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The greatest cartoon ever????
The-Hulk30 April 2004
There can be no doubt that this cartoon ranks as one of the best if not THE best cartoon ever produced period!!! True to the comic with the outstanding talents of Hanna-Barbera!! There can be no doubt that the entire Hanna-Barbera's world of super adventure cartoon series was the #1 series including Birdman, Space Ghost and others. Fantastic Four was and still is a fun watch even for today standards. My only problem was that the company couldn't use the Sub-Mariner because he was with another animation company and so Triton was made instead. But if you look closely this character looked much like his true self. Thanks to the genius of Alex Toth. But don't let this little matter fool you, this cartoon rocks! Stan Lee and the late great Jack Kirby knew this.
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A lot of fun for fans of the comic book
zahno20 May 1999
The stories and art direction for the series more than make up for its spare animation. These cartoons were made when companies understood that translating a comic to the screen requires keeping intact the elements that make the comic enjoyable and successful. If you enjoy the Lee/Kirby era of the Fantastic Four, you'll enjoy these faithful adaptations. Series is a lot of fun.
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The Classics never die
primeop31 January 2002
In my eyes, this version of the Fantastic Four is the best overall. Number one, all the voices are great except for Doctor Doom... he's not really scary enough. But Reed and all the gang have their ultimate voices here, especially Reed and Ben! Even the Mole Man has a cool voice.

In the Silver Surfer/Galactus episode, they captured the essence of both characters far better than the 90's cartoon did in their telling of the tale (but they more than made up for it the following season). You get to see the Molecule Man, Super Skrull, and you KINDA get to see Namor... the other toon company had the rights for Namor's own series, so they actually replaced him with a Triton like character.

The animation may not look all that great, but the tone and mood are just like the classic comics that inspired them.
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Old school comic love
primeop13 April 2001
This cartoon was far better than "the New Fantastic Four" a.k.a. "the one without the Human Torch." This is probably due to the fact that Lee and Kirby had some involvement. My only beef is that Dr. Doom was a bit weak. There's an episode based on an issue with the Sub Mariner, but since his cartoon was done by another company, Namor was replaced by a green sea king named Triton (also the name of one of the Inhumans). Oddly enough, all the other characters remained intact. Kirby later helped Hanna-Barbarra by creating character designs for Thundarr the Barbarian.
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Best of the Fantastic Four cartoons
Typing_away13 October 2006
I've seen several cartoon versions of The Fantastic Four over the years. The latest one is now broadcasting on the Cartoon Network and has outstanding animation and graphics. However, I still favor this 1967 version, which consists of only 20 episodes. The animation is very simple by today's standards, but the stories and script closely mirror the comic book from that era. In fact, the simple nature of the episodes makes them more appealing to me. As I write this, the 1967 Fantastic Four episodes are being shown on Boomerang, an offshoot of the Cartoon Network. The newest Fantastic Four cartoon is a little TOO slick and fancy for my tastes.
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One of the Best Superhero series ever!
jedi100721 April 2007
This Fantastic 4 cartoon series nailed it. It ranks right up there with the "X-Men" and "Spiderman" series of the '90s. The art direction matched the comics, the choice of villains was on the money, and most of the stories were taken directly from the comics. How about that? A TV series that has respect/regard for the source material? What a novel concept. These are worth seeking out for any fan of the FF4 comics. AND SPEAKING OF WHICH. . .There are now two FF4 films and this series has yet to see the light of day on DVD! What's up with that? I'm sure there's that issue of ownership of the rights, but no DVD release tie-in? The other FF4 series don't hold a candle to this one! I mean, c'mon, Herbie the Robot(ouch!)? This FF4 kept it real. Unfortunately, the only way to see this is if you have the Boomerang network(which I don't) Let's hope that the folks at Time Warner get the led out and get this series on DVD soon!
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RedHornet14 April 2004
This is probably the best adapted version of Stan Lee/Jack Kirby's Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine, and a really solid representation of Mr Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and the ever lovin, blue eyed Thing. It is the only Animated series that manages almost perfectly to capture the energy and excitement that could be found in the Fantastic Four comics from 1961-1969. The F4 Themselves are well presented by their characterisations in this series, and as with most Hannah Barbera cartoons, the show doesn't talk down to the kids. There is alot of good natured bickering between Reed Richards, and trying to upstage him Ben Grimm, and he in turn being wound up mercelessly by Johnny Storm, all under the watchful glare of a bemused Sue Richards. Where the 1979 F4 series went wrong was that it underestimated its audience as being totally juvenile in a way the comics never did. The 1994 animated series managed to get it wrong too because instead of taking its cue from the smash hit X Men animated series and treating the characters with respect, it totally sent, and camped them up. The less said about the 1994 movie the better!

