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Wendell Burton Dies: ‘Sterile Cuckoo’ Actor Was 69

Wendell Burton, who made his screen debut opposite Liza Minnelli in 1969’s The Sterile Cuckoo and appeared in touchstone 1970s fare like Go Ask Alice, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and Fortune and Men’s Eyes, died Tuesday at 69 of brain cancer at home in Houston. Burton largely gave up his Hollywood career in the 1980s, becoming a Christian minister and, in 1997, moving to Houston to work with Joel Osteen and the Lakewood Church, first doing business work and later…
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The White Rabbit Project: Netflix Picks Up Series from Former Mythbusters Castmembers

With nary a "Go Ask Alice," quip, Deadline reports Netflix has ordered The White Rabbit Project TV show, from MythBusters veterans Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, and Tory Belleci. Like their former show, the new unscripted series will debunk or prove pop cultural, scientific and historical legends, via experiments and, of course, explosions.From MythBusters producer, Beyond Productions, The White Rabbit Project premieres on Netflix, Friday, December 9, 2016. John Luscombe, Ryan Senter, and Martyn Ives are executive producing. Read More…
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‘The Diary Of A Teenage Girl’ VOD Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Bel Powley, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Wiig, Abby Wait, Miranda Bailey, Carson D. Mell, John Parsons, Madeleine Waters, Austin Lyon, Quinn Nagle | Written and Directed by Marielle Heller

Adapted from American comic artist/novelist Phoebe Gloeckner’s edgy ‘graphic’ graphic novel of the same name, The Diary Of A Teenage Girl is a dark, often comedic, reminder that early seventies San Francisco’s free love and drugs post-hippy burnout was a confused time for America’s infantilised alt. culture adults and the youth they spawned. When viewed through the optimistic, naïve eyes of 15 year old Minnie (British actor Bel Powley) as she fast tracks herself into adulthood, it soon becomes clear that screenwriter/director Marielle Heller’s vision is to give you a movie that’s honest and uncompromising. Be warned dreamers this is no cosy fairy tale about sexual and narcotic awakenings. It’s full of unpleasant people and
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Fidelio: Alice’s Journey | Palm Springs International Film Festival Review

Go Ask Alice: Borleteau’s Debut Examines Desire, Gender, and Maturity

Sure to be described as “European,” seemingly in the sense that it relays a familiar dynamic and predicament generally seen from a male perspective in English language cinema, actress turned director Lucie Borleteau makes an astute debut with Fidelio: Alice’s Journey. An exciting international coproduction featuring well known Greek, Norwegian and French actors, Borleteau creates an impressive character arc for its lead protagonist while sidestepping clichés of a woman navigating male spheres at almost every turn as it examines, with refreshing frankness, realities of desire vs. the eponymous notion for which it’s named.

Replacing an engineer that’s mysteriously died on the vessel Fidelio, sailor Alice (Ariane Labed) leaves behind her intense new relationship with Felix (Anders Danielson Lie). Once aboard, she discovers that Gael (Melville Poupaud) is the captain, a man she had a torrid
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'Super Duper Alice Cooper' Documentary Coming to Theaters Soon

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'Super Duper Alice Cooper' Documentary Coming to Theaters Soon
It's always a pleasure to report Alice Cooper news, and it looks like we've got quite a landmark event headed our way: declaring itself the first “doc opera,” the upcoming feature film Super Super Alice Cooper combines concert footage, candid interviews, archival clips, animation and more to chronicle the life and art of the world's most legendary shock-rocker. Mapping the long and twisted path of one Vincent Furnier from preacher's son to the world's most feared musician, Super Duper is presented as “the twisted tale of a teenage Dr Jekyll whose rock 'n' roll Mr. Hyde almost kills him.” To further enhance the experience, Alice will soon be recording a “Keep Calm & Go Ask Alice” Q&A that will follow theatrical screenings of the film. You can contribute your own questions using a form posted on the movie's official Facebook page... but think fast, because the deadline is March 15th.
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What is the best Ya novel of all time? Round two

What is the best Ya novel of all time? Round two
Welcome to EW.com’s Ya novel bracket game. The field is down to 32 young adult books in our March-Madness style tournament that will determine which you think is the best of all time. Round two begins now.

In a stunning round one upset, Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series beat Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Others advancing include Little Women, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

Check out the full bracket and vote in round two below. Polls close on Sunday at 1 p.m. Et.

Little Women The Hobbit

Ask any young reader to name her literary role model,
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What is the best Ya novel of all time? Round one

What is the best Ya novel of all time? Round one
Welcome to EW.com’s Ya novel bracket game. We’re pitting 64 young adult books against each other in a March-Madness style game to determine which you think is the best of all time. Round one begins below.

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Little Women The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Ask any young reader to name her literary role model, and chances are she’ll point to Jo March ­a headstrong, hot-headed heroine modeled after Alcott herself. But there’s more to Little Women than Jo alone; Alcott’s domestic tale is truly absorbing, complete with one
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Mad Men Season 6 Spoilers: ‘The Doorman’ Opens for Death

The premiere of Mad Men’s sixth season was about death, death, and death, but as the point is hammered relentlessly home, a new side of this obsession is revealed: death as an escape. Most notably acknowledged in the pitch scene with the Sheraton representatives, Don’s looming obsession with death has turned into more of an infatuation with the options it presents. Remember, this is a man who has killed himself before, when he left Dick Whitman’s family standing beside a coffin, and the reinvention he was able to experience has inspired a lust with escapism that our protagonist has never been able to shake. Don may seem shocked at his clients’ immediate association of his ad (A picture of a man’s discarded suit and footprints leading ominously into the ocean) with suicide, but somewhere in his subconscious, Don does want to kill himself; it worked once and it could work again.

