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The 1996 video fits the movie onto one VHS cassette by removing the Intermission screen as well as the Entr'acte.
35mm prints of the film removed the "Filmed in Todd-AO" credit from the main titles (Todd-AO was the widescreen format "The Sound of Music" was filmed in).
Home video versions usually display "Entr'acte" on screen during the overture after intermission (45th anniversary in a style matching the intermission card, 30th to 40th anniversary in roman caps over a dissolving series of landscapes, for example). Some film prints have just a blank screen for the entire overture.
When this was first released in Germany, the film ended with Maria's wedding and the final third of the film cut off due to its Nazi overtones. Furious, Fox later restored the finale.
Originally, when NBC showed the movie on television, it was shown at its full length, leading to a more than four-hour running time because of all the commercials. In 1987, an NBC version of the film was aired. This version of the film cut out the following moments - the end of "I Have Confidence In Me" is cut, going to commercial right after Maria says "Oh, help". Also cut was the part where Captain Von Trapp tells his children at the dinner table he is going to Vienna the next day. It goes from Liesl asking to be excused right to her running out the door towards Rolf. Also cut was the scene where the nuns sing the "Alleluia", editing it from the scene in the chapel right to the nun running to tell Mother Abbess that Maria is missing. Another cut includes the Captain and Baroness walking in the hall during the ball. Instead of seeing the children doing the "cuckoo" introduction to "So Long, Farewell", we see the children beginning the song in a straight line. Finally, the scene where the Captain rips the Nazi Flag is cut, going right to Liesl talking to Maria.
The edited NBC version ran 140 minutes, deleting over 35 minutes of scenes in order to fit a 3-hour time slot with commercials. The current NBC Televsion airings delete the scene where Maria juggles with fruit, the scene where the children tell the Captain they went berry picking, and the scene in which the children return home in Max's car.
A scene showing Maria and the Children standing in front of fruit crates is rumored to be on some television airings. It is also said that it has some musical numbers not included in the home video and theatrical versions.
A "Sing-along" version of the movie - uncut, but with sub-titles of the song lyrics - is in limited theatrical release.
Another scene cut in the NBC version is the scene where the children ask their father about Maria leaving. The entire part about the pink lemonade is edited out.
Most television airings also delete part of sequence in which the von Trapps hide in the abbey cemetery, specifically, where Gretl asks Maria if they should sing at that moment. In addition, the scene in which the Captain and the Baroness call off their engagement omits all of the dialog leading up to the Captain saying it's no use.
Some TV prints shorten the family's "So Long, Farewell" performance during the final concert sequence.
The 2001 Fox Television version deletes the entire wedding sequence to save time.
When the film was originally released in France, the sequences of the nuns singing "Maria" and the Mother Abbess singing "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" were cut as it was felt by the authorities that nuns singing non religious songs was disrespectful. These two musical numbers were therefore only heard in their "reprise" forms at Maria's wedding (Maria) and the final scene of the film (Climb Ev'ry Mountain). On the 2005 40th Anniversary DVD, the French Singalong version omits subtitles for these two songs.

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