As a kid i loved this swinging 60's version of the Fantastic Four, and i still do. It has all the right ingredients, action, humour, good plots and a kick ass theme tune. On the downside however the animated at times is a little ropey and never manages to match up to the genius and majesty of Jack Kirby's art. Still, the Hannah Barbera F4 Series will be a great nostalgia trip for afficionadoes and is well worth a look.
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The best Fantastic Four series so far! Warning: Spoilers
Note: Most of my reviews contain spoilers, but I try that none of these spoilers "can actually spoil" any of the important surprises in the story arc, so you can read without worrying.

The story of Reed Richards, Susan and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm has reached the small screen more than once, nevertheless there is consensus between fans that this first adaptation is the best one and being a "true believer" (that's one of the first ways in which Stan Lee used to address to his fans) I want to give my two cents trying to explain why.

1) None of the threats is undervalued: If they face Galactus or any other villain or danger that can actually destroy the Earth before the end of the week, we can actually feel it.

2) It has comical releases but they don't try to make the jokes the most important part of the show.

3) Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) has a fun-loving personality but he never acts like a jerk, Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) is a workaholic intellectual but he is never depicted as insensitive and Ben Grimm (The Thing) is depicted as funny but his most important characteristic is that he is a good man and Susan Storm (The invisible Woman) can seem a little naive, but never superficial .... this is how heroes must be!!!

4)Mystical episodes are actually mysterious. In many modern TV shows and movies, this kind of plots show an "excess of comfort" that make them less appealing. One of the great things of both this first FF and the first Spider-man TV adaptation is that their episodes concerning mystical stuff feel actually mysterious.

Other versions of the story can have their good things but this first adaptation is , by a mile, the best one ever done.

Thanks for reading!
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Stan Lee & Jack Kirby's monumental Comic Book Feature Fantastically adapted & Faithfully Rendered to its Fantastic Origin & Storyline! so, "It's Clobberin' Time!"
redryan6421 September 2007
The move to television of Comic Book adaptations was surely in full swing or beyond that zenith when Hanna-Barbera brought us the "FANTASYIC 4", Saturday mornings, Fall TV Season in 1967 was the time and location. While CBS went with features from Filmation Associates like DC Comics' SUPERMAN/SUPERBOY('66), SUPERMAN/AQUAMAN Hour of Adventure('67-,68) and BATMAN/SUPERMAN Hour('68)(with other features like GREEN LANTERN, ATOM, HAWKMAN and "...all the Super-Super Heroes of THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF America!", ABC stayed with FANTASTIC 4 and the other Marvel Comics' Star Feature, "SPIDER-MAN"('67).

"SPIDER-MAN" was not however also a Hanna-Barbera Project. It was produced by Ralph Bakshi, Steve Krantz & Company(the future Producers of the animated feature adaptation of Robert Crumb's FRITZ THE CAT(1972). Because both half-hour shows aired back to back Saturday Mornings, had they shared a common production company, there would doubtless been plenty of "crossovers"(in comic book jargon, a Cameo Appearance by a character from a different feature, but from the same publisher.

