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Season 2

25 Sep. 1962
Special Assignment
A dying millionaire gives a New York lawyer an unusual assignment - to find out which of six possible candidates actually deserves to inherit his $30,000,000 fortune.
2 Oct. 1962
Tomorrow, the Man
Young Davey is quite exceptionally bright, and his father has big dreams for him.
9 Oct. 1962
Run Till It's Dark
Why is Stacy on the run? And who is the mystery man who comes after her when she tries to hide out in Las Vegas?
16 Oct. 1962
The Doomsday Boys
Long-term inmates at a prison volunteer as guinea-pigs to test a new vaccine.
23 Oct. 1962
The Sea Witch
When Cleo kills her husband on board ship, a mutiny seems likely.
30 Oct. 1962
The Great Anatole
Anatole, the great magician, is a man of mystery - but just how mysterious really is he? Might he be a missing atom scientist?
13 Nov. 1962
Days of Glory
When revolution overthrows a dictatorship in a South American country, Carlos Morell returns in triumph as the new President; but he is soon being plotted against by former allies.
20 Nov. 1962
In Search of a Son
Widower Alex Harper tries to mend his relationship with his son.
27 Nov. 1962
Pamela manages a small Tijuana hotel, and becomes very intrigued by the attentions paid her by a mystery man, John Fitts.
12 Apr. 1962
Pericles on 31st Street
Racial tensions break out on 31st Street, a multi-ethnic community.
11 Dec. 1962
The Court Martial of Captain Wycliff
A war hero is put on trial after killing a top scientist.
18 Dec. 1962
Crazy Sunday
Tyro screenwriter Joel Coles makes a fool of himself at a Hollywood party, and finds out a few hard truths about life in the movie business.
25 Dec. 1962
The Big Day
Fred is the longest-serving employee of a big department store, and new management has decided it's time for him to go.
1 Jan. 1963
The Honorable Albert Higgins
The Hon. Albert Higgins prides himself on being a man of integrity - but maybe he's not as squeaky-clean as he seems?
8 Jan. 1963
Project X
Test pilot Roger Canfield finds he is being driven to the edge of a breakdown by his preparations for a top-secret air force project.
15 Jan. 1963
The Losers
A couple of hard-drinking cardsharp drifters find themselves in the unlikely situation of having to play Cupid.
22 Jan. 1963
Everybody Loves Sweeney
If truth be known, Sweeney is a second-rate sort of comedian. But his wife Aura believes in him - maybe a bit too much.
29 Jan. 1963
The Rage of Silence
A deaf-mute falls in love with a teacher.
5 Feb. 1963
The Judge
A judge runs the risk of being compromised when he seeks to commute a death sentence.
12 Feb. 1963
Luxury Liner
The captain of a luxury liner has quite a few problems to sort out.
19 Feb. 1963
Apples Don't Fall Far
A teenage boy, fostered in infancy, searches for his true father.
26 Feb. 1963
Tissue of Hate
A plastic surgeon receives an unusual request.
5 Mar. 1963
Thunder in a Forgotten Town
After ten years in a Red Chinese POW camp, John Reardon returns home.
12 Mar. 1963
Two impoverished men fight back when a millionaire tries to humiliate them.
19 Mar. 1963
Charlie's Duet
Nightclub-owner Charlie resists the attempts of a big-time gangster to take him over, but fears for the life of the girl he lives.
26 Mar. 1963
The Third Side of a Coin
As blackmailers go, Rosalind is a most unusual one.
2 Apr. 1963
An attorney is involved in a duel of wits with a psychopath.
16 Apr. 1963
The Last of the Big Spenders
Paul Oakland is uneasily reunited with his long-unseen son, Nick.
23 Apr. 1963
The Old Man and the City
A ruthless millionaire threatens the future of a township.
30 Apr. 1963
Last of the Private Eyes
Kelly, a former cinema usher, wants to be a private eye; and he finds that life is just like the movies.

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