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...THAT CERTAIN SOMETHING. The great ones - they have that electrifying quality, that certain something, that makes the world applaud them - and give them their heart. Judy Garland is one of that breed. She has that special something that goes beyond singing - a dynamic, dramatic dimension that is her gift...and her greatness. Now - in "I COULD GO ON SINGING" - you see Judy as Jenny Bowman, a star on top of the world. But why is it - the greater the star, the deeper the hurt? Jenny found that all the spotlights in the world couldn't give her the warmth she needed - or the love she threw away too many years ago. And Judy Garland as Jenny Bowman is sheer magnificence...singing, acting, capturing your every emotion.
IT'S JUDY! Lighting up the lonely stage in the singing-acting role of her life!
Miss Judy Garland will sing for you

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