Movie Review: I Melt With You – A Cacophony of Pointless Drug Abuse that Wishes it were More

Call it the Go Ask Alice for middle-aged men in crisis. I Melt With You is a monotonous pill-popping ride of visual over indulgence. Director Mark Pellington unites Thomas Jane (Hung), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation, Young Justice, Californication), and Christian McKay (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) in a two-hour long film that drags on due to lack of substance. Each actor has his share of great moments, but that’s all they amount to – moments. About thirty minutes into this film, you will be mislead into waiting for a layered story. Unfortunately, by the end of the film, you’ll realize the only layers that were there were in the levels of substance abuse that lacked any substance. Carla Gugino (Sucker Punch, upcoming By Virtue Fall) also shows up to show off how much wasted talent is in this film. I Melt With You is the story
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Mindy Kaling Talks Sex In Sweet Valley (And Other Concerns)

Mindy Kaling Talks Sex In Sweet Valley (And Other Concerns)
By Sara Benincasa for Bookish.

Mindy Kaling may love shopping just as much as Kelly Kapoor, her character on “The Office,” does (just check out Kaling’s clothes-obsessed Twitter feed @mindykaling) but she’s a bit more cerebral than her TV counterpart. The actress, a Dartmouth graduate and writer/producer at “The Office,” cites acclaimed playwrights with the same fondness she displays for the Encyclopedia Brown series. Kaling’s high- and lowbrow appeal is on fine display in her book of essays, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).” Bookish sat down with her for an interview and quickly understood why fans often tell her she reminds them of a close pal.

Bookish: When you were a little kid, what was your favorite book?

Mindy Kaling: I loved a book called "The Westing Game," which was a murder mystery. It didn’t really condescend to kids, which I liked.
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John Darnielle Compares New Mountain Goats Album To A Scene in "The Warriors"

  • IFC
John Darnielle Compares New Mountain Goats Album To A Scene in
John Darnielle's The Mountain Goats have put out at least 12 albums over the past two decades, and the real number is probably closer to 20 if you count their cassette releases from the early 90's. The comps, singles, 10"s, and side projects are too numerous to count. Their latest full length, "All Eternals Deck," was just confirmed for late March on Merge.

Darnielle illuminated the album thusly, "If you have ever watched say a 70s occult-scare movie where one of the scenes involves a few people visiting a storefront fortune teller, getting their cards read, and then trying to feel super-hopeful about their predicted outcome when what they're visibly actually feeling is dread, then you have a pretty decent idea of what the album is all about."

"My focus is mainly death scenes and downtown Portland," he said. "Other possible points of reference include 'Burnt Offerings,' 'Go Ask Alice,
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There's a Zombie Panic in Wonderland!

Akaoni Studios announced yesterday that the demo for Zombie Panic in Wonderland will be available for a limited time starting today, November 5th, on Nintendo's WiiWare channel in Europe.

Zombie Panic in Wonderland is a 1-2 player, third-person shooter in the guise of famous fairy tales known the world over. Playing as beloved characters like Momotaro, Snow White and Dorothy, you must destroy the hordes of amorous zombies attacking Wonderland.

No word when the Us will see it, though. Judging from the images, looks like a really cute take on zombies. I'd try it! For more info go to Akaoni Studio’s official website and Nintendo’s official European website.

Check out the screenshots below!

- Crix Lee

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!

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Go ask Alice in the comments section below!
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What young adult novel should Hollywood adapt next?

What young adult novel should Hollywood adapt next?
Talk about a hot read: Yesterday, Variety reported that Mandalay Pictures had snagged the much-coveted rights to Sophie Jordan’s young adult novel Firelight, a book that has been picking up sizzle ever since its release…on Sept. 7. Yes, as in Sept. 7, 2010, just two weeks ago.

Clearly, Hollywood has its eyes fixed on the young adult world, with every studio clamoring to release the next Twilight. (Or, as we will likely be saying soon, the next Hunger Games.) But while there’s certainly demand for a Firelight film — the book, about two teenage descendants of dragons, has been buzz-y since
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Liveblogging "As The World Turns": Seeing The Light

Noah sees light ... Go Into The Light, Noah, Go Into The Light! And will Reid see the light when he's called out on his attraction to Luke?

Join us for the fun and refresh for updates!

2:05Pm Est: Okay, how many women in Oakdale has Henry slept with? There's Vienna, Katie and Barbara, just to name a few.

Luke runs into Reid at the hospital and unveils plans for the new hospital wing. He wants to turn part of it into a flophouse for concerned family members. Reid actually says it's a good idea (just last week he thought it was stupid) and the two of them have a hearty laugh over Reid not behaving like an asshat for once. Cue Noah (who looks like he dressed in the dark. Oh wait ... oops) entering and wondering why Luke and Reid aren't at each other's throats. Don't worry, Noah, hopefully
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