It was Stan Lee and Marvel Comics who turned "crossovers" from the occasional, to the expected! And returning to "FABTASTIC 4"; we find it to be a much more 'realistic' rendering than most any other animated series. Much like the Fleischer Brothers/Famous Studios Paramount Pictures' SUPERMAN Cartoons of the 1940's, the art design of characters and backgrounds were all adaptations of the Comic Pages.

The 'look' of the production, together with a faithful transference of the personalities, the foibles and the rivalries of the team, all add up to a cinematic/electronic clone of the Comic Page Originals.

The casting of proper voices for the group is the crowning glory of the hour, in order to make the series nearly perfect. Ideally the casting would involve examination of the Comic Page personalities of the principals. To make sure the voice would be fitting, proper and supportive amplification of the characters and plot lines, I would choose the voices as if we were doing a Radio Program. They did do that thing! The cast of voice actors led by veteran character actor and Road Show Bogart, Gerald Mohr(Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards), Joann Pflugg(Susan Storm/Invisible Girl),Jack Flounders(Johnny Storm/The Human Torch) and the Dean of Voice Actors, Paul Freese(Ben Grimm/The Thing, many, many others).

The weekly stories were neat adaptations of those Stan Lee/Jack Kirby masterful early Marvel Fantastic Four Classic sagas. We saw the "Screen Debut" of such great friends and foes as: The Mole Man, Super Skrull, Galactus, Silver Surfer, The Watcher and Dr. Doom. Because of the rights of animation adaption belonged to the previously mentioned Ralph Bakshi/Steve Bakshi/Robert L. Lawrence & Associates, their battles with Prince Namor, The SUB-MARINER and THE INCREDIBLE HULK as well as 'crossover' meetings with CAPTAIN America, THE MIGHTY THOR and THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, were not allowed to be portrayed on the TV Screen, at that time.

The producers added appropriate Musical Theme and incidental music to underscore the action. Hanna-Barbera was well equipped to assure that this audio-emotional aspect of the stories was taken care of properly. They did.

As a sort of dress rehearsal or a pre-courser to "FANTASTIC 4" and other of their other Comic Book-like characters*, Hanna-Barberra had given us "JONNY QUEST"(1964-65) as a Friday Night, early Prime-Time Entry on ABC.

NOTE:* Just as The Comic Book Hero was adaptable to animation, so too we saw some original cartoon series that were very much in the Comic Book Hero tradition. Hanna-Barberra, for example, gave us SPACE GHOST(1966-68,1994-2004) and THE MIGHTY MIGHTOR(1967-'68). And by the by, SPACE GHOST was succrssfully adapted to his own Comic Book! So, the Wheel has spun a full turn, once again!
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The Fantastic Hanna-Barbera do it AGAIN!
TheMan305122 January 2003
I was never much of a Fantastic Four comic book reader but I must say that I highly enjoy this show. It was fun, exciting, and at times funny. Courtesy of the Thing! More over, it featured great villians like Doctor Doom. It's a great show for both fans and non-fans of the classic comic book characters.
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The origin of the Fantastic Four
afonsobritofalves12 September 2018
One of the first and one of Marvel's best series. Full of action and many other things that just happened in the 60's. Only the animation is so good.
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classic cartoon
SnoopyStyle23 July 2017
Reed Richards, his wife Susan Storm, her brother Johnny, and Reed's college friend and war hero pilot Ben Grimm travel into space. They are bombarded by cosmic rays and turned into the Fantastic Four. Reed becomes the stretchy Mr. Fantastic. Sue is the Invisible Girl. Ben is the Thing with the strength of a thousand men. Johnny becomes "Flame On", the Human Torch. Based in the Baxter Building in New York City, they battle many threats facing the world.

Hanna-Barbera produced this Marvel property. Compared to its cousin Spider-Man, it doesn't have the iconic song although it does have the jazzy theme. It's not quite as action-packed fun. It's better than the 1978 series which ran without the Human Torch. This lasted for a season. Ownership probably separated the two shows. It also is more bent towards sci-fi. This is a classic cartoon at the dawn of a new era.
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