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21 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From The Dark Knight That Change Everything

The Dark Knight is the second in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and often regarded as the best Batman film to date. A huge part of the films success can be attributed, of course, to Nolan's directing, but also to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker.

While the Batman franchise was already a massive success before Nolan's films, The Dark Knight put it on an entirely new pedestal for future films to live up to. Christian Bale and Heath Ledger make an undeniably electric duo, and the action sequences and cinematography are enough to leave you jumping out of your seat wanting more.

When reinventing Batman, Nolan made sure to pull out all the stops. His goal was to make the movie as real as possible, seeing as how Batman himself is one of the most realistic superheros we have. You may be surprised which parts of the film are digitally enhanced,
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Unearthed Justice League VFX Reel Hints at Snyder's Darker Ending

Unearthed Justice League VFX Reel Hints at Snyder's Darker Ending
It's no secret that Zack Snyder's version of Justice League would have been much darker than it ended up and now new VFX reels seemingly confirm this to be true. Zack Snyder famously left the project last year, after principal photography wrapped. Joss Whedon came on board to handle reshoots and the editing of the superhero team-up movie, which was torn apart by critics and fans, who have been crying to get Snyder's original cut of the film released to the masses ever since.

Rumors of the mythical Snyder cut of Justice League are still being floated and the new VFX reels will more than likely fuel more speculation about its existence. As mentioned previously, Snyder envisioned a much darker tone for Justice League and had a completely different idea of how the story was to be told. And now, the recently released VFX reels show a truer version
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Joaquin Phoenix - "The Joker" Goes Wild

Actor Joaquin Phoenix has now confirmed he Will play DC Comics' 'Clown Prince of Crime' in director Todd Philips' "The Joker" movie, that will include a connection to "The Dark Knight" and 'Thomas Wayne', the father of 'Bruce Wayne'/'Batman':

"I take a lot of time and consideration when making decisions and what I'm gonna' work on," said Phoenix.

"It feels unique, it is its own world in some ways, and maybe, mostly, it scares the shit out of me or something. It might as well be the thing that scares you the most.

"I think, underneath the excitement of these films, and the size of them, there are these incredible characters that are dealing with real life struggles.

"And sometimes that is uncovered and exposed, and sometimes it isn’t, and so I always felt, like, there were characters in comics that were really interesting and
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Comic Concierge – Episode 34: Weekly Recommendations

  • Nerdly
A lot to talk about in the world of comics this week. We of course have the wedding of the Bat and the Cat along with a handful of new titles from Marvel and Dark Horse. Before that though Dan dives into the recommendation of the week: Immortal Hulk #2 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennett.

This week’s rundown:

(00:01:39) Immortal Hulk #2

(00:08:33) Quantum Age #1

(00:12:55) Lowlifes #1

(00:16:51) Batman #50

(00:26:17) Catwoman #1

(00:28”37) Man of Steel #6

(00:31:56) Captain America #1

(00:35:23) Deadpool #2

(00:37:58) Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

(00:40:54) Doctor Stage #3

(00:44:09) Star Wars #50

(00:47:15) Sword Daughter #2

(00:50:32) Death or Glory #3

(00:53:40) Judge Dredd Under Siege #2

Listen to “Weekly Comic Recommends: Immortal Hulk #2, Batman #50, Quantum Age #1, & more…” on Spreaker.
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Joaquin Phoenix: Playing the Joker ‘Scares the F—king S—t Out of Me’

Joaquin Phoenix: Playing the Joker ‘Scares the F—king S—t Out of Me’
Now that it’s been confirmed Joaquin Phoenix will play the Joker in a standalone movie directed by “The Hangover” helmer Todd Phillips, the actor is speaking out about his latest role. Phoenix says that he takes “a lot of time and consideration” when deciding which projects to pursue, and that this one “scares the fucking shit out of me” — which is part of why he’s doing it.

“I take a lot of time and consideration when making decisions and what I’m gonna work on always. So, in some ways, the process, which is obviously reading a script and meeting a filmmaker and then continuing to have meetings and discussions with Todd [Phillips],” Phoenix says in an interview with Collider.

