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Anita Pallenberg: Pherber



  • [on the intercom outside as Chas rings the front door] 

    Pherber : "Leave a message after the beep. Beep, beep, BEEP!

  • Pherber : I don't recognize your voice.

    Chas : Well, I've been away, haven't I?

    Pherber : And I don't recognize your face.

    Chas : You should see my motor.

    Pherber : [looks at Chas quizzically] 

    Chas : My motor. Had an argument with a cement wall on the way over. Goodbye the Ferrari.

  • Turner : We've gone too far. He means we haven't really got any where.

    Pherber : He means we've got to go much further out.

    Turner : We have to go much further, much further back! And faster.

  • Pherber : He wants to know why your show is a bigger turn-on than his ever was!

    Chas : How should I know?

  • Turner : You shoot too much of that shit, Pherber.

    Pherber : Too much vitamin B12, has never hurt anybody.

  • Chas : Can I use the blower up here.

    Turner : We haven't got a blower up here.

    Pherber : Huh! What in God's name has he done to his hair?

    Turner : He's blown it.

    Chas : Yeah, well, that's it dear. I got to ring my agent again.

    Turner : I fancy the red.

    Chas : No. No. The red was dye.

    Turner : Dead.

    Chas : Dyed. Red.

    Pherber : Dyed it? Dead!

    Chas : Red! Red!

    Turner : Van Gogh, eh?

  • Chas : Was it sixty-seven?

    Pherber : Sixty-six!

    Turner : Sixty-nine!

  • Turner : [to Chas]  I know how you do it! I know a thing or two about performing, my boy. I can tell you.

    Pherber : He had the gift too, once upon a time. You should have seen him ten years ago.

  • Turner : Time for your new image. It's totally different.

    Pherber : Now we're getting somewhere!

    Chas : America's a blindin' place.

  • Pherber : His mother is a 1,000 years old. Imagine yourself being a 1,000 years younger.

  • Pherber : Never trust old men, old show men, old wankers!

  • Pherber : I'm gonna take you down on the riverside. I might powder you. I might polish you. I might make you shiny like a mirror! You just don't know.

  • Pherber : Do you like my physique?

    Chas : Yeah. It's in - good condition.

  • Pherber : Did you never have a female feel?

    Chas : No! Never! I feel like a man! A man - all the time.

    Pherber : That's awful. That's what's wrong with you, isn't it?

    Chas : What do you mean?

    Pherber : A man's man's world.

  • Pherber : How do you think Turner feels like, huh?

    Chas : I don't know. He's weird. And you're weird. You're kinky!

    Pherber : He's a man! Male and female man! And he feels like me.

    Chas : No! No he doesn't!

  • Pherber : He's stuck! Stuck!

    Chas : Why?

    Pherber : Why? Because he's lost his demons, that's why. Yeah, he thought he had it under control. Juggling all those balls - millions of them. Until one day he was looking at his favorite mirror, admiring his image, see. And when suddenly he saw, a little clearly, it was just a beautiful, little, freaky, stripy, beast, darling. So, he thought, maybe, maybe its time for a change, he thought. Then, immediately, as he watched, the image faded. His demon had abandoned him! Pluff! He was gone! He's still tryin' to figure out whether he wants it back.

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