The Sound of Music (1965) Poster

Julie Andrews: Maria



  • Maria : You know how Sister Berthe always makes me kiss the floor after we've had a disagreement? Well, lately I've taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time.

  • Maria : When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

  • Captain von Trapp : It's the dress. You'll have to put on another one before you meet the children.

    Maria : But I don't have another one. When we entered the abbey our worldly clothes were given to the poor.

    Captain von Trapp : What about this one?

    Maria : The poor didn't want this one.

  • Maria : Children can't do all the things they're supposed to if they have to worry about spoiling their precious clothes.

    Captain von Trapp : They haven't complained yet.

    Maria : Well, they wouldn't dare! They love you too much. They *fear* you too much!

    Captain von Trapp : I don't wish you to discuss my children in this manner.

    Maria : Well, you've got to hear from someone! You're never home long enough to know them.

    Captain von Trapp : I said I don't want to hear anymore from you about my children!

    Maria : I know you don't, but you've got to! Now, take Liesl.

    Captain von Trapp : [hesitatingly]  You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein.

    Maria : She's not a child anymore, and one of these days, you're going to wake up and find that she's a woman. You won't even know her. And Friedrich, he's a boy, but he wants to be a man and there's no one to show him how.

    Captain von Trapp : Don't you dare tell me about my son.

    Maria : Brigitta could tell you about him if you let her get close to you. She notices everything.

    Captain von Trapp : Fraulein...

    Maria : And Kurt pretends he's tough not to show how hurt he is when you brush him aside,

    Captain von Trapp : That will do!

    Maria : the way you do all of them. Louisa I don't even know about yet,

    Captain von Trapp : I said that will do!

    Maria : but somebody has to find out about her, and the little ones just want to be loved. Oh, please, Captain, love them! Love them all!

    Captain von Trapp : I don't care to hear anything further from you about my children.

    Maria : I am not finished yet, Captain!

    Captain von Trapp : Oh, yes, you are, Captain!

    [pauses, then corrects himself] 

    Captain von Trapp : Fraulein!

  • Captain von Trapp : Now, when I want you, this is what you will hear.

    [blows whistle] 

    Maria : Oh, no, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I could never answer to a whistle. Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals, but not for children and definitely not for me. It would be too... humiliating.

    Captain von Trapp : Fraulein, were you this much trouble at the Abbey?

    Maria : Oh, much more, sir.

    Captain von Trapp : Hmm.

    [starts walking away. Maria blows her whistle & he turns around] 

    Maria : Excuse me, sir. I don't know your signal

  • Maria : Kurt, how are you?

    Kurt : Hungry.

  • Captain von Trapp : Maria, there isn't going to be any Baroness anymore.

    Maria : I don't understand.

    Captain von Trapp : Well, we called off our engagement, you see, and...

    Maria : Oh, I'm sorry.

    Captain von Trapp : Yes. You are?

    Maria : Mm-hmm. You did?

    Captain von Trapp : Yes. Well, you can't marry someone when you're in love with someone else... can you?

  • Louisa von Trapp : I'm Brigitta.

    Maria : You didn't tell me how old you are... Louisa.

    Brigitta : I'm Brigitta, she's Louisa. She's thirteen years old, and you're smart! I'm ten, and I think your dress is the ugliest one I ever saw!

  • Maria : Gretl, what happened to your finger?

    Gretl : It got caught.

    Maria : Caught in what?

    Gretl : Friedrich's teeth.

  • Maria : I can't seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what's worse, I can't seem to stop saying things - anything and everything I think and feel.

    Mother Abbess : Some people would call that honesty.

    Maria : Oh, but it's terrible, Reverend Mother.

  • Captain von Trapp : Fraulein Maria, did I or did I not say that bedtime is to be strictly observed in this household?

    Maria : Yes, well the children were scared of the thunderstorm and... You did, sir.

    Captain von Trapp : And do you or do you not have trouble following these simple instructions?

    Maria : Only during thunderstorms, sir.

  • Maria : I'd like to thank you all for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

    Captain von Trapp : What gift?

    Maria : It's meant to be a secret between the children and me.

    Captain von Trapp : Then I suggest you keep it, and let us eat.

    Maria : Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted, it was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and pleasant.

  • Maria : [singing]  Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things

  • [singing starts somewhere inside] 

    Captain von Trapp : What's that?

    Maria : It's singing.

    Captain von Trapp : Yes, I realize it's singing, but who?

    Maria : The children.

    Captain von Trapp : The children?

    Maria : I taught them something to sing for the Baroness.

  • Maria : [Friedrich and Kurt run into Maria's room during a thunderstorm]  You boys weren't scared, too, were you?

    Friedrich von Trapp : No. We just wanted to be sure that you weren't.

    Maria : That was very thoughtful of you, Friedrich.

    Friedrich von Trapp : It wasn't my idea. It was Kurt's.

    Maria : Kurt! That's the one I left out. God bless Kurt!

  • Captain von Trapp : Now, Fraulein. I want a truthful answer from you.

    Maria : Yes, Captain?

    Captain von Trapp : Is it possible - or could I have just imagined it - have my children by any chance been climbing trees today?

    Maria : Yes, Captain.

    Captain von Trapp : I see. And where, may I ask, did they get these... ummm...

    Maria : Play clothes.

    Captain von Trapp : Oh, is that what you call them?

    Maria : I made them. From the drapes that used to hang in my bedroom.

