The Sound of Music (1965) Poster

Debbie Turner: Marta



  • Maria : I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

    Captain von Trapp : Um, what gift?

    Maria : It's meant to be a secret, Captain, between the children and me.

    Captain von Trapp : Uh-huh. Then I suggest that you keep it, and let us eat.

    Maria : Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted. It was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and... pleasant.

    [All the while, the children look guilty. Marta starts to cry] 

    Captain von Trapp : What is the matter, Marta?

    Marta : Nothing.

    [Louisa, Brigitta and Gretl join in, while Liesl, Friedrich and Kurt continue to look guilty] 

    Captain von Trapp : Uh, Fräulein... is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you, uh, intend leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of... indigestion?

    Maria : Oh, they're all right, Captain. They're just happy.

    [All of the girls, except Liesl, continue to cry out of guilt] 

  • Marta : Can we really keep the puppet show, Uncle Max?

    Max : Of course. Why else do you think I had Professor Cohen send the bill to your father?

  • Marta : I'm Marta, and I'm going to be seven on Tuesday, and I'd like a pink parasol.

    Maria : Well, pink's my favorite color, too.

  • Marta : Why doesn't father turn the motor on?

    Kurt : [agitated]  Because he doesn't want anybody to hear us!

    Captain von Trapp : Shh!

    Louisa von Trapp : What will Frau Schmidt and Franz said when they discover we're gone?

    Captain von Trapp : They'll be able to answer truthfully they didn't know anything about it if anyone asks them.

    Louisa von Trapp : Will we be coming back here?

    Captain von Trapp : Someday, Liesl. I do hope someday.

    Gretl : Are Father and Uncle Max going to push the car all the way to Switzerland?

    Maria : Shh!

  • Marta : The least they could have done is to let us say hello.

  • Marta : Why don't we ever get to see the baroness?

    Kurt : Why would she want to see you?

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