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6 Jan. 1968
Blast Starr, the Living Bomb Burst
On a remote planet, its inhabitants are fighting against Blastaar and are able to banish him. Reed and Johnny enter the dangerous space zone via dimensional transport. As they depart, Blastaar escapes and follows them. Blastaar is too powerful for the four to handle. They lure Blastaar into an evacuated atomic power plant, where they use some atomic matter to put him in a coma. They eject him through the dimensional transport back into the space zone.
13 Jan. 1968
The Mysterious Molecule Man
The Fantastic Four study a radiated meteor. The Molecule Man appears and threatens the public. After the Fantastic Four tastes some of his power, he leaves to undergo his ruling the world. Reed has developed a weapon he thinks will defeat the Molecule Man. The weapon works, but the Molecule Man gets away. The Fantastic Four continue their pursuit. The plan to stop the Molecule Man is tricky. They manage to reverse the Molecule Man's form with a fragment of the meteor.
14 Sep. 1968
The Terrible Tribunal
The Fantastic Four are taken to another planet where they are regarded as criminals against evil, charged by three old enemies. Reed is forced to recall his memories on Klaw, Molecule Man and Blastaar's defeat. Meanwhile the other three escape and they rescue Reed just as the verdict is given. At the surface, they have to battle the court judge before they are able to leave the planet for Earth.
21 Sep. 1968
The Deadly Director
The Imposter plans to lure the Fantastic Four into a trap by posing as a famous Hollywood director. The four are tempted to be in a movie and briefly retell their previous adventures to the director. The next day, the four fly to the director's island and the director blows them out of the sky. The Fantastic Four are forced to go through the director's deadly movie landscapes and make it to the boat on the other side of the island which the director detonates. The Imposter removes his disguise and the Fantastic Four surprise him. The real director prevents the ...

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