Pink Flamingos (1972) Poster

Bob Skidmore: Delivery Boy


  • [Babs comes out of her trailer after a mailman knocks on the door] 

    Babs Johnson : Yes?

    Delivery Boy : Miss. Babs Johnson?

    Babs Johnson : Yes, I am Babs Johnson.

    Delivery Boy : Special delivery package, ma'am. Sign here, please.

    Babs Johnson : What do you *mean*, special delivery package? There's no address here!

    Delivery Boy : Says right here, "Babs Johnson, A Trailer, Phoenix, Maryland". And you're Babs Johnson, aren't you?

    Babs Johnson : Of course I'm Babs Johnson; I *just* told you that! But there is *no* address here! This is not on any road, route, or street! And I *don't* want people on my property! So don't *ever* bring mail here again, do you understand? And the next package you bring me is getting shoved right up your little ass, can you comprehend that?

    Delivery Boy : I understand, I comprehend, I understand.

    Babs Johnson : Now you've received some new training, as you call it, and you'd better remember it! So you have exactly fifteen seconds to get off of my property, motherfucker, before I break your goddamn neck! One, one-thousand, *two*, one-thousand...

    [the mailman starts to run away] 

    Babs Johnson : ...*three*, one-thousand, *four*, one-thousand! Run, you bastard, run!

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