Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962) Poster

Maureen O'Hara: Peggy Hobbs



  • Peggy Hobbs : Didn't you get his last name?

    Roger Hobbs : No, I just called hey Joe, it's from my experience that there's usually one Joe in a group of fellows.

    Peggy Hobbs : That's a fine way to get a date for your daughter, paying him $5.

  • Roger Hobbs : I've never sworn at a cook in my life.

    Peggy Hobbs : Well she said that you did when you came downstairs this morning.

    Roger Hobbs : This morning? When I came down... I never even spoke to her. I asked the kids how they'd like a little sun on the beach and they... an-an-an...

    [They look at each other, realizing the misunderstanding] 

  • Roger Hobbs : If this house was good enough for Edgar Allan Poe, it's good enough for us.

    Peggy Hobbs : I'm sure it's better inside.

    Roger Hobbs : Everybody stand back... in case of bats.

  • Roger Hobbs : Where's the switch? The switch?

    [light switch clicks] 

    Roger Hobbs : Well, I'll be a son of a gun.

    Peggy Hobbs : Isn't it wonderful?

    Katey Hobbs : Netta Nickerson says that most of the houses out this way... haven't any conveniences at all.

    Roger Hobbs : I haven't seen a bulb like that since I was seven years old.

    Peggy Hobbs : Dad, really, what are we going to do in a place like this?

    Roger Hobbs : But a bulb this weak, you can't even call it a light! It's a dark. You turn that thing on in the middle of the day, the whole room goes black.

  • Roger Hobbs : From now on, we're going to live our lives... and they can live their lives... and happy landings to everybody. Good night, honey.

    Peggy Hobbs : But what about the- the family?

    Roger Hobbs : Well, what about the family?

    Peggy Hobbs : I mean, communicating with the children.

    Roger Hobbs : Oh, to hell with it. Let them communicate with us for a change.

    Peggy Hobbs : Honey!

    Roger Hobbs : We're not going to worry about this anymore. You understand?

    Peggy Hobbs : Uh-huh.

    Roger Hobbs : Good night.

    Peggy Hobbs : Good night.

    Roger Hobbs : [laying still listening to the surf through the open window ]  You'd think that lousy surf would lay off for two or three minutes, wouldn't you?

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