“I think he’s very impressive and he seems to have a very interesting understanding of this world and what he’s trying to say. And so there is
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"Titans" TV Series Updates

DC Comics' "Titans" #23 is written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Brandon Peterson, with covers by Stjepan Sejic and Peterson, available July 11, 2018:

" 'the Spark', can anything stop the 'Metagene' pandemic unleashed through the events of 'Justice League: No Justice'? The all-new 'Titans' are on the case.

"But can even their combined might stand against new super-powered weapons of mass destruction birthed by the 'Metagenes'? And how will the events of 'Teen Titans; #20 come back to haunt the 'Titans'?

And from TorontoFilm.Net, take another look at images of a bundled up cast on a chilly set from the "Titans" TV pilot.

In "Titans", actor Brenton Thwaites plays 'Dick Grayson', aka 'Robin', former protege of 'Batman'.

Cast also includes Alan Ritchson as 'Hank Hall'/Hawk', Minka Kelly as 'Dawn Granger'/'Dove'...

... and Lindsey Gort as 'Detective Amy Rohrbach'.

"Titans", developed by Akiva Goldsman,
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The Official Comic-Con WB Collectors Bags and Pins Have Been Revealed

Warner Bros. has teamed up with Comic-Con again to provide the official collector's bags for Sdcc. They've been doing this for the past nine years and this year there are 18 different bag designs featuring several fan-favorite DC series along with Castle Rock, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Young Justice: Outsiders, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, and many more. Each bag will come with a unique collector’s pin, with 12 DC character designs for 2018.

I just can't believe Comic-Con is next week! It really snuck up on me. I'm totally excited, but completely unprepared.

You can check out photos of the bags and pins that have been revealed below:

Fans donning their cool carriers at the convention center can also make their way to the Warner Bros. booth on the convention floor (#4545), which boasts interactive elements perfect for photo-ops, including the wings of the fallen angel Lucifer as a nod of
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Aggregate’s Jason Bateman Teams With Michael Costigan In Multi-Year Netflix Deal For Film & Television

  • Deadline
Aggregate’s Jason Bateman Teams With Michael Costigan In Multi-Year Netflix Deal For Film & Television
Exclusive: Already a staple of the Netflix queue with Ozark and Arrested Development, Jason Bateman has deepened his relationship with the global streaming service. He has partnered with seasoned producer and executive Michael Costigan, and they have set Aggregate Films in a first-look, multiyear deal with Netflix to generate film and TV projects.

This becomes the latest big overall deal for Netflix, after recently making massive deals with Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy on the TV side, continuing its arrangement with Adam Sandler to build and star in comedy features, and making strategic overall deals to manage its burgeoning film slate. Those pacts include with experienced big picture producer Ian Bryce (War Machine); War for the Planet of the Apes and Batman director Matt Reeves and his 6th & Idaho banner; and another with I, Tonya producer Bryan Unkeless and Eric Newman, the vet producer who’s currently showrunner and exec
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Rip Steve Ditko

Reclusive, legendary comic book illustrator Steve Ditko, co-creator of Marvel's "Spider-Man" and "Doctor Strange" has died:

Ditko studied under "Batman" artist Jerry Robinson at the 'Cartoonist and Illustrators School' in New York City. 

He began his professional career in 1953, working in the studio of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby ("Captain America") , starting out as an inker for artist Mort Meskin

Also during this time, Ditko began a long association with Charlton Comics, where he did work in the genres of science fiction, horror and mystery including "Konga" and "Gorgo"... co-creating superhero 'Captain Atom' in 1960.

During the 1950s, Ditko drew for Atlas Comics, a forerunner of Marvel Comics

In 1966, after being the exclusive artist on "The Amazing Spider-Man" and the "Doctor Strange" feature in "Strange Tales"...

...Ditko left Marvel returning to Charlton to reboot 'Blue Beetle'.

In 1966 Ditko worked with the Warren horror magazines' "Creepy" and 'Eerie"... well as for DC Comics,
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Don't Recognize Ant-Man's Original Wasp? Talk to the Hand

Image Source: Getty / Valerie Macon / Afp

While it can already feel like all of your favorite actors have found their way into the McU in one way or another, Marvel continues to find ways to add new A-list talent to their ever expanding universe. The latest to join their ranks is Michelle Pfeiffer in Ant-Man and the Wasp as the original Wasp who has been lost to the Quantum Realm.

Pfeiffer first appeared in various television shows in the early 1980s, such as Delta House, B.A.D. Cats, and Fantasy Island. She had a breakout role in 1982's cult hit Grease 2, but it was really her part in 1983's Scarface (below) that put her on Hollywood's A-list.

