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Spartaco Conversi: Walter



  • Sheriff Burnett : What do you want?

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : We just want that horse of yours.

    Sheriff Burnett : You want my horse, there's an awful lot of ya. What are you gonna do with just one horse, anyhow?

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : Eat it. We're gonna feed off that beast for at least a week.

  • Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : [after Miguel has shot an bounty killer]  C'mon. It's safe now.

    [the outlaws come out of hiding] 

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : You're all afraid of these confounded bounty killers, even if they're dead?

    [to Silence, who he hands some money to] 

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : Silence, you bagged them polecats just in time. Take this, you earned it. Y'know, we're obliged to come down for food, and they're always laying for us in the valley. They know we can't hold out for long in this weather without supplies. Still, if we fought for our rights, they'd raise the price on our heads, and we'd be massacred.

    Miguel : You could at least thank me for my trouble. Didn't you see he was about to fire?

    [Silence rides off] 

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : All you did was waste a good shot, I'd say. Why, that fella there had both his thumbs shot off; he never would have fired another pistol as long as he lived. That's why Silence didn't wanna shoot him. Because when he shoots anyone, it's always in self-defense - that's right. And them bounty killers are afraid of him. He's faster on the draw!

    Miguel : But why do we pay a professional fighter? We all been in the army, so let's fight back, then! I say we should fight it out with those bounty killers - once and for all! I'll be damned if I'm freezing to death up here!

    Outlaw : He's right!

    [outlaws argue] 

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : Now listen here - I say we're all better off staying right where we are. The price on our heads, sooner or later, will be removed. They say the new Governor will declare an amnesty, and we'll be able to think as we want. Now, we don't want to spoil our chances.

    Miguel : I can't take it no more... I'm going back. I'd rather be taken alive... so, turn myself in. It's better.

    [hands his shotgun to Walter] 

    Miguel : Sorry, Walter.

    [walks away from the group] 

    Outlaw : Hey, wait. I'm coming too.

    [follows Miguel] 

    James Middleton : I wanna see my wife.


    Outlaw : [to Walter]  I reckon they'll be in jail when the pardons come.

    Walter, Leader of the Outlaws : Or the graveyard...

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