    Captain von Trapp : Drapes?

    Maria : They still have plenty of wear left. The children have been everywhere in them.

    Captain von Trapp : Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes?

    Maria : Mmm-hmmm. And having a marvelous time!

  • Maria : [saying her bed time prayers]  I forgot the other boy. Oh, what's his name? Oh, well, God bless What's-his-name.

  • Maria : Dear Father, now I know why You sent me here. To help these children prepare for a new mother. And I pray this will become a happy family in Thy sight. God bless the captain. God bless Liesl and Friedrich. God bless Louisa, Brigitta, Marta and little Gretl. And I forgot the other boy. What's his name? Well, God bless what's-his-name. God bless the Reverend Mother and Sister Margaretta and everybody at the abbey. And now, dear God, about Liesl. Help her know that I'm her friend and help her tell me what she's been up to.

    Liesl : Are you going to tell on me?

    Maria : Help me to be understanding so I may guide her footsteps. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    Liesl : I was out walking and somebody locked the doors early. I didn't want to wake everybody, so when I saw your window open. You're not going to tell Father, are you?

    Maria : How in the world did you climb up here?

    Liesl : It's how we always got in to play tricks on the governess. Louisa can make it with a whole jar of spiders in her hand.

    Maria : Spiders? Liesl, were you out walking all by yourself? If we wash that dress tonight, nobody would notice it tomorrow. You could put this on. Take your dress and put it to soak in the bathtub. Come back here and sit on the bed, and we'll have a talk.

    Liesl : I told you today I didn't need a governess. Well, maybe I do.

  • Maria : I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

    Captain von Trapp : Um, what gift?

    Maria : It's meant to be a secret, Captain, between the children and me.

    Captain von Trapp : Uh-huh. Then I suggest that you keep it, and let us eat.

    Maria : Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted. It was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and... pleasant.

    [All the while, the children look guilty. Marta starts to cry] 

    Captain von Trapp : What is the matter, Marta?

    Marta : Nothing.

    [Louisa, Brigitta and Gretl join in, while Liesl, Friedrich and Kurt continue to look guilty] 

    Captain von Trapp : Uh, Fräulein... is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you, uh, intend leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of... indigestion?

    Maria : Oh, they're all right, Captain. They're just happy.

    [All of the girls, except Liesl, continue to cry out of guilt] 

  • Maria : Why didn't you children tell me you could dance?

    Kurt : We were afraid you'd make us all dance together. The von Trapp Family dancers.


  • [first lines] 

    Maria : [singing]  The hills are alive with the sound of music / With songs they have sung for a thousand years. / The hills fill my heart with the sound of music. / My heart wants to sing every song it hears.

  • Marta : I'm Marta, and I'm going to be seven on Tuesday, and I'd like a pink parasol.

    Maria : Well, pink's my favorite color, too.

  • Captain von Trapp : I don't care to hear anything further from you about my children.

    Maria : I am not finished yet!

    Captain von Trapp : Oh, yes, you are, Captain!


    Captain von Trapp : Fraulein.

  • Maria : What is it?

    Captain von Trapp : Berlin. They've offered me a commission. I've been requested to accept immediately and report to their naval base at Bremerhaven tomorrow.

    Maria : I knew this would happen. I didn't think it would be so soon.

    Captain von Trapp : To refuse them would be fatal for all of us. And joining them would be unthinkable.

  • Max : He's got to at least *pretend* to work with these people. You must convince him.

    Maria : I can't ask him to be less than he is.

  • Liesl : How else are we supposed to get Father's attention?

    Brigitta : Yes.

    Maria : Well, we'll have to think about that one.

  • Marta : Why doesn't father turn the motor on?

    Kurt : [agitated]  Because he doesn't want anybody to hear us!

    Captain von Trapp : Shh!

    Louisa von Trapp : What will Frau Schmidt and Franz said when they discover we're gone?

    Captain von Trapp : They'll be able to answer truthfully they didn't know anything about it if anyone asks them.

    Louisa von Trapp : Will we be coming back here?

    Captain von Trapp : Someday, Liesl. I do hope someday.

    Gretl : Are Father and Uncle Max going to push the car all the way to Switzerland?

    Maria : Shh!

  • Maria : There were times when we would look at each other - oh Mother, I could hardly breathe.

  • Friedrich von Trapp : I'm Friedrich. I'm fourteen. I'm impossible!

    Maria : [laughing]  Really? Who told you that, Friedrich?

    Friedrich von Trapp : Fraulein Josephine, four governesses ago.

  • The Baroness : My dear, is there anything you can't do?

    Maria : Well, I'm not sure I'll make a very good nun.

    The Baroness : If you have any problems, I'll be happy to help you.

  • Maria : Reverend Mother, I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. -The hills were beckoning and... the sky was so blue today... and everything was so green and fragrant, I had to be a part of it. The Untersberg led me higher like it wanted me to go through the clouds.

    Mother Abbess : Suppose darkness had come and you were lost?

    Maria : Mother, I could never be lost up there. That's my mountain. I was brought up on it. It was the mountain that led me to you. When I was a child, I would come down and climb a tree... and look in your garden. I'd see the sisters at work and hear them sing... Which brings me to another transgression, Reverend Mother. I was singing out there today.

    Mother Abbess : Only in the abbey do we have rules about postulants singing.

    Maria : I can't stop wherever I am. Worse, I can't seem to stop saying things. Everything I think and feel.

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