The Last American Hero (1973) Poster

Gary Busey: Wayne Jackson



  • Elroy Jackson Sr. : What if you wreck your next one?

    Elroy Jackson Jr. : Well I go to work right here.

    Elroy Jackson Sr. : Down at the lumber mill, they tell the story about the near-sighted fellow who liked playing around with a buzz saw. Lost one finger. Two. Three. He kept right on playing 'till all five was gone. He looked at his hand and said "I'm beginning to think this here is a losing game."

    Elroy Jackson Jr. : That fella sounds like a fool to me.

    Elroy Jackson Sr. : Uh-huh. Now it just might be you didn't get my point. If you lose a race, you get other chances. If you lose runnin' liquor you get a prison cell, 'cause boy, they got your number.

    Elroy Jackson Jr. : So what? A little jail never hurt nobody.

    Elroy Jackson Sr. : If you got five seconds to spare, you tell me all you know about jail. Why, you don't know nothing. Not the first goddamn thing! And you're never gonna! Now, this is the only life I know, and I'm not gonna stop now, but my boys are gonna have somethin' different!

    Wayne Jackson : I don't know nothin' else.

    Elroy Jackson Sr. : And you never will, unless you stop right here!

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