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Season 2

4 Oct. 1962
Flashing Spikes
An old ballplayer, thrown out of baseball due to a bribery scandal, becomes friends with a young phenom. The younger player is at first tainted by his association with the oldtimer, but eventually the truth about the scandal is revealed.
1 Nov. 1962
Mr. Lucifer
In the guise of Mr. Lucifer, a Madison Avenue executive, the devil summons all of his powers and know-how, including his attractive young assistant Hecate, to break the will and sinlessness of a young, kind, hardworking, and happily married architect named Tom Logan.
20 Dec. 1962
The Potentate
"Disquieting is the word for Stefan Tamarov's first visit to New York City. As Minister of Economics and Foreign Trade for a Communist satellite country, Tamarov has no trouble with his official duties; it's the 'little' things that bother him. His daughter Svezda is seeing an American reporter much too often, and his best friend Andreas Vrim, his country's UN delegate, has confided a few thoughts to Stefan that could be interpreted as treason."--TV guide, June 20, 1963.
3 Jan. 1963
Impact of an Execution
A doctor tries to convince a mother to approve a life saving operation for her boy while his daughter's murderer is due to be executed. A judge tries to convince the doctor to petition the Governor to halt the execution.
25 Apr. 1963
The Town That Died
Successful businessman Adam returns to an island where he used to live and finds it barren and poverty-stricken. The major industry, a cannery that he and his brother Will owned, had been forced out of business due to a strike in which Will was killed. Now the remaining inhabitants want to kill Adam, but he convinces them that if they work together they can rebuild the island.

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