A Place for Lovers (1968) Poster

Marcello Mastroianni: Valerio



  • Valerion : Well, if you have ten days, why did you only ask me for two?

    Julia : Because, then it's up to you to ask me for the rest. I can't expect you to stay if you become bored with me, in a day or two.

    Valerion : You mean, it's up to me?

    Julia : Yes, of course. That way, you see, you can take me out, on loan. If you like.

    Valerion : I like.

  • Valerion : I don't even know myself how, why, I presume to speak to you. I don't have a good excuse; but, for two hours now, I have been watching you. Look, I'm not a playboy. I don't even know - how - I'm just an engineer.

  • Valerion : Look, you tell me what you want, what I should do. Then, I don't make mistakes. First thing?

    Julia : First thing - call me Julia.

  • Julia : I'm dead tired. Sleepy.

    Valerion : Then, go to sleep.

    Julia : No, really, you wouldn't mind if I slept for awhile?

    Valerion : No. Go on.

    Julia : Thank you.

  • Julia : Are you married?

    Valerion : Just about.

  • Julia : What did he say?

    Valerion : It was something about a sex act? I don't know.

  • Valerion : I don't think I could do it in a crowd. Could you?

    Julia : Maybe it has possibilities. Have you ever tried?

    Valerion : No.

    Julia : Then, how do you know whether you'd like it or not?

  • Julia : But, it's only a game.

    Valerion : Only a game? Some helluva game!

    Julia : Valerio, it's up to me whether I play the game or not, right?

    Valerion : Of course. You stay and play with them. If it is like this, I leave.

  • Julia : Were you jealous?

    Valerion : No. No.

    Julia : You were jealous. You're Italian!

    Valerion : Yes, I'm Italian.

  • Valerion : Julia, you told me about your - commitments. Is that the right word? Well, I should tell you about mine.

    Julia : No, Varerio, it's not necessary. Let's not say - too much.

  • Julia : Promise me something.

    Valerion : What?

    Julia : That for the days we're up here you'll always tell me the truth. Straight and honest.

    Valerion : Okay, I promise.

    Julia : I mean it! Night and day, the whole truth, criticizes me, hour by hour, anything you don't like. The way I speak. They way I move or sit. Anything. Just tell me and I'll change it. I want to change - for you.

  • Valerion : It's impossible. I can't make you ugly. You Americans! The more you paint up, the better you are. You are still Indians. You never change.

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