Image Source: Everett Collection

She would go on to be nominated for Academy Awards for 1988's Dangerous Liaisons, 1989's The Fabulous Baker Boys, and 1992's Love Field. That same year, she
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Krysten Ritter directs Rachael Taylor in Jessica Jones season 3 set photos

Last month it was reported that lead actress Krysten Ritter is set to make her directorial debut on an episode of the upcoming third season of Netflix and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and now some set photos have arrived online showing Ritter directing her co-star Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker). Check them out here…

See Also: Krysten Ritter discusses the new dynamic between Jessica Jones and Trish Walker in season 3

set pics from jessica jones s3 (krysten ritter directing the episode)

Zia Hates Batman #50 (@brucselina) July 6, 2018

The third season of Jessica Jones will see Trish continuing her transformation into Hellcat, having gained superpowers in the second season of the show after undergoing a procedure at the hands of Karl Malus, the doctor responsible for giving Jessica her own powers.

Jessica Jones season 3 is currently without a premiere date, but is expected to arrive in 2019.

The post Krysten
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Justice League and Dark Nights: Metal top bestselling comics and graphic novels of June 2018

June 2018 was a good month for DC Entertainment, with the publisher taking top spot in both the direct comic book and graphic novels sales charts from Diamond Comic Distributors.

Leading the way in the comic book chart was Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung’s Justice League #1, while the Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition hardcover was June’s best-selling graphic novel.

Despite these successes, DC still remains in second place behind Marvel however in terms of both dollar and unit share.

Check out the full charts here…

Top 10 Comic Books of June 2018

1. Justice League #1

2. The Magic Order #1 [*] (Mr)

3. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1

4. Amazing Spider-man #801

5. Batman #49

6. Batman #48

7. Deadpool #1

8. Thor #1

9. X-men Gold #30

10. Justice League #2

Top 10 Graphic Novels of June 2018

1. Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition

2. Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Nights Rising

3. Dark Nights: Metal: The Resistance

4. Thanos Wins

5. The Infinity Gauntlet

6. Southern Bastards Vol. 4: Gut Check

7. Neil Gaiman: A Study In Emerald

8. The Flash Vol.
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Check Out The Original Batman Batcopter In Action

In case you were unaware, you can pay for a helicopter ride in the same Batcopter used in the original Batman television series and film! The updated helicopter is a spitting image of the original (minus the logo), and is the exact same copter used way back in the day on the show. Learn more about the Batcopter in the video below, and let us know what you think!
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R.I.P. Steve Ditko (1927 – 2018)

Some sad news to report this morning, as it has been announced that legendary comic book creator Steve Ditko has passed away aged 90.

Born in 1927, Ditko studied art under famed Batman artist Jerry Robinson and entered the comic book industry in the 1950s, working for Charlton Comics and Atlas Comics, which subsequently morphed into Marvel Comics.

In 1962, Ditko and Stan Lee created Spider-Man, with the web-slinger making his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 before going on to become one of the most iconic characters in pop culture.

Ditko and Lee would also co-create Doctor Strange before he made the move to DC Comics in the late 60s. He would return to Marvel in 1979, and spent the remainder of his career freelancing for both comic book giants, as well as independent publishers.

Among the many other characters he created include Captain Atom, Squirrel Girl, The Question, Shade, the Changing Man and Mr. A.
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Steve Ditko Dies: Comics Artist Who Created Spider-Man & Doctor Strange With Stan Lee Was 90

  • Deadline
Steve Ditko Dies: Comics Artist Who Created Spider-Man & Doctor Strange With Stan Lee Was 90
Steve Ditko, a comic-book artist who co-created the Marvel characters Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee, has died in New York. He was 90. The NYPD public information officer told Deadline that he was found in his apartment on June 29 and likely had been dead for a couple of days.

Ditko studied art at the Cartoonists and Illustrators School under early Batman artist Jerry Robinson. His first two published comic books — Fantastic Fears 5 and Black Magic 27 — were drawn in 1953. The iconic Spider-Man character first appeared in 1962 in issue #15 of Amazing Fantasy.

