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Likable flick with a classic non-ending
vjetorix5 February 2003
This short film, the English-dubbed print only runs about an hour, is by-the-numbers spy stuff but it is never boring. It doesn't have time to be! Luis Davila (Ypotron, Make Your Bets Ladies, The Viscount) is agent Mike Murphy (for us English speakers) and he's after a ray gun that completely disintegrates whatever gets in the way of its blue beam.

The ratio of action per minute is way up there. Four people are killed in the first five minutes! The last of these is unfortunate enough to have his head caught in a car window and is then dragged down the street! There are plenty of fights (contrary to the short blurb on the back of SWV's tape box, the fights are actually pretty well staged and exciting), car chases, gun battles, torture, and people getting slapped around.

You could actually do a lot worse than this little adventure, believe me. Director Gregg Tallas (Assignment Skybolt) has made a pretty fun no-budget thriller that falls into the so-bad-it's-good category.
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Primo Bond rip-off
JohnSeal16 January 2000
This is a wonderful example of the Super Spy genre, where a secret agent must reclaim a dangerous 'invisibility ray' from a gang of criminal masterminds. Everything you want is here: beautiful Continental women, outrageous cars, spy gadgets, and fistfights galore (not to mention a rather uncomfortable looking belt tightening sequence). Films like this were once staples of late night TV, and now thanks to AMC's more adventurous programming policy we can see them again, widescreen to boot. Recommended.
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Fun For Lovers of 60s Kitsch and Euro-Spy Antics
zardoz74_200013 February 2007
The uncut version of Espionage In Tangiers is now available as part of Dark Sky Films' Drive-In Double Feature series. Coupled with Assassination In Rome, which stars Cyd Charisse (!) and Hugh O' Brien, these two unpretentious, old-fashioned flicks make for an entertaining double bill of 60s kitsch. Espionage is a Bond-influenced, convoluted, low-rent Euro-spy pot boiler, while Asassination is more in the spirit of Charade, although it's more of a mystery/thriller than a caper.

Espionage is surprisingly violent; the producers clearly embraced the amorality, casual sadism and misogyny of the early Connery Bonds but failed to grasp the wit of the 007 movies (Mark Murphy, "Agent 077," our "hero," thinks it's funny to throw a knife into the throat of a would-be assassin, for example). The film has its slow moments but there's a constant flow of fights involving groin kicking, throat chopping, and even a torture scene Jack Bauer would approve of, all set to a groovy jazz soundtrack. All in all, not a bad way to spend 90 minutes -- especially as the two-film disc comes with drive-in material including concession ads for hot dogs and pizza and two sets of trailers of coming attractions.

Assassination In Rome is a much slower film, but is superbly shot.

Thanks to Dark Sky, who are consistently delivering when it comes to restored, remastered editions of old B movies (e.g. their recent release of Slaughter of the Vampires), both films look and sound better than a pair of obscure 42 year-old flicks deserve.
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So this is what Bond star George Lazenby did before he was 007.
pierce_brosnan_o_o_711 August 2003
Wow, interesting, an Italian made Bond-rip-off, made around the Goldfinger/Thunderball Bond mania days. This spy film is certainly one of the best of all of the Bond spy rip-offs made in the 60's, maybe the best.

It is one of the ones you should see if you like those types of films, if for nothing more than it features former James Bond star George Lazenby in a small role before he became Bond.
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One-time Bond George Lazenby in 60's Bond spoof
prince_baron_00721 November 2003
This is an entertaining and amusing Bond rip-off from the 60's. The characters are laughable and the plot is like something out of an Austin Powers movie. And just when you think this old 60's Bond spoof can't get any more hilarious, along comes George Lazenby in the film. This is one of the classic Bond spoofs without a doubt.
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Good jazz and fake Bond
BandSAboutMovies2 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Mike Murphy is Agent S 077, which has absolutely nothing to do with Bond. But you know what's great about this movie? It's directed by Greg Tallas, who would someday make The Nightmare Never Ends, which was then edited into Night Train to Terror.

That fact is more interesting than this movie.

Jose Greci, who was the Virgin Mary in Ben-Hur, shows up here in one of her many Eurospy roles (she's also in Operation Poker, Last Man to Kill and Special Code: Assignment Lost Formula). And hey! It's Perla Cristal from The Corruption of Chris Miller, Naschy's The Fury of the Wolfman and Franco's The Awful Dr. Orloff!

In Europe, this was known as Marc Mato, agente S. 077 and it was a big success. Time has not been kind to this film, however. There's a laser beam, as there usually is, but I've never seen a movie where the hero is saved from a bullet to the chest because that's where he carries his Bible.
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