmail Shirley and Ken must prove her innocence.
23 Oct. 1961
Witness for the Defense
Sandy is framed for the murder of his girlfriend's ex-fiance.
30 Oct. 1961
Laugh for the Lady
A big name, brassy lady comic comes to Miami, and among her entourage is Julie, a friend of Dave's. The comic is generally petty and tyrannical, but Julie stays with her because she and the star's weak willed husband. After she gets wise, Julie's life is in danger.
6 Nov. 1961
The Affairs at Hotel Delight
In this comedy episode, Kenny's stay in a rural hotel has him unexpectedly dealing with a crotchety hotel manager, a fainting blonde, and a trio of inept kidnappers.
13 Nov. 1961
Jonathan Wembley Is Missing
Sandy Winfield II (Troy Donahue) solves the kidnapping of a ventriloquist's dummy.
20 Nov. 1961
The Old School Tie
Dave Thorne's ten year college class reunion is filled with awkwardness and drama, and culminates with murder.
27 Nov. 1961
A Matter of Seconds
Dave Thorne (Lee Patterson) and his crime-solving buddies race against time to prove an ex-fighter's innocence.
4 Dec. 1961
Prescription for Panic
When the patient of a female psychiatrist is gunned down for no apparent reason, Sandy Winfield decides to investigate.
18 Dec. 1961
A Slight Case of Chivalry
A former associate of Dave Thorne from New York is wanted for murder, and arrives in Miami one step ahead of a bounty hunter and the wife of the man he is accused of killing.
25 Dec. 1961
Pattern for a Frame
Former bookie Jason Street is out of prison and has a plan for taking back control of his old rackets. The scheme involves targeting Ken Madison for an elaborate frame-up.
1 Jan. 1962
The Roust
Dave Thorne puts his ethics aside to carry out a personal vendetta against a big time criminal.
8 Jan. 1962
The Quarterback
A gambler has convinced a young quarterback who is set to star in the Orange Bowl that his brother, a policeman, is taking bribes, and if he doesn't throw the game his brother will be exposed. The detectives set out to thwart the gambler's plans.
15 Jan. 1962
Separate Checks
Kenny Madison and gangster Joe Vodka are each on the trail of a well-meaning conman.
22 Jan. 1962
The Artful Deceit
When an art dealer is murdered, the prime suspect turns out to be a man who had supposedly committed suicide some years before.
29 Jan. 1962
Anniversary Special
Dave Thorne tries to help a woman who is trapped in an abusive marriage to an egotistical TV star with delusions of grandeur.
5 Feb. 1962
The Surfside Swindle
Not realizing that he is being taken by a conman, Garibaldi Dinato pays a year's rent up front to lease the Surfside 6 houseboat as a new location for his Italian restaurant.
12 Feb. 1962
Who Is Sylvia?
Thorne is hired to find swimsuit designer Sylvia Morton who disappeared shortly after threatening to kill her business partner husband. When the man is later murdered, people question whether or not Sylvia was truly capable of the crime.
19 Feb. 1962
Find Leroy Burdette
Ken Madison is hired by a young woman to find her missing fiance. While searching, Kenny learns that the man's disappearance is somehow tied in with the recent murder of a gangster.
26 Feb. 1962
Many a Slip
Womanizer Griff Hunter is in town to direct a lingerie fashion show populated with a number of women from his past and present. When he disappears unexpectedly, there is no shortage of suspects or motives.
5 Mar. 1962
The Green Beret
Dave Thorne, a guerrilla warfare expert, is asked by the army to help train a Special Forces team--and to discover the enemy agent the army believes is on the team.
12 Mar. 1962
Vendetta Arms
Daphne Dutton befriends five old men who own a house together, not realizing that the quintet are retired gangsters.
19 Mar. 1962
A Piece of Tommy Minor
Gambler Vic Tatum uses every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to gain controlling interest in the career of an up and coming singer.
26 Mar. 1962
Portrait of Nicole
The SurfSiders become three men on a hunt for a girl named Nicole and discover what's in a name.
2 Apr. 1962
Elegy for a Bookkeeper
On his last day in prison, a bookkeeper suddenly dies--suspiciously, just before he was to give Ken evidence about the mob boss responsible for his being imprisoned. The dead man's daughter agrees to help Ken find the evidence he needs to bring the gangster to justice.
9 Apr. 1962
The Money Game
A middle eastern prince is in Miami Beach to negotiate the sale of the rights to his country's Black Sand oil fields; and somebody wants to see the prince dead.
16 Apr. 1962
Irish Pride
Cha Cha's Irish cousin is in town for a visit; and to search for the friend came two weeks earlier with his life's savings.
23 Apr. 1962
Green Bay Riddle
In the exclusive community of Green Bay a murder trial is in session. Charles Allen, a man who married into the community, is accused of murdering his father-in-law even though a body was never found. He is found not guilty but many still believe him to be...including his brother-in-law Richard Linden. Allen's wife travels to Miami and hires Ken Madison to prove once and for all her husband's innocence and find out who killed her father or what else may have happened to him.
30 Apr. 1962
Love Song for a Deadly Redhead
Jeff Spencer - from 77 Sunset Strip - comes to Miami Beach on a case, and within a few hours becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a ex-girlfriend's husband.
7 May 1962
Dead Heat
Barney Bogart, a book keeper for the mob, is in prison where Dave Thorne put him three years ago. Now someone on the outside is threatening Bogart's wife and he wants to hire Thorne to protect her.
14 May 1962
Squeeze Play
Pretty Lydia Wilder hires Kenny to help prevent her mother from being taken in by a conman, but Kenny's investigation soon reveals that there is much more going on than meets the eye.
21 May 1962
A Private Eye for Beauty
Sandy and Ken provide security for the Miss Universe Pageant, in which one of the contestants is an unwitting pawn in a plot to overthrow her home country.
28 May 1962
Dave goes undercover at a circus to discover why an accident during a performance has resulted in tensions rising among the circus' European members.
4 Jun. 1962
Pawn's Gambit
Sandy, Dave and Lt. Plehn are simultaneously investigating the murder of a shop owner and the mugging of a young woman on the other side of town. What they don't realize is that both cases are related.
11 Jun. 1962
The Neutral Corner
Retired boxing champion Bongo Macklin is planning a comeback, but somebody wants to see him dead before he gets the chance.
18 Jun. 1962
House on Boca Key
Tommy Martin is gunned down while leaving Surfside 6 to go to his senior prom, but Sandy was the intended target.
25 Jun. 1962
Midnight for Prince Charming
Ken Madison is faced with the thankless task of convincing a lonely old widower that the woman he has fallen in love with is really a grifter.

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