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Season 8

29 Jan. 1979
War of the Empires: Close Encounter
Liz has travelled to the Trig to join Timus in negotiating a peace between the Sorsons and the Thargons. They are unsuccessful, and soon both races are encroaching on Earth's solar system.
5 Feb. 1979
War of the Empires: Contact!
John and Mike manage to evade the crossfire as the Thargon ship is destroyed. The Sorsons land on Earth where Vishishnu contacts the President about an alliance.
12 Feb. 1979
War of the Empires: Standing Alone
Andrew heads to the White House and manages to rescue Mike and Hsui Tai. On hearing that John is being held by the Federation, the trio decide to steal a Sorson ship to rescue him.
19 Feb. 1979
War of the Empires: All in the Mind
John and Liz contact the Thargons who agree to leave Earth if they find no evidence of Sorsons being there; however, the President orders a preemptive strike against them.

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