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Surprisingly good drama, great bonuses
suchenwi19 July 2008
I found this DVD in the bargain bin for 3 Euros, and having a knack for old movies, couldn't resist. And after seeing it, I must say it's a very strong drama on an unpopular, but important topic: abortion. A decade before oral contraception was available, youth lifestyle in early 1960s Germany seemed to cry out loud for it - as a professor states in court, for every 1000 births there were expected to be 2000 abortions (for which §218 of German penal code threatened 15 years of jail for the doctor). I can't verify that number, but it sure is shocking.

A young couple's story turns into courtroom drama - with welcome flashbacks so there's more to see than just "he said, she said". I felt the direction was very tight, every scene was substantial to the story (with its various subplots). Food for many thoughts.

One can pause here, or see what else is on the e-m-s Filmpalast disc: plenty. For deeper contact with early 1960s Germany, you get: 3 period commercials (Erdal, Underberg, Sinalco); in the "music box", 8 music clips from contemporary films ("video" not being a word then), and 9 theatrical trailers. Wow. A total immersion experience - some 3 hours being back then! The low price I paid seems to indicate there is little demand for such really well-done offerings. Quite a pity - as I expect less, if any, such supply for the future. If you can find such a Kinopalast DVD (they made around a dozen), grab it. At least I will do.
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