During that span, Ditko also worked for Charlton Comics, where he had full autonomy over his creations. In 1955 he met Lee, then an editor at Atlas Comics, which was run by Lee’s uncle Martin Goodman. The company, which began as Timely, would later morph into Marvel Comics.

Ditko started working for Marvel and would continue to do so for the next two decades,
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Epic Fan Art Envisions Brenton Thwaites And Ben Affleck In The Batman

Say what you will about the DC fandom, but there’s no denying that their capacity for optimism is unparalleled. Because let’s face it, apart from Wonder Woman, of course, the Dceu hasn’t done right by an undyingly loyal fanbase. Ever since Justice League began to underwhelm at the ticket booth – which, who are we kidding, was immediate – founding father Zack Snyder essentially took it upon himself to keep each and every devotee in high spirit.

What with the first trailer for Aquaman continuing to be withheld, and the removal of Snyder – who’s seemingly the only cog in the entire operation to have done his homework – the Dceu has inarguably found itself in the most precarious position a motion picture franchise can. Yet, an enduring aficionado like Instagram user @gothambatgram persistently displays their devotion through introspective fan art.

The piece in question, which has placed Brenton Thwaites,
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Gotham Season 5 Sneak Peek To Be Shown At Comic-Con

Gotham‘s fifth and final season won’t be with us until 2019, but at least we now know we’ll get a sneak peak at the highly anticipated last run of Fox’s Batman prequel series later this month at San Diego Comic-Con.

This is in contrast to what fans expected when it was revealed a few weeks back that Warner Bros. Television would not be dedicating a panel to Gotham, unlike other DC shows such as Arrow, The Flash and Krypton. The official Comic-Con International website, however, has now posted the programming schedule for the first two days of the event, including a full rundown of the Wbtv presentation due to take place on Wednesday the 18th.

As well as revealing that there’ll be a sneak peak at The CW’s dystopian drama The 100 and a screening of some episodes of the second season of the Arrowverse
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Comic Book Review – Batman #50

Ricky Church reviews Batman #50…

After building it up for a year, the big event is finally here as Batman and Catwoman prepare to get officially married. It’s been a long time coming, but, as we just saw in the recent issues, a lot of outside forces threaten to call if off. Will the Bat and the Cat get hitched?

Now it is impossible to talk about this issue without discussing the finer details, so there will be spoilers. If you haven’t read Batman #50 yet, check back once you’ve done so.


Tom King took an interesting approach to the issue as a whole. Rather than tell a streamlined story of Bruce and Selina preparing to share their vows, the big day was instead split into several parts throughout the double-sized issue with the majority of the story dedicated to splash pages from various artists of the pair throughout their lives.
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NY Times Writer Is (Kinda) Sorry for Headline That Spoiled What Happened in Batman’s Wedding

  • The Wrap
NY Times Writer Is (Kinda) Sorry for Headline That Spoiled What Happened in Batman’s Wedding
(Spoiler alert: Definitely do not read if you don’t want to know the details of Batman No. 50.)

Well, if you were looking forward to reading about the much-anticipated wedding of Batman and Catwoman in “Batman” Vol. 3, No. 50, we really hope you stayed away from the New York Times Style section on Sunday. Specifically the “Vows” section, as that is where comics correspondent George Gene Gustines’ story about the Bat-Cat nuptials spoiled the ending to the story 78 years in the making, literally with just the headline.

That headline: “It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be, Batman.”

And if the headline didn’t do the trick, in the article, Gustines revealed that Catwoman stands her almost-hubby up at the altar, finishing off his piece with this kicker: “Theirs is a story that is forever to be continued.”

Also Read: Matt Reeves' 'Batman' Movie to Focus on Younger Caped Crusader

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DC Reveals Why They Spoiled Batman And Catwoman’s Wedding

At a time when readers should merely be speculating on the outcome of Batman #50, they’re instead discussing the controversy that is DC allowing the New York Times to blow the lid off the anniversary issue’s outcome. In other words, it’s now widely known that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle won’t be getting married after all.

Not only has this situation led to much backlash from the fanbase – though a percentage did see this coming and remain unfazed – but retailers are already reporting a number of cancellations from customers for the book in question. Normally, people will turn out whenever a death or resurrection is spoiled, but learning in advance that a wedding will not be taking place doesn’t sound all that enticing to many.

Batman #50 & Catwoman #1 Covers 1 of 7

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Strangely enough, the justification behind letting the
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