Bullitt (1968) Poster


Steve McQueen: Bullitt



  • Chalmers : Frank, we must all compromise.

    Bullitt : Bullshit.

  • Bullitt : You sell whatever you want, but don't sell it here tonight.

  • Cathy : What will happen to us, in time?

    Bullitt : Time starts now.

  • Chalmers : Lieutenant, don't try to evade the responsibility. In your... parlance, you blew it. You knew the significance of his testimony, yet you failed to take adequate measures to protect him. So to you, it was a job, no more. Were it more, and you had the dedication I was led to believe...

    Bullitt : You believe what you want. You work your side of the street, and I'll work mine.

  • Bullitt : Look, Chalmers, let's understand each other... I don't like you.

  • Captain Bennet : He let the killers in himself? Why would he do a thing like that?

    Bullitt : I'm waiting to ask him.

    Captain Bennet : What about the setup? What do you make of that?

    Bullitt : Shotgun and a backup man, professionals.

  • Captain Bennet : Albert Edward Rennick, used car salesman, Chicago.

    Chalmers : Who's Rennick?

    Bullitt : He was the man who was shot at the Hotel Daniels. You sent us to guard the wrong man, Mr. Chalmers.

  • Bullitt : [revealing Johnny Ross' death]  I've got him downstairs, under a John Doe.

    Baker : [stunned]  You are sick. Smuggling a dead man out of a hospital, and now two men killed who may have had nothing to do with it?

    Bullitt : The man I was chasing killed Ross.

    Captain Bennet : How do you know? Did you see him?

    Bullitt : Yes. He tried to nail me with a shotgun, a Winchester pump.

    Baker : The radio report said the two men were burned beyond recognition. Now all he's got are two dead men. It would never hold up in court.

  • Bullitt : Who else knew where he was?

    Chalmers : What?

    Bullitt : Who else knew where he was?

    Chalmers : What are you implying?

    Bullitt : Well, they knew where to look for him, and they used your name to get in.

    Chalmers : Are you suggesting I disclosed his whereabouts?

    Bullitt : Well, somebody did. And it didn't come from us.

  • [Bullitt and Delgetti have searched the luggage of Dorothy Simmons and her boyfriend] 

    Delgetti : No passports, no tickets.

    Bullitt : Call Immigration in Chicago, have them wire Rennick's passport application, I'll get a fingerprint check on Ross.

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