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The movie was originally rated "R" by the MPAA. In 1974 a new version was rated "PG" which removed the most graphically violent parts from the massacre as well as a toned down rape scene, but the scene still contained full frontal nudity of a native woman.
The German Kinowelt ("Das Wiegenlied Vom Totschlag") and Dutch DVD versions are completely uncut.
The "R" rated Region 1 DVD release by Lionsgate is the complete and uncut version of the film.
The original pre-certified UK video version, released by Magnetic Video in the early-'80s, runs 109m 34s (video time) and appears to be the longest version of the film ever issued in the UK.
The original UK cinema version was cut by the BBFC upon release to remove the decapitation of an Indian squaw and a scene where an Indian woman is raped and her breasts hacked with a knife. The UK Embassy video release in 1986 restored the beheading but was cut by 36 seconds by the BBFC with edits made to the rape scene, a horsefall, and a shot of a naked Indian woman strung up by her wrists with blood on her breasts. The 1998 BMG version had been pre-edited and reframed by the distributor and excluded the shot of the Indian woman, though this version was then cut by 23 seconds by the BBFC for further cruel horsefalls and with the rape scene still significantly reduced. The full version was submitted in 2005 and, although the BBFC only required 6 seconds of horsefall edits, the distributor(Momentum Pictures) made further additional cuts of 22 seconds, mainly to the rape scene. The 2008 Optimum DVD restores all the violence with only 6 secs of horsefalls still cut.

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