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  • No. No USS Bedford has ever served in the US Navy. The ship bears the designation DLG-113; the DLG designation was in use up until 1975, and indicated that the ship was a Guided Missile Frigate. At this time, in US service, a "Frigate" was a ship larger than a Destroyer, but smaller than a Cruiser. No DLG-113 ever existed, and in 1975 the DLG ships were reclassified as Destroyers and the DLG designation changed to DDG.

    The model used for most exterior shots of the Bedford was a US Farragut-class ship, as can easily be identified from the gun and ASROC launcher on the bow, and the missile launcher and twin missile radars on the stern. These ships entered service in the 1950s as DLGs, so the filmmakers likely intended the USS Bedford to be a fictional Farragut class Frigate in service in 1965.

    The shipboard interior scenes were filmed aboard a HMS Troubridge, a Type 15 British frigate. The exterior scenes showing Sidney Poitier's initial flypast and landing were filmed around HMS Wakeful, another Type 15 frigate. This ship has the designation F159; the number can be clearly seen painted on the hull. Edit



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