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Season 2

13 Sep. 1970
Any Time You're Ready, CK
Holmes High's football team is having trouble on the field, and the players suggest that Chet film their scrimmages to help them correct their mistakes. At first he resists the suggestion, but then borrows a camera and its equipment and begins experimenting with it. In the meantime, a former star football player named Alex returns after a career-ending leg injury. Chet is distressed that Alex plans to drop out of school because his football-playing days are over, and suggests that Alex become his assistant coach instead.
20 Sep. 1970
Open House
Chet tries his luck at selling Real Estate, with memorable results.
27 Sep. 1970
Is There a Doctor in the Hospital?
Chet hurts his back while showing his class how to use the parallel bars. A fellow gym teacher helps him get to the hospital, but Chet discovers that that's only the beginning of his problems, as he deals first with health insurance issues, and then has encounters with just about everyone at the hospital - except a doctor who knows how to treat an injured back.
4 Oct. 1970
There Must Be a Party
Chet tells the story of his surprising surprise birthday party.
11 Oct. 1970
The Old Man of 4-C
Chet's life is turned upside down by a pesky neighbor, who is an insufferable bore.
18 Oct. 1970
The Lincoln Letter
Chet inherits his great-aunt's estate including a prized letter from Abraham Lincoln, and it brings him lots of unwanted attention and headaches.
25 Oct. 1970
The Runaways
Young Raymond decides to become an easy rider by running away from home to San Francisco, so Chet gives him a ride.
1 Nov. 1970
The Artist
Chet helps out a talented youngster who wants to become an artist. Chet balks however, when the youngster chooses Chet as subject matter for his painting which will be on display at the art fair.
8 Nov. 1970
The March of the Antelopes
Chet is in charge of a group of youngsters and is supposed to take them on an overnight camping trip. They set out for their destination, but mishaps occur and they end up staying over at Chet's apartment.
15 Nov. 1970
The Deluge: Part 1
A severe storm with flooding has Chet stranded at home without telephone or electrical service. To make matters worse, a neighbor has just gone into labor, and Chet is in a quandary as to what to do.
22 Nov. 1970
The Deluge: Part 2
Dolores enters advanced stages of labor, and Chet enters advanced stages of unease.
13 Dec. 1970
Swann's Way
A repossessor is intent on snatching Chet's TV set.
20 Dec. 1970
The Poet
Chet gets in a bind when he is mistaken as the author of a poem he copied in his youth, and the poem is scheduled to be published in the school newspaper.
27 Dec. 1970
Teacher of the Year
Chet learns that being honored as Teacher Of The Year isn't all that's it's cracked up to be.
3 Jan. 1971
To Each According to His Appetite
Students at the high school organize a lockout of the teachers' cafeteria, requesting that they have input over what foods go on the student menu. Chet helps the students and cafeteria manager reach a compromise. But when the same students have a grievance with Chet's gym class, Chet is not as willing to cooperate.
10 Jan. 1971
Viva Ortega
In exchange for a custom-built stereo cabinet, Chet agrees to teach American history and civics to a Mexican carpenter hoping to become an American citizen.
17 Jan. 1971
The Miraculous Martin
For a children's party, Chet hires a magician named "The Miraculous Martin". Too bad Martin is also a drunkard.
24 Jan. 1971
The Sesame Street Rumble
Chet has a super-duper TV antenna installed, so he can pick up the big game, which has been locally blacked out. With a houseful of eager teachers, Chet's TV set breaks down right before opening kickoff, so he must quickly hunt down another set.
31 Jan. 1971
The Generation Gap
Chet's father stays with him, while his mother is out-of-town.
7 Feb. 1971
Tobacco Road
A friend leans heavily on Chet to help him quit smoking cigarettes.
14 Feb. 1971
A Dirty Business
Chet trys to convince a talented student to join the school's struggling track team, but the student has no interest in joining for personal reasons.
21 Feb. 1971
The Barber Shop
While Chet visits the local barber shop for a haircut, he gets involved in a dispute with the barber and another patron over baseball. The three of them end up going to a high rise hotel, where the barberclaims he can catch a baseball dropped from a window of the hotel's top floor.
28 Feb. 1971
The Power of a Tree
An eccentric woman recruits Chet to help save a tree from being cut down at a construction site.
7 Mar. 1971
The Green-Eyed Monster
Jealousy rears its ugly head when Chet's girlfriend carries on a business association with an old boyfriend, who is now a rich doctor.
14 Mar. 1971
The Long Road Back
John Marley guest stars in this episode as a wealthy, eccentric man who wants to relive his childhood. He seeks Chet's help to make his wish come true.
21 Mar. 1971
The Saturday Game
A boy, who practices Hasidic Judaism, joins the baseball team coached by Chet. The boy faces a dilemma, when the next weekly game's date switches from Sunday to Saturday, which falls on the Jewish Sabbath.

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