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Season 6

12 Sep. 1965
Ed the Counterspy
Ed and Wilbur team up to catch a spy.
19 Sep. 1965
Ed a Go-Go
The neighbor's teenage son is playing loud rock 'n' roll records late at night, and it's preventing a good night's sleep for Wilbur and Carol.
26 Sep. 1965
Having previously been successful in helping to apprehend Russian spies possessing stolen microfilm, Wilbur and Ed are now after them for trying to sell an American military secret.
3 Oct. 1965
Spies Strike Back
The Russian spies have stolen an unknown American secret formula, so SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency) enlists Wilbur to find out which one. Mister Ed joins him, and Carol is left wondering where Wilbur is at all hours of the night.
10 Oct. 1965
Love and the Single Horse
Mister Ed writes a hot and spicy autobiography.
17 Oct. 1965
Anybody Got a Zebra?
The SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency) once again enlists Wilbur to figure out how secret papers are being stolen out of filing cabinets, which are right under the agent's noses. In order to help solve the case, Mister Ed needs to speak with a monkey, so he uses a zebra as a translator.
24 Oct. 1965
TV or Not TV
Mister Ed wins a late model color TV, and he demands that Wilbur put it in the barn.
31 Oct. 1965
The Horse and the Pussycat
Much to Ed's dismay, Carol and Wilbur agree to cat-sit for a friend who is vacationing in Hawaii for an entire week.
7 Nov. 1965
Don't Skin That Bear
Ed wants Wilbur to get rid of a bearskin rug that was given to Carol and him by her father.
26 Dec. 1965
Ed the Bridegroom
Ed wants Wilbur to help him get married to another horse, and Carol's father thinks that Wilbur is in need of mental help.
2 Jan. 1966
Ed and the Motorcycle
Ed refuses to continue to wear a saddle and he demands that Wilbur ride him bareback from now on, so Wilbur gets a motorcycle to retaliate.
9 Jan. 1966
Cherokee Ed
When Ed discovers that he is of Cherokee descent, he refuses to participate in the Pioneer Parade. Unfortunately for Wilbur, he has already promised Carol's Dad that Ed would do it as a favor for him.
6 Feb. 1966
Ed Goes to College
Mister Ed goes to school so he can become a veterinarian.

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